Mondadori Studios launches the podcast series “Shelf. A book’s home” dedicated to the literary world and its protagonists

8 episodes with Alessandro Barbaglia and Chiara Sgarbi

Mondadori Studios’ Originals catalogue, the Mondadori Group’s space for creating and producing original audio contents, is now further enhanced with Shelf. A book’s home.

Based on the idea that readers, books and bookstores are all concerned by a common space known as the shelf, the new podcast is an exclusive project aimed at reviewing and discovering the literary world and its protagonists through the voice of the poet and bookseller Alessandro Barbaglia and involvement of Chiara Sgarbi, a passionate reader known on Instagram as @chiara_sui_libri.

The bookshow conceived for all literature lovers consists of 8 episodes available for free on all major audio streaming platforms, including Speaker, Spotify, Apple Podcast and Google Podcast.

The podcast

The episodes of Shelf. A book’s home will be airing every Wednesday with special sections: such as Cover, consisting of Alessandro Barbaglia’s personal opinion on books or Novelty, dedicated to the presentation of new books to help listeners find their way among the many editorial offers.

And again, ad hoc Advice given by Chiara Sgarbi to help people find the right story to read or purchase for others. Or the not to be missed Interview, in which the writer Barbaglia discusses with a bookseller, writer or protagonist of the editorial world.

Whereas, the Where to read section, a space conceived to let listeners speak about where and what they read, will enrich each episode. Finally, End Credits to summarise all the readings mentioned at the end of each episode.

Other novelties from Mondadori Studios

The first season of Shelf. A book’s home will complete Mondadori Studios’ original podcast offer, including Elements, Digital Wars and Under the nails, whose executive coordination will be guided by Michele Dalai to cover topics such as science, geopolitics, philosophy and true stories through new and expert voices and accurate authorial direction. The podcast Looking up, seeing the stars, developed by the scientist Amalia Ercoli Finzi together with Randstad, is also among the newest projects available. A unique episode added to the very high quality original audio format catalogue produced by Mondadori Studios: from spin-offs and discussions on what goes on behind the scenes in the creation of successful books to great works of historic and scientific education, from narrative invention to political analysis.

Mondadori Studios lancia la serie podcast “Shelf. il posto dei libri”