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Grazia presents a special Issue: the Olympics of rebirth

Grazia, the leading 100% Italian fashion brand, with 21 editions around the world and edited by Silvia Grilli, is on newsstands with a special issue entitled Olimpiadi della rinascita (the Olympics of rebirth)
The magazine looks at the protagonists of the Olympics and the rediscovery of sport. Readers will find the athletes of the 2021 Games in Tokyo, to the icons of the past: they will read  stories and first-hand accounts from many of the talents engaged in these post-pandemic competitions and dealing with the special rules and regulations that must now be followed.

“This extraordinary issue of Grazia is dedicated to the athletes who will bring us the thrill of these Olympics and the return of normal life,” declared the editor Silvia Grilli. “They will excite us with their records and help us to see a better world. Because that is what the Olympic Games are: commitment, respect, courage, self-improvement, progress, equality, pace, internationalism.  As well as a more satisfying tomorrow for women. Enjoy!” the editor concluded.

The personalities and contributors to the special issue include: the writer Laura Imai Messina, who has lived for years in Japan and talks about how the country will feel during the Olympics when they can once again enjoy competitive sport with spectators.

Historian Eva Cantarella explains to Grazia how society needs female champions that are an inspiration for the young girls of today and tomorrow, because sport is also equality and respect.

And then lots of athletes, authentic talents from different disciplines: from swimming’s ‘divine’ Federica Pellegrini, now competing in what will be her last Olympics, to Simona Quadarella, another highly talented swimmer who in Tokyo hopes to leave her mark. We also have the coach of the Italian national women’s football team Milena Bartolini and Novella Calligaris, the first swimmer to win a medal at the 1972 Olympics, who tells Grazia about the effort involved in becoming the number one.

Other voices opening up to the magazine include the trainer Giorgio Cagnotto who for years coached his daughter, the diver Tania who explains just how long the road to the podium is.  The fencer Alice Volpi shares with Grazia her excitement ahead of this great challenge, as does the rhythmic gymnast Alessia Maurelli.
Then there is women’s volleyball with the captain of team Italy Myriam Silla and the long jumpers Marcell Jacobs and Gianmarco Tamberi. As well as other accounts from young protagonists of sport: for water polo Pietro Figlioli, for wrestling Frank Chamizo Marquez and Abraham Conyedo Ruano and for artistic gymnastics Vanessa Ferrari.

In this special issue of Grazia will also find portraits by leading photographers of 6 great athletes who are part of the history of the Olympics and of sport. The basketball legend Michael Jordan, US swimming campion Mark Spitz, and the long jump champion Fiona May. As well as Carl Lewis who broke world records in both the 100 metres and the long jump, winning medals at four Olympics, Florence Griffith, the world’s fastest woman of all time and the great fencer Valentina Vezzali.

This special issue is also enriched by cool fashion with a sporty soul and beauty that emphasises the body and footloose, the new trend in which you walk barefoot.

Grazia – which reaches a total audience of 4.3 million people, including users and readers (Source: Nielsen data Fusion December 2020) – will also produce a special entitled Sport generation, available on, in which three young athletes will talk about their passion for sport, the sacrifices, the satisfactions and the hopes. #Graziasportgeneration also continues on the brand’s social media profiles, in particular Instagram, with a rich range of content and background, including curiosities, quizzes and sports-themed surveys, and involving 1.6 million fans (Source: Shareablee, TikTok, Pinterest June 2021).



Grazia presents a special Issue: ‘Grazia ama l’Italia’

Voices and experiences of a country being reborn

Grazia, the leading 100% Italian fashion brand, with 21 editions around the world, edited by Silvia Grilli, is launching a special issue entitled speciale Grazia ama l’Italia (Grazia Loves Italy).

The magazine examines the rebirth of the country through the beauty for which it is well known: talents, fashion, cities of art, places, architecture and gardens in a narrative journey that, across the pages of the magazine, continues also on, giving a voice to the feelings of some of the country’s leading personalities, symbols of an Italy that is being reborn.

“I wanted to create this special issue as a way of highlighting the excitement that you can feel in the country; the will to re-start, a rebirth of enthusiasm and determination. But at the same time, I wanted to dedicate it to the people who have suffered most during the pandemic some of whom are still worried about leaving the protection of their homes,” said Grazia editor, Silvia Grilli.

