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DMBeauty: the first social magazine about beauty for young millennials

A team of native Instagram millennials, 10 beauty influencers, an outstanding web star, video entertainment, inclusivity and diversity as foundational values and an ironic tone of voice: this is DMBeauty, a new social magazine about beauty, conceived for and produced by millennials.

Sophisticated, fresh-faced, transformative, playful, green, global and unconventional beauty… all are among the different shades to which DMBeauty gives a face and voice on Instagram, and from today also on a new channel, TikTok and Spotify. An inclusive hub where everyday you can train your eyes, heart and mind, with a bit of make-up and some tips for skincare and hair, in a pop and effervescent atmosphere.

Video tutorials, cards, beauty SOS, make-up challenges: with a range of content, in just a few months since its launch, DMBeauty has built a highly active community with more than 160,000 DMBeauties on Instagram (of which 97% women, 60% of whom under 24), making it the number one place for post interaction among women publishing brands (Source: FanPage Karma July 2019) and in the top 20 for media segment interactions on Instagram IT, with over half a million comments and likes and with almost 2 million video views per month (Source: StoryClash).

«DMBeauty, the first native Instagram digital beauty project, is a new brand extension of Donna Moderna, extending its offer to beauty for millennials. A unique opportunity, also for brands to reach a very precise target and to enter a dialogue with beauty-addicted young women,» declared Andrea Santagata, Chief Innovation Officer of the Mondadori Group. «The running theme of the storytelling of DMBeauty is the issue of diversity, with a beauty that is fluid, inclusive, and multi-faceted,» Santagata concluded.

The core of DMBeauty is a digital creative team made up of 2 beauty editors, 2 video makers, 2 visual artists, 1 social media manager, 1 product marketing manager, to which should be added 10 top beauty influencers selected for their ability to communicate, inspire and express the importance of loving yourself, strong points and defects included. They include: the outstanding make-up talent, Damn Tee; the spontaneous and charismatic, Martina Luchena; The Lady, queen of the make-up challenge; Mrtndamex, the green green, a concentration of positive vibes; Alessia Rux, the DMBeauty experimenter; Giada Fra, the friend we would all like to have for beauty advice, and other who will join the team before the end of the year.

Also participating from today in the project are the guest star Sofia Viscardi, web creator and founder of the Venti publishing project, with 1.4 million followers on Instagram and nearly 800,000 subscribers on YouTube, who, exclusively for DMBeauty, will inaugurate the format Getting Ready with Sofia: videos dedicated to al make-up, skincare and hair routines per “beginners”, for those with never enough time but who don’t want to renounce taking care of themselves.

The new web channel, with an interface that gives a nod to the language of Instagram, with dynamic and fluid graphic patterns inspired by pop art, and an innovative use of multicolour headlines, offers a video experience with an amazing visual impact with virtually unlimited swipe-up playlists.

DMBeauty will be presented on Thursday 3 October at an exclusive event DMBeauties night out: an evening with more than 300 guests, animated by a performance by La Boum and a special make-up challenge in the company of influencers and make-up-artists.

The event has been organised in cooperation with Fujifilm that is launching Instax Mini Link. The production is curated by Myevents.

The new project will be launched with a B2B advertising campaign overseen by CasiraghiGreco&.