panorama d’Italia

Panorama d’Italia focuses on the excellence of big cities

A new editorial team with Nicola Porro and Oscar Giannino

Starting from Florence on 11 April and ending in Rome at the end of September, by way of Reggio Emilia, Piacenza, Bergamo, Naples, Palermo
And in June in the US for “This is Italy”

Panorama d’Italia, now in its fifth year, presents a completely new edition following the record achieved in 2017. The live & media experience of Panorama, that looks at and talks about Italy in streets and squares around the country through initiatives and events open to the public, returns with its celebration of the protagonists of the best of Italian business, economy, culture, science and food and wine, in 6 stages, running between April and September. The Mondadori Group’s newsmagazine, edited by Raffaele Leone, will cover the country, from north to south, involving examples of local excellence and prestigious guests, moderated by some of the magazine’s leading journalists and contributors. For four days each of the cities on the tour will host a rich calendar of event in the most lively and representative locations and in close contact with the protagonists.

Staring in Florence (11-14 April) and continuing to Bergamo (9-12 May), Reggio Emilia and Piacenza (23-26 May), Naples (13-16 June), Palermo (12-15 September), Roma (26-29 September). To which should be added, in June, This is Italy, a special stage in New York (28 June-2 July) that last year saw an exciting 3 days of event and workshops dedicated to Italian companies and excellence that have managed to take root in the United States.

“We’re back! Not just for a new tour around Italy, as in the past four years, but with initiatives, new faces and the benefits of accumulated experience,” declared Panorama editor Raffaele Leone. “Talking about Italy in Panorama and then having the opportunity to meet it in the various towns and cites gives us a great sense of satisfaction and lots of ideas. The magazine thus becomes an event, and opportunity for exchange and direct contact with the country. Our aim has been to enhance our relationship with people  and we have achieved this, and we don’t want to stop,” Leone added.

An authentic consecration of a tried and tested formula that includes talk shows, debates with leading figures from national politics, conferences and entertainment: in the last four years more than 20 million people have been reached by the tour, with over 500,000 taking direct part in the events in 45 towns and cities, with more than 1600 guests and speakers (including government ministers, Regional Presidents and mayors), and almost 1000 events free and open to the public. This year the format will be expanded to include a new editorial team to cover a complete range of themes and issues of current interest:: alongside the editor Raffaele Leone and the editorial director of the tour Sergio Luciano, will be Nicola Porro, protagonist of talk shows on territorial growth and development; Oscar Giannino, who will oversee meetings with businesses on the economy and innovation; Vittorio Sgarbi, the unrivalled animator of lessons about art and the discovery of Italian treasures; the editor of Focus Jacopo Loredan who will moderate meetings looking at science and technology; Marco Ventura for encounters with local and national politics; Roberto Giacobbo literally “leading” city bike tours; the editor of Icon Michele Lupi who will run the meetings with leading figures from the world of fashion and Made in Italy; Fiammetta Fadda will talk to some of the best chefs in Italy, the editor of Ciak Piera Detassis will meet with stars from the cinema, Gianni Poglio with stars from the world of music and Antonio Carnevale with writers and authors.

A Panorama d’Italia info-point will be manned continuously in the heart of each city for the duration of the event and in other areas a number of institutional and entertainment events will be organised. Key figures from the local and national economy will discuss together examples of territorial excellence and development prospects, in collaboration with local Chambers of Commerce and universities. At each city on the tour, the Mondadori Group company Inthera will conduct research on the territory of each location to understand opinions and the level of satisfaction of local citizens. And, during the talk show “Presidente mi spieghi” (President Please Explain), the regional governor will respond live to questions from citizens.

Once again the tour will also feature the meetings organised by Focus and dedicated to the environment, in collaboration with the Italian Research Council and Air Force, and to astronomy with Umberto Guidoni who will take everyone on a “Journey into Space” with scientists and astronauts from the European Space Agency (ESA).

Also this year a central focus will be on young people, training and employment, including the return of  the project for children 100 libri per 1 scuola” (100 books for 1 school), that rewards the city’s high schools and best students, based on a competitve essay on their favourite book. In fact, thanks to the support of Mondadori Books, Panorama has been able to donate over 8,000 during previous tours to the winning schools. Moreover, also the 2018 edition of Panorama d’Italia will offer the possibility for high-school students, undergraduates and recent graduates to take part in round table discussions and individual orientation meetings organised in collaboration with HRCommunity Academy Italia, with the heads of human resources from leading companies in the area.

Finally, and also with the aim of promoting local business excellence, Panorama and IBM will take up a new challenge: to offer concrete answers to local entrepreneurs and companies who wish to raise a particular business problem. This is IBM Cloud Garage, an initiative that, in the space of two weeks, aims to find solutions which are presented at a specially dedicated event.

Panorama d’Italia on TV
Once again this year, the Mondadori weekly’s live & media event will also appear officially on the Mediaset TV channels. The late slot on Rete 4 will see the return of “Grand Tour d’Italia”, a programme that will provide coverage of and details about each stage of the tour.

Panorama d’Italia online
The main events will also be available live on, as well as the channel and on Facebook. Over the last years some 900 hours of events have been broadcast in  live streaming, in addition to real-time updates. Also this year, users will be able to find an area with recordings of the events on the tour’s dedicated web site, that also guarantees a free three-month subscription to the digital edition of Panorama.

Impressions and experiences of the events of Panorama d’Italia can be shared on the leading social networks using the hashtag #panoramaditalia. The Twitter account @panoramaditalia will offer real-time comment on all of the most significant moments involving the protagonists of the meetings.

The partners
Panorama d’Italia can count on the support of high level partners that share a commitment to enhancing the value of Italian territorial excellence. They include: ab medica, ACEA, Autostrade per l’Italia, Cobat, Enel, Grimaldi Lines, IBM, Intesa San Paolo, Lottomatica, McDonald’s, Menarini, Università Telematica Pegaso. Our charity partnership with Lega del Filo d’oro will also be present on every stage of the tour and, in addition, stage by stage media partnerships will be activated with the leading local newspapers, TV and radio stations. Panorama d’Italia is produced in collaboration with Fluendo srl for executive production and logistics; the enrolment platform is managed by The Rocks, while digital strategy is developed and curated by FpS Media.

For more information about Panorama d’Italia 2018 please go to:

Panorama d’Italia returns and flies to New York: the very best of Italian excellence in 11 stages

Starting from Turin of 5 April and ending in Ragusa in November with many new features. And in the autumn, a transfer to the US for “This is Italy – Parts Unknown”. This is Panorama d’Italia 2017

The fourth edition of Panorama d’Italia, the live & media experience of Panorama, kicks off on 5 April to talk about Italy directly from its streets with initiatives and events open to everyone. After the record-breaking 2016 edition, the Mondadori Group newsmagazine, edited by Giorgio Mule, returns to celebrate the protagonists of the best of Italy in the business world, the economy, culture, science and food and wine, in 10 new stages taking in 13 Italian cities between April and November, with a successful award-winning format and many new features.

An authentic consecration of a now tried and tested formula of talk shows, debates with the protagonists of national politics, conferences, shows: in three years some 13 million people were reached by the tour and the public who intervened directly at the various appointments in the 30 cities amounted to some 320,000 thousand, with 1,123 guests and speakers (including 17 ministers, 15 Regional Presidents and 26 mayors), 1,210 media mobilised for 636 events, all open to the public, 511 entrepreneurs involved round table discussions with the participation of over 1,800 companies (including 500 innovative start-ups) and, finally, 37 universities and a total of 121 sponsors.

“Like all creatures, in this case editorial, also Panorama d’Italia has its own development path,” said the editor of Panorama Giorgio Mule. “After making the week dedicated to Milan permanent, this year, in addition to the 10 Italian stages, we decided to take a leap: to America. So, it is with considerable pride that we are launching This is Italy – Parts Unknown, a twin of the Panorama d’Italia that will be in New York in the autumn. We did this following in the path laid out by the President of the Italy, Sergio Mattarella. In fact, in October 2016, the President encouraged Panorama d’Italia to “enhance the excellence in which Italy is rich, and to expand knowledge and confidence in the future.” And  that is what we will do in this, even richer, edition of Panorama d’Italia and that’s what we’ll do in New York with This is Italy – Parts Unknown,” Mulè concluded.

The stages of the tour and the American “expedition”

In 10 stages from April to November, Panorama will cross Italy from north to south, involving local excellence and prestigious guests, moderated by the magazines leading journalists and others. For four days each city will host a full calendar of events in the most representative places in close contact with the protagonists.