Featured on the cover is the actress Sabrina Ferilli, who talks about herself and the extraordinary courage of Italian, inhabitants of a land that is frequently hit by natural calamities, but who are always ready to start again. For Ferilli the re-emergence of the country this time is, as she says, like so often before a great moment of hope and dreams. The Italian Minister for Tourism, Massimo Garavaglia, explains how travel is returning and the strategy to attract foreign tourists back to the country. Meanwhile, the architect Stefano Boeri takes a look at the world of art and the architecture of museums and comments on the importance of re-opening museums and galleries. For this special issue, Grazia also met with talents from the worlds of music and fashion. Singer-songwriter Levante talks about her excitement at being able to get back on stage in front of an audience. The duo Colapesce and Dimartino, the authors and protagonists of ‘Musica leggerissima’, discuss the feelings of young people in the time of Covid, of a desire for simplicity and a return to normality. The model Eva Riccobono, who recently gave birth to her second child, talks about what it’s like to be a mother in the time of Covid.

There are also homages to the country from the journalist and writer Annalena Benini, who arties about an Italy to love; award-winning chef Carlo Cracco and his wife Rosa Fanti, rediscover dishes linked to the land and belief in the importance of getting back around the table and sharing feelings; and the TV presenter and writer Csaba dalla Zorza offers readers of Grazia presents her take on Sardinia.

With the survey l’Italia che vuole rinascere dopo la campagna vaccinale (The Italy that wants to re-emerge after the vaccination campaign) , Grazia gives voice to the many Italians who want to take back control of their lives, their work, their space and the freedom that has been denied for so many months.

This special issue will also include many travel ideas, including wonderful hotels where guest can enjoy an experience in a fascinating context and enjoy food prepared by outstanding chefs. As well as curious facts about Florence and Lecce, a gastronomical tour of Franciacorta followed by detailed wine tour itineraries.

Marking the launch of this special issue, Grazia has also produced a series of City Guides that will be available on, where the brand reaches a total audience of 4.3 million users (Source: Nielsen data Fusion December 2020): a selection of Italian destinations seen through the eyes of young illustrators, each of whom offers tips about the cities the love best.

The coverage continues also with an extensive range of content of the social media profiles of Grazia through which the brand, engage 1.6 million fans (Source: Shareablee, TikTok, Pinterest May 2021) with extra details about the magazine’s content.

Especially for this special issue, Grazia has involved the travel & style expert, Nneya Richard, a talent of Factory21 who will guide users to Italy’s most ‘Instagrammable’ places, inviting followers to participate in the challenge using the hashtag #grazialovesitaly and the tag @grazia_it. And a rich programme of live events, news and photo galleries that will enrich the magazine’s Instagram profile




Grazia on newsstands with a special Issue ‘A tutta natura’

Grazia, the leading 100% Italian fashion brand, with 21 editions around the world, and edited by Silvia Grilli, is out with a special issue A tutta natura, on newsstands from tomorrow, Thursday 6 May.

The pandemic has shown us that common effort and the sharing of knowledge, can help people to overcome the most difficult challenges: the special issue, thanks to its outstanding protagonists and their stories, becomes the voice for new ideas, advice, surveys, columns, for a green revolution that is more necessary than ever.

“The survival of our planet, and therefore our own, will depend on the virtuous behaviours we adopt. But individual responsibility will not be enough. We need innovation, a change in production methods, companies that invest in the protection of an environment that they previously exploited. With this special issue we want to examine useful ideas to save nature as soon as possible, but also to talk about the changes already underway, thanks to the green revolution, in our lifestyle. The speed with which humanity discovered Covid-19 vaccines gives us hope. There is only one planet that we can call home. With this extraordinary issue we want to show how dear it is to us”, said the editor Silvia Grilli.

A variety of testimonials enrich to make this issue special.

The singer Elisa, star of the cover and photographed by Grazia in nature, talks about her bond with the environment but also being a mother and daughter, and the importance of leaving a better planet for the generations to come. Prince Charles talks about Terra Carta, a kind of constitution to protect the planet, plants and animals. And also William the Duke of Cambridge outlines his Earthshot Prize, an award that he has financed to find solutions against climate change over the next 10 years. Oscar-winning actor Matt Damon talks about how his foundation, has brought water to three million people who previously has no access to it. In this special we also hear from the Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolati, who explains the green revolution that the government will adopt to relaunch Italy after the pandemic. The writer Paolo Cognetti, who lives in the mountains, describes the emotions of those who savour unfiltered nature. While Kailand Morris, the son of Stevie Wonder, describes his generation’s battles on behalf of the planet.

The special also features Grazia surveys dedicated to green issues: the revolution of green collars, or rather, new jobs linked to ecology; regenerative nutrition for a world without waste; the new garden cities, from skyscrapers to green spaces that are reconquering cities.

This special issue also devotes significant space to fashion and beauty with 60 pages all focusing on sustainability.

On Friday 7 May at 7 pm, on Grazia’s Instagram profile, the editor Silvia Grilli talks to the singer Elisa.

