Palazzo Serbelloni

Cross Generational Festival: Grazia devotes a day to an encounter between different generations

On 25 October protagonists from the worlds of music, cinema and fashion - including Martina Colombari, Serena Rossi, Aurora Ramazzotti, Cristina and Benedetta Parodi, Elisa Maino, Arisa, Melissa Satta, Francesco Facchinetti, Malika Ayane – will meet to discuss issues such as bullying, inter-generational dialogue, the future, the environment, and social media

Grazia, the leading 100% Italian fashion brand that is present around the world with over 20 international editions, opens the doors of Palazzo Serbelloni in the heart of Milan, for a great event, the Cross Generational Festival.

On 25 October, leading figures from the worlds of music, cinema and fashion, together with the magazine’s editor, Silvia Grilli,  will discuss a range of issues, including the environment, social media, the future, cyber-bullying, well-being, the sisterhood, meritocracy. Present will be the actors Martina Colombari, Serena Rossi, Madalina Ghenea and Miriam Candurro, TV presenter Aurora Ramazzotti, YV presenter and writer Benedetta Parodi, the digital entrepreneur Francesco Facchinetti, and the singer and X Factor judge Malika Ayane.

“I like to define Grazia as a crossroads, where you can stop, look right, look left, look ahead and also behind, and discover unexplored perspectives. A mix of cultures, age, opinions and passions; a magazine that looks at the world  and rejects unilateral thought,” declared Silvia Grilli.

The Cross Generational Festival is an event created to bring together and draw comparisons with different generations for which Grazia has always borne witness: the magazine has existed in Italy for 80 years and was first read by our grandmothers, then our mothers and then by their daughters. Also because today it is no longer age that women have in common, but rather their passions. Differences do not divide but rather offer an opportunity for exchange and enrichment.

The rapper Shade, the TV presenters Filippa Lagerback and Melissa Satta, the model Marica Pellegrinelli, the chef Andrea Berton, the journalist Cristina Parodi, Johanna Maggy a Pilates instructor and health & life coach, the singers Nina Zilli and Arisa, and the web stars Elisa Maino, Rosalba and Ludovica Valli, are among the other personalities that will participate during the talks which will run from 10 am until  8 pm at Palazzo Serbelloni.

The Cross Generational Festival talks are open to the public and entrance is free. Games have been organised in the afternoon for children as well as Kikolle Labs. The programme also includes a lesson in Sapopa Body Consciousness, the discipline that teaches us to get into harmony with our mind and body.

Partners of the event are: Lancia Ypsilon wit the new Lancia Ypsilon Monogram –  the Fashion City Car will be on public display in the new dual-colour Gold and Noir and Clinique.

The official radio station will be Radio Monte Carlo.

Places are limited, so to ensure your place, readers can sign up on: