Studenti predictions on graduate examination 2023. Graduate students bet on Manzoni, Calvino and D’Annunzio

Nearly 8 out of 10 students think one topic could be artificial intelligence

The argumentative essay is the most popular

With the exam, feelings about the most awaited test also return. The most common ones are anxiety and panic, but also growth and achievement.

With the 2023 graduate exam, 470,000 students will return to the traditional pre-pandemic exam, with the first and second national written exams and an oral interview. On the other hand, there’s an ad-hoc exam for students from the flooded areas of Emilia-Romagna and Marche.


WHO WILL BE THE AUTHORS FOR THE ITALIAN TOPIC? – a leader for Gen-Z at school – asked this in a survey of 5,600 girls and boys who responded by making predictions based on the 2023 anniversaries, including the 150 years since the death of Alessandro Manzoni, the 100 years since the birth of Italo Calvino and the 160 years since the birth of Gabriele D’Annunzio.

The anniversaries for these three authors and their importance in the literary landscape put them on top of being the “most likely” topic for the first test for 33% of respondents. 27% expect it to be on Manzoni, 18% on Calvino, while 17% predict D’Annunzio. For the remaining 5% a track will come out on another literary great author, like Italo Svevo (100 years after the publication of Zeno’s Conscience), but there are also chances for Primo Levi, Giuseppe Ungaretti and Luigi Pirandello.



Among the students’ other predictions there is a possible track on artificial intelligence. 76% of respondents consider it very likely against 24% who believe it may be unlikely, because it’s too obvious.



Among the different types of tracks that students will find in the first test, the one that is currently receiving the highest rating (39%) is type B: the artistic, literary, historical, philosophical, scientific, technological, economic or social argumentative essay. However, 36% of the graduates are opting for the type C, an essay on a current topic, while analysing the text of poems or prose – type A – has been chosen by 25% of the graduates.


The graduate exam is… also asked the 5,600 students in the survey to describe their feelings about the exam in one word. The most cited ones were: anxiety, stressful, panic, hell, liberating, impossible, complicated…but, fortunately, they also cited…growth, goal, important, exciting, beautiful
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Lots of issues to face for the return to school on 14 september

83.7% of students interviews by the site say they are concerned

What will it be like going back to classes? 83.7% of the students who responded to a, survey say that they are concerned. In fact, of these, 41% think that everything will be more complicated in September while the remaining 42.7% are uncertain what will happen.

The biggest concern is about the health aspect: 45% wonder whether it will be safe to return to school, while a small percentage (8%) is worried that they will not be able to catch up with the syllabus. For  30% of those interviewd by lessons should have started up again before 14 September, in order to recoup what has been lost during the health emergency.

On the side of Italian students for more than 20 years, is preparing to go back to school and accompany kids as they make their return also by responding to their most frequent questions: How will we re-start? How will entrance tests be managed? How will we get to school and how will our habits have to change? Up-to-date editorial coverage will be available on the site, with a back to school specialeverything new in the school calendar, as well as advice and suggestions for the choosing a university, with dedicated formats such as the new orientation podcasts and the Facebook group for the medical school entrance test. There will, of course, also be weekly surveys to have a picture of what students are feeling and their expectations for lessons, plus a new schedule of live social media events “Tg Scuola“.

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All of which has led – for the Mondadori Brand – to a  30% increase in the site’s traffic compared with last year (Source: Google Analytics, average March-April-May), arriving, in the month of April, a month of total lockdown, to 5 million unique users, +34% compared with April 2019 (Source: Total Audience April 2020), and an increase of 50% in views on the YouTube channel compared with the same period of last year.

The new Studenti now online with even more useful study content

Studenti, the web site by Banzai Media (Mondadori Group) market leader in the student segment 4.7 million unique users per month (Audiweb, May 2016), is now online in an innovative version completely dedicated to study support: with improved functionality and a new look, the new Studenti is characterised by  mobile first usability.

The new release was conceived to make it easier to use and easier to find the most useful and relevant content for study topics: the offer has been divided by areas of interest and, in turn, rigorously split into subjects and topics, with special attention to the most frequently searched items.

“The mission of Studenti has always been to help students with their school work and to pass their exams, as well as orient themselves in their post-diploma choices. Thanks to this new release, Studenti strengthens its value proposition, becoming even more useful and focusing on innovative content and services,” declared Andrea Santagata, the Mondadori Group’s deputy general manager of Magazines Italy.

“The world of young people and millennials is a premium target for our advertisers and in the publishing context Studenti is a natural choice for them. With this new release we will also increase users’ participation and involvement; in fact native formats and engagement are among the property’s driving elements in its aim to be mobile first in terms of day to day use,” underlined Davide Mondo, chief executive of Mediamond.

An update and re-invigorated editorial offer

Within each subject, students can identify the most relevant didactic issues. The new organisation of the content also makes it possible to  look at the subjects in different levels of detail: advanced filters and related allow users to highlight a range of important conceptual connections.

In addition to the didactic content of Studenti, traditionally made up of notes, thousands of previously prepared mini-dissertations, a rich selection of video-lessons and a series of interactive modules specifically for the teaching of mathematics for high school students, is a range of new quality content. In fact the editorial content of Studenti has been enhanced with contributions from graduate students and university professors with the aim of providing students with exhaustive and accurate materials: background notes by teachers have been gathered together in structured and indexed files including summaries, glossaries and margin notes, in order to give an even better study experience.

The offer is completed with study guides and a range of interactive tests: those for orientation and matriculation, as well as simulations of multiple choice tests and exams in various subjects.

Thanks to responsive graphics, the new Studenti is easy to use on both a PC or a mobile device, effectively supporting students in a range of different situations. is online at:

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