A #GraziaLovesGreen challenge will also be launched on social networks, with the involvement of some influencers, in particular Silvia Stella Osella, the Factory21 sustainable fashion talent who will offer, through stories, some simple rules to follow in order to be green. Plus, to make the level of awareness on the topic visible, at a large G will turn green as users share using the hashtag #GraziaLovesGreen.

With this new initiative, Grazia confirms its role as a brand capable of constantly evolving, becoming a reference point for over 4 million users (Source: Data Fusion Nielsen Media November 2020) and 1.6 million fans (Source Shareablee + Pinterest and TikTok, April 2021).

Recognition of Grazia’s editorial quality is also demonstrated by the interest of the advertising market. Also for this special issue many clients have wanted to be present, resulting in over 100 advertising pages.

Grazia, Piero Lissoni for the first time guest editor of the magazine edited by Silvia Grilli

A special issue dedicated to design and the shape of the new normal

Grazia, the leading 100% Italian fashion brand with 21 editions around the world, edited by Silvia Grilli, is launching a special issue with, for the first time, master of design, Piero Lissoni as guest editor of the magazine.

For more than thirty years Piero Lissoni has produced international architecture, interiors, product design and graphic design projects. In this extraordinary issue of Grazia he imagines, with a positive glance towards the future, new forms of post-pandemic reality and discussions with leading personalities in the search for connections between different worlds.

This special issue of the magazine will be on newsstands for two weeks and focuses on three themes: minimalism, hybridization and contamination, the paths through which Piero Lissoni describes the forms of a new normal.

“When I suggested to architect Piero Lissoni the challenge of being the guest director of this extraordinary issue, I never imagined that he would welcome my proposal with such enthusiasm and dedicate himself to the job with such passion,” said Grazia editor Silvia Grilli. “After more than a year of the pandemic, lockdowns, uncertainty and lifestyle changes I invite you to discover these in extraordinary pages of Grazia a new way to look at our homes, physically rediscover our cities, our villages, our flavours and our art, as we open up again with hope to a new future. You will meet many people and a world of beautiful objects. But in the end, you will discover that the really important things in your life can fit in a single suitcase,” the editor concluded.

 “When Silvia asked me to be the “temporary editor” for this issue of Grazia, on the one hand I was terrified, I didn’t know where to start. But, on the other hand, I was enthusiastic, like a child with a new toy. Then I started playing. And here we are!” declared Piero Lissoni.

This extraordinary issue gives space to great discussions with personalities who have left a mark on the history of this sector and beyond, and whose portraits bear the name of Giovanni Gastel.

From world-famous architects and designers Philippe Starck and Mario Bellini to the mayors of Milan, Beppe Sala, and Paris, Anne Hidalgo. From a meeting with Maria Porro, President of Assarredo to Stefania Lazzaroni, General Manager of Altagamma. As well as Ferruccio Resta, Rector of the Politecnico di Milano who proposes a new model of teaching.

There is space too for the theatre, with Stella Pende who interviews André Ruth Shammah, the soul of the Franco Parenti Theatre in Milan, and screenwriter Antonio Manzini. Readers of Grazia will also find testimonies from the Swiss artist with an American soul Ugo Rondinone and Francesco Dal Co, director of Casabella.

Featured personalities include Giorgio Metta, Scientific Director of the Italian Institute of Technology, the digital art group TeamLab, Giovanna Melandri, President of the Maxxi Foundation, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome and theologian Sergio Ubbiali.

Extensive space is given to the Segni di stile (Signs of style) feature: a tribute to timeless design, with a selection of iconic pieces, a symbol of an aesthetic that goes beyond fashion, photographed by Santi Caleca.

Valeria Solarino is the protagonist of the cover and of an exclusive, minimalist and sophisticated fashion shoot, done at the Milan Triennale. Valeria also tells Grazia about her greatest desires in this new phase of life. The Fai heritage site Villa Necchi Campiglio is the location for an extraordinary fashion shoot, dedicated to creative freedom.

And a unique photographic reportage gives form to the contaminations of the metropolis of Milan.

And then many sections: from design with La forma dei desideri (The shape of desire), irresistible pieces for every room in the house, to beauty, an account of a minimal and hybrid beauty. And from the kitchen, with starred Davide Oldani, to travel, with a look at the places of hospitality so common across Italy.

The design concept conceived for Grazia by Lissoni Graphx, the department of the studio that develops graphic design, visual communication and brand identity projects, can be summarised as rigour; white and a hybrid font in line with the themes chosen by Piero Lissoni for this special issue.

