Adkaora and Savi sign an exclusive partnership: proximity marketing is updated with digital coupons

AdKaora, the Mondadori Group’s digital agency specialising in user-centric mobile advertising and proximity marketing, and Savi, a marketing technology company specialising in the management of discount voucher-based shopper activation services, form an exclusive partnership that aims to promote the use of digital coupons at the main retail brands.

It’s a project that aims to offer customers a new level of proximity marketing able to influence the shopper journey through mobile couponing. More than 40% of Italian families are dedicated to looking for discounts and offers, and almost 60% of them carefully evaluate prices and quantities of the products they intend to buy (Iri Fmcg Demand Signals, October 2022).

This is a buying habit that, according to research by Savi, has grown by 25%, compared to 2021, and which today represents 10.5% of total cash transactions.

The integration between AdKaora’s advanced proximity marketing suite and Savi’s shopping activation technology therefore makes it possible to enhance brands’ marketing strategies, encouraging brand awareness, consideration and conversion thanks to the involvement of different media channels: from standard display formats and rich media created ad hoc by AdKaora Creative Studio, to push notifications, through Stocard formats and social planning carried out together with Hej!.

These tools are combined with drive to store objectives, as well as product launches, loyalty, customer acquisition and sales increases, allowing us not only to engage the user in the points of interest involved in the campaign, but also to collect important insights for brands thanks to footfall and post-campaign analysis.

Andrea Zermian, Savi’s Sales and Marketing Director: “Until today, media strategies often stopped ‘outside the store’, failing to follow the customer until in converted into a transaction at the checkout. Today, thanks to the partnership with AdKaora, the loop of a promotional initiative closes with the purchasing act being measured promptly. The transaction, that uses digital coupons and that is done in a fully automated manner through the retailer’s checkout, allows you to follow the shopper through their journey, starting thanks to online media and ending with the transaction in the physical point of sale. So, ultimately, it’s a fully measurable, omnichannel end-to-end experience. Now, thanks to this new collaboration, we’ll also be able to influence customer purchasing behaviour in the ‘moment of truth’, i.e. when they’re inside the store and are shopping”.

Davide Tran, CEO of AdKaora: “The partnership with Savi allows us not only to enhance our advanced proximity marketing offering with an additional user engagement channel, but also to improve their shopping experience, getting close to what’s called the ‘last mile’ in a targeted manner. Savi’s digitalisation of the coupon was what many customers wanted and having an exclusive partnership with this solution allows us to be a unique player on the market. In fact, sending the coupon directly greatly affects the purchase behaviour since the user is more encouraged to use the discount they receive on a certain product in the next few days by going to the points of sale. So there’s an opportunity for brands to achieve very specific communication objectives, which at the same time strengthens the drive to store”.

How digital coupons work
The promotion is created digitally on the Savi platform and is distributed through AdKaora channels. It can be used exclusively in a paperless form, which helps both the user experience and managing accepting the coupons at the point of sale.

The CouponLink page, a web page delivered to the consumer with a unique URL, hosts multiple discount coupons, but using them at the checkout only requires that a single “box” barcode located at the top of the page be used. This way the coupons are used favours security and generates useful insights in real time, promoting a seamless experience for the shopper, without requiring them to subscribe to or download any mobile apps.

AdKaora is a Mondadori Group digital company leading in mobile innovation which offers effective tools and solutions from a multi-channel perspective to brands and publishers to reach, engage and influence their target audience, bringing concrete and measurable results. AdKaora mixes data-driven qualitative audiences with exclusive advertising formats, created by AdKaora Creative Studio, which record high results in viewability and engagement, certified by third parties. Depending on the objective, activate the right audience through first-party data from the proprietary DMP or location-behavioural, vertical and premium publishers of the AdKaora Value Network.  The strong technological component is the plus for Proximity Marketing strategies. AdKaora enables and integrates the best technologies on the market with consolidated proprietary assets, offering an end-to-end Advanced Proximity Suite, thanks to which it is possible to involve and measure user activation from online to offline up to the purchase.  With an offer of in-gaming formats, immersive and integrated into the game experience, AdKaora reaches a highly profiled, transversal and involved target of gamers and enthusiasts by building new experiences for users, in a brand safe environment with a high user attention level.

Savi is a marketing technology company that specialises in managing services related to the use of discount vouchers and the involvement of consumers in the large-scale retail market and beyond.
Founded in 1982 under the name NCH, a spin-off of the market analysis company Nielsen Media research, and later known as Valassis, the company completed a rebranding process in May 2022 that led it to adopt its current name of Savi.

Savi interacts with 250 active customers in the brand industry and over 40,000 partner retailers, delivering over 50 million promotions every year. More than 40 large-scale retailer brands are then connected in real time with Savi’s proprietary digital platform.

Savi is located in Italy with its own office in Milan and is part of an international network active in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Poland. From these countries it is also able to operate in neighbouring countries, thus benefiting from a pan-European network.