We get started in Turin (from 5-8 April) and then make a stop in Bologna (19-22 April), Pavia (17-20 May), Spoleto, Norcia and Montefalco (7-10 June), Bari (28 June-1July), Trieste and Udine (6-9 September), Olbia (27-30 September), a special stop in Milan (15-21 October) and, finally, Caserta (8-11 November) and Dubrovnik (22-25 November).

This year these dates will be supplemented by This is Italy – Parts Unknown, a special stage in New York, from 31 October to 2 November: three days of events with a programme entirely dedicated to the discovery and celebration of our country through food and wine, business, fashion, design, art and culture. A showcase of excellence, thanks to the collaboration of Italian Business and Investment Initiatives and the support of the prestigious US Council on Foreign Relations, that includes four workshops dedicated to companies that have been able to put down roots in the United States, the excellence of Italian food and manufacturing, the best practices of Italian institutions and the capacity of cities to modernise. During a gala dinner at the Harvard Club, Italian & American Leadership awards will be presented. Among the Italians to be awarded will be the tenor Vittorio Grigolo, the football player Andrea Pirlo and the chef Vito Mollica.

What’s new in 2017

There will be a number of new features in the 2017 edition, which confirms the most popular of appointments recent years and will expand the range of initiatives with new partners and new projects.

A city in the mirror: Inthera, a company of the Mondadori Group, will conduct research dedicated to the territory of each stage to find out people’s views on work, their faith in and expectations for the future, their sense of belonging, social values, and their level of satisfaction with available services. The research will also examine issues related to consumption and buying propensity.

Focus meetings: after the extraordinary reception of last year, Focus will double its presence in the Panorama d’Italia programme, with four the events organised in every stage by Italy’s most widely read magazine, with 5 million readers, and edited by Jacopo Loredan. The novelty of 2017 is “Health on a plate. Discovering the truth and misconceptions about food”, a new format dedicated to nutrition and health, that will take the form of a Q & A with researchers and industry experts. Also making its debut this year is “Discover the past, understand the present”, which with Focus Storia will look at current events through episodes and events which have their origin in the local history of our country.

Also confirmed is the appointment with astronomy, which last year saw the astronaut Umberto Guidoni “Walking in space” with scientists and astronauts from the Italian Space Agency (ASI-Agenzia Spaziale Italiana) and the European Space Agency (ESA). Another repeat feature is the meeting dedicated to the environment with “Pollution and climate change: a changing earth”, in collaboration with the Department of Earth Sciences and Environmental Technology of the CNR, the Italian Air Force and Greenpeace Italy. During the event secondary school students will be the protagonists of a training workshop organised by Focus journalists.

Startups and innovation: the title is “Eureka: an idea becomes a business”, and it is a Panorama d’Italia competition that rewards business ideas and the most innovative projects aimed at the collective well-being of local communities. A panel of industry experts will award the idea and the most innovative start-up with a week of intensive training in New York as part of the “One Week Accelerator Program NY organised by the Italian Business & Investment Initiative.” An extraordinary showcase for business opportunities across the Atlantic for makers and startuppers from the nine regions involved in the tour and operating in the sectors of mobility; green economy; environmental health; youth and schools/work; tourism; wellness and lifestyle; integration and multicultural initiatives; an cyber ​security.

Projects for schools: students from the schools in the territories involved in the tour will have an increasingly active role in the 2017 edition of Panorama d’Italia. The new feature this year is called “Treasures of Italy: the city speaks”, a contest with which Panorama will rewards a high school with an entire computer room provided by Lenovo. To participate, students will create a photographic and/or journalistic reportage, a promotional video, an artistic artefact, a painting, a poem or a short story on the theme of beauty linked to the territory visited by Panorama d’Italia. In addition, Panorama has donated more than 7,000 books to colleges in previous years thanks to the “100 books for a school” initiative, enriching the libraries of the schools that have won the competition, which returns this year. This also includes “The beauty of Milan”, the initiative that in 2016 gave Milanese high schools the opportunity to make a special edition of the school newspaper, and then awarded 10 students with an internship at Mondadori, part of a combined school and work programme. This year, as well as books for the school library, participants can also win computers and other technological tools for their school.