And the story continues with a rich programme on Grazia’s social media profiles. Tomorrow, Thursday 15 April at 7.30 pm Silvia Grilli will interview the guest editor Piero Lissoni, Valeria Solarino and Davide Oldani live on the brand’s Instagram channel. And there will be other live shows with the protagonists of the issue over the next two weeks.

On Friday 15 April, the digital entrepreneur Eleonora Carisi will be the protagonist of an Instagram Stories Takeover, with the creation of content created on the set of the feature dedicated to design.

With this initiative, Grazia confirms its role as a brand capable of continuously evolving and becoming a point of reference for over 4 million users (Source: Data Fusion Nielsen Media November 2020) and 1.58 million fans (Source Shareablee + TikTok and Pinterest March 2021).

Also this extraordinary issue, after the G21 issue published in March 18, has attracted a lot of interest in the advertising market with many clients in the furniture sector signing up. The issue sold 107 advertising pages, of which over 30 in the furniture sector. Since the beginning of the year, Grazia has expanded its content to the world of design, which has joined the editorial calendar in a structured way with 10 monthly events during the year, tripling page sales in the sector compared with April 2020.


Grazia presents G21

G as in Grazia, 21 as in the personalities who combine their voices to discover new perspectives, 21 as in the current year, 21 as in the number of international editions of the magazine

Grazia, the leading, 100% Italian fashion magazine, and symbol of the contemporary, style and elegance, launches G21, an exclusive project dedicated to the future and rebirth, across all of the brand’s channels, and culminating at the end of the year in an appointment involving all of the international editions of the title.

G as in Grazia, 21 as in the personalities who combine their voices for this special initiative to discover new perspectives, 21 as in the current year, 21 as in the number of international editions of the magazine.

And at the heart of this Grazia project, a special issue, on newsstands from tomorrow, Thursday 18 March. How can we redesign the future? How can we manage the social and cultural revolution unleashed by the pandemic changing ways of thinking and lifestyles?   What new prospects and opportunities are there and how can they be developed?

“We have been saddened, frightened, angry, resigned, recovered, and can’t wait to get going again with new prospects,” said the editor of GraziaSilvia Grilli. “But it won’t be like switching on a light that has been switched off, and, as in the story of Sleeping Beauty, finding everything as it was before. This extraordinary issue of Grazia has been conceived to examine proposal and ideas for the future. The achievements of the personalities present in the issue, their excellent work in different fields, are an example for the country and the world. And for us at Grazia and for them, believing in ideas means fighting to defend them and make visible the unseen,” concluded Grilli.

So, in this issue of Grazia some of the most well-known figures from the worlds of cinema, the arts, fashion, science, technology, entertainment and medicine give shape to the future in a special collectors’ issue.

Designer Giorgio Armani, the head of Spotify Italia Federica Tremolada, Facebook executive  Sheryl Sandberg, actor Pierfrancesco Favino, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the Rector of Bocconi University Gianmario Verona, doctor Paolo Veronesi, along with virologist Ilaria Capua, architect and entrepreneur Piero Lissoni, digital creative Elisa Maino, Olympic athlete Bebe Vio, champion swimmer Federica Pellegrini, economist Lucrezia Reichlin, Formula One chief executive Stefano Domenicali, the director of the Biennale Arte Cecilia Alemani, the world’s most celebrated Italian chef Massimo Bottura, writer Teresa Ciabatti, ballet star Roberto Bolle, multi-award-winning singer Laura Pausini, publisher and politician Massimo Bray and the editor of Grazia Silvia Grilli.

This is an historical moment that everyone considers and opportunity to rebuild and reinvent ourselves. To give just a few examples: the actor Pierfrancesco Favino thinks that when theatres and cinemas can re-open, they should become places where we can meet actors and directors and get young people back into the audience. For Laura Pausini music as a way of bringing people together will be stronger than ever. Microsoft founder Bill Gates talks about the ecological transition and how we will free ourselves of fossil fuels. The architect and entrepreneur Piero Lissoni thinks that after the pandemic we will take more care of what is most precious to us; our homes, our time and the places where we live. Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg reflects on the new opportunities for women offered by the digital world. The Rector of Bocconi University Gianmario Verona writes about how the revolution in distance learning will lead to made-to-measure training for every student. Ballet star Roberto Bolle asks that private donations and public funding come together to relaunch the arts.

The coverage will then continue with a rich schedule of the social media profiles of Grazia, where the content of the magazine will be expanded with contributions from the personalities involved.

And with this initiative, Grazia confirms its position as a brand able to continuously evolve, becoming a point of reference for over 4.7 million users (Source: Data Fusion Nielsen Media Impact May 2020) and 1.55 million fans (Fonte Shareablee + TikTok and Pinterest February 2021).

And on the occasion of dl G21, also the Grazia Factory – a workshop of original productions, shootings and contemporary initiatives – will evolve, offering its users innovative digital projects and new creators. Factory 21 will introduce twenty-one new digital talents: from a travel expert to a lover of design, a beauty creator to a videomaker, a fashion photographer, a as well as a stylist, a lifestyle expert and an art director. The range of talents of Factory 21 will engage in line with the different issues.

To celebrate and broaden the appeal of the values of G21, which are focused on the reconstruction of the future and rebirth, the Palazzo Mondadori has exceptionally illuminated its arches with the colour magenta of the cover of Grazia, using spectacular special lights.

Coverage of the G21 project will culminate with the production of special editorial content in collaboration with La5, on air on Wednesday 31 March.

The initiative has been received with great interest in the market with many clients expressing appreciation of the project and  booking one or more pages. The issue has sold over 100 advertising pages, proof that the market is both optimistic about the future and willing to invest in the recovery.

The launch of this new Grazia project will be supported by an advertising campaign on the press, radio, web, social media and DOOH.

Grazia on newsstands with a special issue ‘Young Generation’

Interviews with young protagonists of social media, a challenge, and Instagram marathon and a section dedicated in the web site: Grazia confirms its role as an innovative, contemporary 360° brand

Grazia, the leading 100% Italian fashion brand, with over 20 editions around the world, presents a special issue: Young Generation.

Is reality physical or virtual? The lockdown has made young people realise how much they love face-to-face reality, while immersing them eve more in the virtual world. The magazine edited by Silvia Grilli, on newsstands tomorrow, Thursday 21 Januaryexamines the issue in direct dialogue with the protagonists.

“The provocative cover headline of this issue of Grazia is “Noi, adolescenti digitalmente modificati” (Us, digitally modified adolescents). And yet, now that the physical world is largely closed off for them, these young people, like us, long to be hugged. The lockdown has forced them to feel nostalgia for physical presence,” declared the editor Silvia Grilli.

The star on the cover of this special issue of Grazia is the 18-year-old American singer Loren Gray, highly influential on TikTok with 51 million followers. Authentic and determined, as well as beautiful, Loren Gray talks about herself in an exclusive interview and touches on the steps towards and reasons for her success, which began when she was just 15.

Many young stars are also involved: from Elisa Maino to Luciano Spinelli, who, with 7.1 million followers, is the most popular italian influencer on TikTok and shares with readers of Grazia his vision of how we can overcome cyberbullying.

The issue also features interviews with Tini Stoessel, the Argentinian singer and actor, who has become famous for her role in the TV series Violetta. Actor Jack Dylan Grazer, protagonist of the Luca Guadagnino TV series, We Are Who We Are. And also, in this extraordinary issue, the twins Cassandra and Melissa, second-generation immigrants who talk to Grazia about racism; Marco Cellucci, star of TikTok with over 5.5 million followers who also talks about bullying. Plus, an interview with actor and influencer Jenny De Nucci as well as Marta Losito who talks about the beauty secrets of the young generation. Grazia also meets Giorgia Malerba, the singer who in just a few months as attracted 2.5 million fans on TikTok, and many more.

Big space is also given by Grazia to investigations: the balance between real and virtual life, videogames and what can be learnt from virtual worlds. And also anti-social movements, young people who refuse to use social media.

Fashion focuses on e-boys and e-girls and the beauty columns consider fluid beauy: the new generations that are reinventing codes in pursuit of personal taste, without distinguishing between male and female.

With this initiative dedicated to the Young Generation, which is configured across the magazine, on social media and the web with a dedicated section, Grazia confirms its role as an innovative and contemporary brand. With an eye always on the future, it is able to constantly evolve, becoming a point of reference for 4.7 million people (Source: Nielsen Media Impact data fusion May 20) and 1.5 million fans on social media (Source: Shareablee + Pinterest + Tik Tok last 30 days).

Tomorrow, Thursday 21 January, sees the launch of a challenge with the hashtag #ioquando in order to talk about what is happening to our lives revolutionised by the pandemic. Grazia invites users to post a photo, a video or reel representing their new experience, using the tag @grazia_it on Instagram and TikTok.

Loren Gray, Marta Losito, Marco Cellucci, Cassandra & Melissa, Luciano Spinelli, Jenny de Nucci Stefano Lepri and the rising star of music Giorgia Malerba talk to the editor Silvia Grilli and the editorial team of Grazia in an exceptional Instagram marathon tomorrow from 4.30 pm of the @grazia_it account.