Naturally, there is the Milan stage of the tour, which, after the extraordinary success of 2016 – with 22,000 participants and 54 events over 7 days – this year will be held from 15 to 21 October. Among the guests will be Benji & Fede, the pop duo favourite of the very young, and stars of a unique event in favour of the charity Lega del Filo d’Oro.

Cooking classes: in addition to the usual space given to culinary excellence with show cooking events featuring best chefs and meetings with personalities from the world of food, this year the taste experience is enriched with cooking classes in collaboration with Eataly: group lessons experts and focused on recipes, to be tried out in the company of friends and family, and special moments even for children.

On the occasion of the triple stage in Umbria, there will be a big concert in Spoleto to celebrate the territory in a special evening of music and solidarity and with the special participation of Serena Autieri. The popular musicians Giovanni Allevi and Niccolò Agliardi have already signed up for the show.

Meanwhile, a Panorama d’Italia info point will be a fixed feature in 10 cities throughout the duration of this stage, and in other areas there will be an alternating series of institutional and entertainment events. As always, the protagonists are artists, musicians, writers and celebrities, with exclusive interviews, presentations, showcases and previews.

An appointment reserved for the cinema, and curated by Piera Detassis, editor of Ciak and president of the Fondazione Cinema per Roma, will be especially dedicated to actors and directors.

Among the inevitable appointments with art, we will once again feature Vittorio Sgarbi, an exceptional guide to the artistic heritage of the area. Meanwhile, The Secret City, guided tours of palaces and other places of art generally closed to the public, will bring to light the hidden treasures of each city. An opportunity to rediscover the beauty of the area is also the purpose of the bike tour organised by EICMA, which with a special appearance by Roberto Giacobbo who will guide participants around a series of monuments and architectural treasures. Among the recurring guests there will also be the editor of Chi Alfonso Signorini who will conduct exclusive special talk shows with the most popular show business personalities of the moment.

Panorama will also renew its commitment to training and work: once again this year Panorama d’Italia will provide opportunities for young high school graduates, university undergraduates and graduates to participate in panel discussions and individual orientation sessions, in collaboration with the HRCommunity Academy Italia, with the HR managers of leading companies in the area.

Also our charity partnership with the Lega del Filo d’Oro will remain central with a contribution to the construction of the new Osimo Centre, an entirely new home for the deaf and blind and multi-disabled. Fundraising efforts are brought to life thanks to our collaboration with Cruciani, which has created a new limited edition bracelet especially for the occasion, to be sold exclusively at the events of the stages of the tour and on the Lega del Filo d’Oro web site. All proceeds from the sale of the bracelet will go to the charity association.

Panorama d’Italia online

The main events will be visible live on, on the channel and on Facebook. Over the past few years we have broadcast more than 540 hours of live streaming of events, as well as live updates, photos and videos from the stages in progress. The site dedicated to the tour will this year provide an area for recording the events, which will offer a free three-month subscription to the digital edition of Panorama.

You can share all your impressions and experiences from the events of Panorama d’Italia on all of the leading social networks using the hashtag #panoramaditalia. The Twitter account @panoramaditalia will comment in real time on all the most important moments involving the protagonists of the events. Users of the social community are currently are 350,000, with 5,665,000 total views on Facebook alone.


Panorama d’Italia  is fortunate to be able to count on the support of high-level partners, who share the same commitment to the promotion of Italian excellence around the country and the world. They include: Ab medica, Autostrade per l’Italia, Cobat, Eataly, EICMA, Enel, Grimaldi Lines, IBM, Intesa San Paolo, Lenovo, Lottomatica, Università Telematica Pegaso, Poste Italiane, Sicily by Car, Teva. The charity partnership with the Lega del Filo d’Oro will accompany all tour dates. In addition, stage by stage, there will also be active media partnerships with leading local newspapers, and TV and radio stations.

Panorama d’Italia  is produced in collaboration with Triumph Group International for executive production and logistics; the registration platform is managed by The Rocks, while the digital strategy is developed and run by FPS Media.