Two partners sponsored the initiative. Beiersdorf took the opportunity to presents the new limited edition ispired by tattoo: Nivea Creme Tattoo. And the young e-store Swappie, emerging reality dedicated to the resale of reconditioned smartphones.



Grazia: for the first time avatars of the protagonists of social media take part in a fashion show

Tomorrow, 17 December, the magazine will be in newsstands with six different covers, on Instagram with an exceptional live event and an innovative virtual fashion show in collaboration with the Igoodi avatar factory

Grazia, the top 100% Italian fashion brand, with over editions around the world, presents an extraordinary initiative with the exclusive participation of some of the leading female digital entrepreneurs in a joint multimedia project.

With this operation, which has been developed across the magazine, on social media and the web, Grazia confirms its role as an innovative and contemporary brand. With an eye constantly on the future, and able to continuously evolve and becoming a point of reference for over 4.3 million readers and users, more than 370,000 followers on Instagram and almost 1 million fans on Facebook.

Grazia was the first print magazine to believe in the digital influencer revolution. In 2009 it created the It-girls factory and in 2016, when the press in general still refused to take them seriously, it organised the first exhibition of the changes that fashion influencers and street style had brought to the world of fashion. The exhibition at the Triennale in Milan was called YOU and was developed in collaboration with Chiara Ferragni, who was not yet the acclaimed figure she is today,” declared the editor Silvia Grilli.  “And today Grazia continues to believe in the potential of these female digital entrepreneurs and collaboration between print and the web with the first truly innovative fashion show: using avatars. Plus, six different covers with accounts of the real experience of six protagonists of social media: what you can see from their profiles, but also what you don’t see of their real lives,” the editor concluded.

Tomorrow, the 17 December at 7 pm, an exclusive live event will take place on the Instagram profile of Grazia: a spectacular digital fashion show in which parading on this special Grazia catwalk will not be traditional models, but avatars, in other words animated virtual images of 8 celebrated protagonists of social media.

Taking part will be the avatars of Eleonora Carisi, Giorgia Clavarino, Valentina Ferragni, Veronica Ferraro, Marica Pellegrinelli, Giulia Torelli, Paola Turani and Beatrice Valli with exclusively Made in Italy clothes: from Dsquared2 to Salvatore Ferragamo, as well as Alberta Ferretti, Max Mara, Missoni, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, Ermanno Scervino and Sportmax – exclusively elaborated bi digital technology developed by Billy Berlusconi, CEO and co-founder of Igoodi, Italy’s leading avatar factory.

After making a body scan of the bodies of the protagonists selected by Grazia, 3D versions of the clothes worn by the avatars were created that move in the virtual environment which is the set for this special fashion show.

“We can see that the fashion world is rapidly moving towards a market in which digital collections, virtual catwalks and avatar talent are the order of the day in the relationship with consumers,” commened Billy Berlusconi. As Italy’s first avatar factory, we are totally in line with this vision nad have the necessary technology to manage the complexity of events of this kind that demand quality and natural movement, the likeness and expressiveness of the avatars and 3D enhancement of the fashion items on show,” Billy Berlusconi concluded.

Veronica Ferraro, Marica Pellegrinelli, Eleonora Carisi, Giulia Torelli, Beatrice Valli and Paola Turani will also be the protagonists of the six covers of Grazia on newsstands from tomorrow, 17 December. Dynamic, elegant, enterprising and with large followings on social media, they will also pose for a dedicated fashion shoot and talk with the editor Silvia Grilli, during an exceptional live Instagram event at 7 pm 19 on the @grazia_it account, revealing background curiosities, fashion and beauty advice and discussing their experience as‘virtual models’.


Grazia is on newsstands with a special Issue dedicated to global icons

KIim Kardashian, photographed by Vanessa Beecroft, is the protagonist of and international project of the brand involving 12 editions of Grazia

Grazia, the magazine edited by Silvia Grilli, is on newsstands from Thursday 8 October in a special issue dedicated to global icons. Today celebrities, with huge followings on social media, have imposed their values by putting their lives in the spotlight and through their Instagram – or other social media – profiles, are able to influence a growing number of people. They are icons with hundreds of millions of followers around the word.

Kim Kardashian has established a new idea of beauty. With posts that capture her hourglass figure she has revolutionised aesthetic canons. Cristiano Ronaldo has liberated the idea of having children with surrogate mothers. Selena Gomez has broken the taboo about talking about illness: in fact, today, illness – mental or physical – is something that can be shared. It’s a way of feeling less alone and to be better able to fight against it. A cultural change that has come about mainly thanks to social media icons.

The cover star of the new special issue of Grazia is Kim Kardashian: the undisputed queen of Instagram with 188 million followers, and the protagonist of a global project by the brand involving another 11 international editions of the magazine.