“Panorama d’Italia” arrives in Milan

A super 7-day stage with 54 events around the city
From Sunday 16 to Saturday 22 October a calendar of free events open to everyone

  • From the greetings of President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella to an encounter with Ken Follett, and from “art lessons” to stars from the world of music
  • Showcooking and food experiences with star chefs, and meetings with ministers entrepreneurs and managers
  • Inaugurating the stage on Sunday 16 October at 4.30 pm Mayor Giuseppe Sala and the Fanfare of the Carabinieri

Milan is the stage of stages for Milano “Panorama d’Italia”, the tour that the newsmagazine Panorama has made over the last three years around the country taking in information, culture, food, wine and entertainment. From Sunday 16 until Saturday 22 October Lombardy’s capital will host a special stage of the tour with a calendar of 54 events open to everyone.

“Milan is undergoing a phase of great change,” writes the Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, in an article in the magazine welcoming the arrival of the tour to the city.  “Thanks also to the extraordinary experience of the Expo, Milan has become a model. The city is also a point of reference around the world for fashion, art, design, food, voluntary service, care for the environment: a desirable tourist destination, an example of the efficiency and quality  that this country is capable of. The events organised by the “Panorama d’Italia” initiative will reflect the spirit of this Milan, as well as the originality and enterprise of its citizens.”

The editor of Panorama, Giorgio Mulè, explained the sense of this stage: “During this week we will talk to the people of Milan of all ages and we will offer opportunities to meet and exchange ideas, attempting to enrich the prospects and culture of everyone: work, food and wine, theatre, cinema and music with testimonials worthy of this great city and its international vocation.”
With lots of guests and over 30 different locations, the Milan stage of the Panorama d’Italia tour, now in its third year, after visiting 27 towns and cities and engaging thousands of people with the best of the country, arrives in the Italian city with the most international outlook.

Politics and institutions

The greetings of President Mattarella, the presence of government ministers Giannini, Galletti and Calenda; the Governor of Lombardy Roberto Maroni with the councillor of economic development Mauro Parolini and other members of the council, the Mayor Giuseppe Sala, deputy-minister Enrico Zanetti: are just some of the guests form the world of politics and institutions participating in the meetings organised by Panorama d’Italia. An opportunity to meet and exchange ideas face to face on issues of direct relevance to national development: from education to economic growth, social as well as and labour policies. Conferences, exclusive interviews and talk shows: and on each occasion a direct relationship with the public will be fundamental as participants interact with the speakers and follow the debates live.

Training, business and jobs

Central to the whole event  will be a discussion on “The schools of the future”, on Thursday 20 October at the headquarters of the Mondadori Group in Segrate: the meeting with high school students involved in the competition “Il bello di Milano” will begin with an introduction by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, in the presence of education minster Stefania Giannini. During the week of Panorama d’Italia, young job seekers will have the chance to meet HR specialists from some of Italy’s leading companies and will be able to follow debates between some of the prime examples of business excellence  in the city.


Culture and entertainment

A parade of stars, from the worlds of music, cinema and literature will be a feature of the Panorama d’Italia marathon in Milan, with open interviews, showcases, concerts, readings and exclusive presentations. Some of the names include: Alessandra Amoroso, Nek, Emis Killa, Fabio Rovazzi, Niccolò Agliardi, Benji and Fede, Alfonso Signorini, Dan Peterson, Geronimo Stilton, Antonio Casanova, Sofia Viscardi, and many more; as well as the presentation, in collaboration with the Festival del Cinema di Roma, of the film, “Florence” starring Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant. There will also be space for DJ sets and fashion events, thanks to the collaboration of the magazine Icon.

Panorama d’Italia will also offer an opportunity to meet prestigious authors and discover the city’s artistic delights with exceptional guides. Starting on Sunday 16 October with Ken Follett, an author who in Italy has sold over 14 million copies of his novels. The Welsh writer has chosen Milan to meet his Italian readers and talk about his future plans. Interviewed by Panorama editor Giorgio Mulè, the author will talk about his books, but also about his private life, politics and current affairs.

Also during the week will be events featuring Valerio Massimo Manfredi, Vittorio Sgarbi, Maurizio De Giovanni, Stefano Zecchi, Davide Rampello, Massimiliano Locatelli, Roberto Giacobbo and many more. The Milan stage of the tour will also give space to meetings with Focus, among the most appreciated new features of Panorama d’Italia 2016: the astronaut Umberto Guidoni, the editor of Focus Jacopo Loredan and many other guests from the world of science will accompany participants “around space” with meetings and ad hoc events, including live coverage of the arrival of the space probe Exomars on Mars.


Haute cuisine

In an anthology of excellence, it is impossible not to involve the stars of Italian cooking, one of the jewels in the crown of Made in Italy food and wine around the world. So space will be given to star chefs such as Andrea Berton, Giovanni Bon, Bobo and Chicco Cerea, Carlo Cracco, Filippo La Mantia, Davide Oldani, the famous faces of TV chefs such as Benedetta Parodi and Antonio Martino, and, exceptionally, heading the list the great maestro Gualtiero Marchesi, the cornerstone of a generation of outstanding chefs now working around the world and representing the very best of Italy’s food and wine culture.


All of the “Panorama d’Italia” events are free and the programme is available from or To take part, all you need to do is register and book your place on and following the instructions (any programme changes will be announced on the site). All of the events can be followed in live streaming on the site and on social networks.. At all of the “Panorama d’Italia” event locations it will be possible to buy the bracelets produced especially for the tour by Cruciani: the proceeds will contribute to the creation of a new national centre for the Lega del Filo d’Oro, the charity that assists people with aural, visual and other sensory impairments, in Osimo (Ancona).
Tour figures

Last year alone 4 million people were reached by the tour through physical events, the printed weekly magazine, its sites, social channels, television, radio and other media that used the content. The audience directly involved in the events in the various towns and cities totalled more than 110,000 with 375 guests and speakers (including 6 minsters, 8 regional presidents and 8 mayors), 500 media outlets, 191 business people in round tables and the involvement of over 600 companies, including 180 innovative start-ups.
Panorama d’Italia enjoys the support of high level partners who share a commitment to enhancing Italian excellence around the country. They include: Autostrade per l’Italia, Banca Mediolanum, Cobat, Cruciani, Eicma, Enel, Eni, IBM, Invitalia, Poste Italiane, Sicily by Car, Università Telematica Pegaso, and TgCom24 Mediaset. The charity partnership with the Lega del Filo d’Oro will be present throughout the tour.
In addition, at every town and city on the tour, media partnerships have been established with the leading local TV and radio stations and newspapers.

“Panorama d’Italia” has been organised in collaboration with Triumph Group International, for executive production, organisation and logistics.



“Panorama d’Italia” arrives on the Amalfi Coast

From Wednesday 7 to Saturday 10 September a calendar of 19 events free and open to all

The Amalfi Coast is the protagonist of the sixth stage of “Panorama d’Italia”, the tour made by the newsmagazine Panorama across the country featuring news, culture, theatre, food and wine and entertainment.
From Wednesday 7 to Saturday 10 September at various places along the coast – Salerno, Ravello, Paestum and Vietri Sul Mare – a calendar of 19 events open to all to establish a link with the excellence of  local Made in Italy, in particular in the world of business, the economy, culture and technology. A special stage of the tour, that, for the first time, involves a number of municipalities in the same occasion and in the same province.

“Panorama d’Italia” online

The main meetings will be available in streaming on, with real time updates, photos and videos, as well as an area for online registration to the events.
You can share impressions and experiences of the events of Panorama d’Italia on all the leading social networks using the hashtag #panoramaitalia. The Twitter account of Panorama (@panoramadItalia) will comment in real time on all of the most significant moments involving the protagonists of the meetings and many events will be on Facebook Live.

Tour numbers

In the last year alone some 4 million people were reached by the tour, including live events, the print magazine, the web site, its social networks, television, radio and other media that  carried the content. The number of people who directly attended the events in the various cities totalled 110,000, with 375 guests and speakers (including 6 ministers, 8 Regional Presidents and 8 mayors), 500 media engaged, 191 entrepreneurs participating in round table discussions and the involvement of 600 companies, including also 180 innovative start-ups.

Panorama d’Italia can count on the support of high level partners, all committed to enhancing the value of Made in Italy around the country. They include: Autostrade per l’Italia, Banca Mediolanum, Cobat, Cruciani, Eicma, Enel, Eni, IBM, Invitalia, Poste Italiane, Sicily by Car, Università Telematica Pegaso and TgCom24 Mediaset. The charity partnership with the Lega del Filo d’oro will be present on all tour
Moreover, in every city on the tour media partnerships have been activated with the leading local newspapers, TV and radio stations.
“Panorama d’Italia” is produced in collaboration with Triumph Group International, for executive production, organisation and logistics.