The covers, interviews and exclusive photos have been published simultaneously   from the UK to Italy, from India to Australia, right up to the recently launched US edition.

Grazia has dedicated to her an exclusive photo-shoot by the artist Vanessa Beecroft as well as an extensive interview in which she talks about herself.

“Vanessa Beecroft, one of Italy’s most sought after artists, exclusively shot for Grazia the images of Kim Kardashian that appear in this issue,” declared the editor Silvia Grilli. “Kardashian and Beecroft have worked together for a long time, and in these shots the Italian artist revisits the stylistic character of her living pictures in her portraits of the global superstar. This publishing operation, that involves 12 international editions of our magazine, is further evidence of the success of our network. And in this extraordinary issue, in addition to a long and intimate interview with  Kim, we examine the phenomenon of these new global superstars, from  Ronaldo to Selena Gomez, by way of Kardashian/Jenner, who set fashion trends and influence the passions and economic interests of mass culture with hundreds of millions of followers on social media.”

Readers of Grazia will find inside this special Issue: a major survey, interviews, fashion shoots and features dedicated to beauty, all with a linking common theme: global icons.

The survey looks at how these highly influential personalities are changing the culture. For example, the American actress and singer Ariana Grande, a strong and determined girl who has become a symbol of tenacity for a great many young people and The Rock, currently Hollywood’s highest-paid actor, as well as an example of positivity thanks to his entrepreneurial skills. As well as Justin Bieber, the Canadian popstar, class of 1994, and the idol of teenagers across the globe.

Grazia is news but also lots of fashion. In this extraordinary issue Grazia had fun by imagining photo features inspired by the style of the most popular global stars and creating pieces on the trends and shopping habits that have made the style of these protagonists of pop culture so iconic.

Plus, beauty in this special issue applauds and highlights the products, beauty tips and trends adopted by the great icons.

Grazia also on this occasion demonstrates its role as a multichannel brand and trendsetter in the Italian publishing panorama where it has launched a series of special Issues. The global multichannel system of the Grazia International Network reaches every month a total community of 15 million readers, with a monthly circulation of 10 million copies, and 35 million unique users and more than 20 million followers on social media.

The publication of the new issue of Grazia is supported by an advertising campaign planned of print, digital and outdoor.

Grazia and Instagram combine to give voice to the values of freedom of expression and tollerance

Eva Chen guest editor of an extraordinary Issue of the magazine edited by Silvia Grilli

For the first time the cover is animated by a special Instagram filter

Grazia, the leading 100% Italian fashion brand, available around the world in 20 international editions, has produced along with Instagram and extraordinary issue of the magazine dedicated to the values of freedom of expression, tolerance and inclusivity.

An exclusive collaboration that for the first time sees Eva Chen, head of fashion partnerships at Instagram, in the role of guest editor of the weekly, edited by Silvia Grilli, on newsstands on Thursday 3 September.

“I wanted to entrust Instagram with the creative direction of this issue of Grazia to underline how both print and digital media, in this case a power social media platform, can work together to support a civic battle such as that for freedom of expression,” declared Silvia Grilli, editor of Grazia. “This extraordinary issue, with a cover that you can animate and filters that you can use in your fashion stories, carries and important message for all of us: liberate your voice. In these complicated times, when the world is accelerating historic changes, we focus on how the language of freedom can take us towards a brighter future,” she concluded.

Eva Chen worked together with Silvia Grilli to produce the issue: from the fashion pages to interviews, from surveys on current affairs to beauty, and travel, with an inclusive and open eye on the latest trends, as well as interaction with the community.

“I want to dedicate this issue of Grazia to all those who on Instagram, with courage and audacity, are fighting for change. This special edition of Grazia celebrates authenticity, not perfection. It is a hymn to unity, not minorities, to a sense of community and to kindness. It wants to challenge the status quo regarding what is seen as beautiful, standard or normal,” declared Eva Chen, head of fashion partnerships at Instagram.

The cover, conceived and produced by the visual artist Marino Capitanio, uses graphic elements, such as mouths and cartoons, to illustrate the numerous first-hand accounts of freedom of expression featured in the magazine.

Thanks to the special filter ‘Liberate your voice’ the cover is animated and gives readers and Instagram uses the possibility of sharing this extraordinary project and their own thoughts. The filter is available from the Instagram account @grazia_it in the filters file (under highlighted stories). By opening it and capturing the cover with the frontal camera, it becomes animated. While using the selfie mode, the filter changes to allow users to share their message.

In this issue of Grazia we also hear form a number of protagonists: Elodie who describes her continuous search for freedom and the mission she has given herself: ”To speak for those who can’t express themselves.” Readers will also find a long interview with Mahmood, the singer from the suburbs of Milan who says that freedom is obtained by finding yourself and a commitment to giving a voice to your battles: “A multi-ethnic country is not the future,” he says. “For me and many young people it is the present.”

The magazine also features an account by Whoopi Goldberg, the American actress who has symbolised anti racism since she became a star thanks to the film The Color Purple. Today, in the United States, crippled by the pandemic, she is using the web and her popularity, to get African-Americans to register to vote: “At the upcoming elections,” she tells Grazia, “theirs must be the loudest voice.”

A big survey by Grazia highlights the 90-year-old influencers 90enni who are re-writing the rules of beauty and Italians of African origin who are fighting against hate. Instagram has already given freedom of expression to many who were not previously represented and who now have enormous: that of being able to change the world.

The new issue of Grazia also features inclusive and sustainable fashion. The augmented reality of the Instagram filters is transported by this project from digital to print, in a fashion photo shoot. Grazia photographed models and clothes, making them even more creative, using a range of filters that readers can use and share in their stories.

The issue’s creative concept and shooting was produced together with Facebook Creative Shop.

Today, in Italy, the communication platform of Grazia includes a total audience of 4.3 million people (Source: Media Impact Data Fusion based on Audiweb – Audipress data to December 2019), more than 350,000 Instagram followers and almost 1million followers on Facebook.

Around the world, the global multi-channel system Grazia International Network each month reaches an overall community of 15 million readers, with a monthly circulation of over 10 million copies, 35 million unique users and over 20 million followers on social media.

The launch of the new issue of Grazia is supported by an advertising campaign planned across print media, digital and outdoor.

Grazia celebrates the beauty and excellence of Italy


Many first-hand accounts from Italian celebrities such as Levante, Baby K, Francesco Sarcina, Chiara Galiazzo and many more

From this week Elisa Maino, web influencer with over 5 million fans on TikTok, starts a column entitled 7teen where she meets the idols of her generation

Grazia, the magazine edited by Silvia Grilli, is celebrating the beauty and excellence of Italy with a special issue dedicated to the discovery of the wonders of the country.

“In the strangest summer for generations, we have discovered that we are a community. I like to use the word “discover” because that’s what’s happened. During the lockdown we discovered the humanity of our neighbours, and as we re-opened, how great it was to meet again. Now, that we know that 6 out of 10 Italians will not take a holiday, we have realised just how extraordinary are the places where we live or those nearby. And those, who will travel around the peninsula will be surprised at the great beauty of Italy its flavours, its smells, its unparalleled natural and artistic assets,” declared the editor, Silvia Grilli.

The Grazia on newsstands tomorrow, Thursday 2 July, will guide readers from the country’s artistic beauties to travel, and from fashion to first-hand accounts from Italian celebrities including Levante, Baby K, Francesco Sarcina, Chiara Galiazzo and many more.

Readers will discover from the pages of this issue of Grazia the cities, beaches and mountains of our country: and immerse themselves in uncontaminated Trentino, which, with its lakes and mountains, offers a wide range of views and activities. Or Tuscany, with its relaxing rolling hills, an artistic pathway that is unique in the world, as well as enchanting spas in Maremma. Or a trip to fascinating Noto, which seems locked in time, or a bicycle trip through Liguria, the peaks of Alto Adige and the lakes of Lombardy for a weekend of fun and relaxation.

We were a divided country, then, with the Covid-19 crisis, we started to sing the national anthem from our balconies, we changed our style of life and discovered ourselves proud to resist the difficulties together. And after the long days of the emergency Grazia wants to take a closer look by means of a survey about how the future of Italy depends precisely on the kind of citizens we decide to be.

Lots of interviews with Italian celebrities: from the protagonist of the cover Levante who posed for exclusive shots Franciacorta, the popstar Baby K who is launching her new single and is the star of a commercial and a video with the digital entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni. She tells Grazia how their friendship led to the couple of the moment. And then there is a look at the world of music, with Chiara Galiazzo and the leader of the Vibrazioni Francesco Sarcina.

The column 7teen by Elisa Maino

From this week Elisa Maino starts a new column called 7teen in which she meets for Grazia the idols of her generation and in which she will deal with issues that are close to the hearts of the young. In this Thursday’s issue, Elisa interviews the rapper Chadia Rodriguez, who, with the song Bella, sends a message against violence and attacks on people’s physical appearance.

Elisa Maino who was born in Rovereto in 2003, a just 17 is the most famous Tik Toker of the moment, with over 5 million followers. She began as a YouTuber and fashion blogger where she quickly gained an extensive audience.