The Wom Beauty

The first MypersonalExperiencekicks off at the launch of Mypersonalbeauty and The Wom Beauty at Mypersonal space at Yogaessential in the heart of Milan

For the occasion, the partnership between MypersonalTrainer and Spazio Garibaldi 77 / Yogaessential was announced for the MypersonalExperiences, a new live format that allows brand partners to provide an immersive wellness experience in line with the philosophy of the two realities.

Also presented were the new formats and first homes on MypersonalBeauty and The Wom Beauty, which offer new opportunities for brands in the beauty and wellness sectors.

Yesterday evening The Beauty Revolutionwas held: the first  MypersonalExperience at the  Mypersonal space at Yogaessential in the heart of Milan, the exclusive event to celebrate the new beauty offer of Mondadori Media, the leading multimedia publisher in the social and digital area. A dedicated location for brand experience activities with partners; events, workshops, team building, fitness, yoga, wellness and beauty demonstration sessions involving talent.

Less than a month after the launch of MypersonalBeauty, Mondadori Media offers varied and flexible solutions capable of satisfying all business and communication needs in the beauty segment and of accommodating the growing demand for partnerships in the sector also in the field of events, thanks to MypersonalBeauty and The Wom Beauty. Two complementary editorial brands that dialogue with all generations: from the over-35, knowledgeable and high-achieving women of MypersonalBeauty curated by a team of professionals, including Medici, cosmetologists, researchers, wellness coaches and beauticians, to the young under-35s, whom The Wom makes aware, also through the authenticity of the creators of Power Talent Agency, of beauty looks, style inspirations and the latest trends, anticipating trends.


MypersonalBeauty and The Wom Beauty celebrated the beauty world at an exclusive event on 10 April at the newly opened  Mypersonal space at Yogaessential. It was an opportunity to experience an experiential journey dedicated to beauty, thanks to three special master classes involving guests and partners:

  • FACE YOGA: a holistic practice involving facial massage to tone and brighten the skin, dedicating a moment of daily well-being. Teacher: Anna Kostina, bio cosmetologist, Yoga and Face Yoga coach and expert in rejuvenation techniques;
  • MAKE UP LAB: tips from makeup artist and face of Power Talent Agency, Sara Dimastrogiovanni, and The Wom beauty contributor Nicole Spiga on how to best wear matte pencil and lipstick in the iconic MAC Cosmeticsshade Marrakesh;
  • BODY BRUSHING: the best technique for exfoliating the skin and reactivating circulation by means of special handmade brushes. Teacher Davide Guzzoni: naturopath specialising in wellness disciplines, researcher of body brushing.

Also speaking during the evening were Power Talent Agency creatorsCamilla Mangiapelo and Elisabetta Rossi and MypersonalBeauty beauty trainerAngelica Amodei.


MypersonalBeauty: exclusive partnerships for the Hub format

Among the big news is the Hub format, which is available for exclusive long-term partnerships, and which benefits from MypersonalTrainer ‘s search engine leadership and the authority of its content, guaranteed by expert support. It is a hub that will be dedicated to a particular topic from time to time, a comprehensive vertical guide on the subject realised cross-platform. A real informed journey that unfolds on the web, via social activation with posts and video reels, advanced smart search functionality. It may also include Test&Tell operations and product trials, with the subsidies of an interdisciplinary team, including fitness and wellness coaches.

The Wom Beauty: new social format and partnership with Deborah launched

Last night’s event was the occasion for the launch of new branded formats that have been added to the palette offered by The Wom Beauty, including The WOMderful Look with Camilla Mangiapelo who, together with a makeup artist, recreates the latest trendy looks, guiding users with tutorials on how to replicate them and delving into the characteristics of the products used.

Worthy of mention is the partnership with Deborah Milano, for the launch of the new Super Vinyl No Transfer Shake Lipstick, with the aim of increasing customer brand awareness and creating buzz on social media to support its campaign for the launch of the new product. The social activation includes the video Tried for you starring Anna Ianniello, creator of  The Wom Beauty and part of the Power Talent Agencyroster, launched both on her Instagram profile and on TikTok. Among the absolute novelties is the creation of an exclusive Instagram Rebus, an interactive riddle-style card that emphasises in a fun way the peculiarity of the product, namely the need to shake it before use, using the illustrative and visual language typical of GenZ.


The  Mypersonal space at Yogaessential (Spazio Garibaldi 77) is the result of the strengthening of an already existing partnership between the two realities, which opens up to the realisation and offering of MypersonalExperience: a series of dedicated activities that may also include shootings and other experiences with Power Talent Agencytalents.


Mondadori Media is Italy’s leading social and digital publisher, with a distinctive positioning and audience on the publishing market. The Mondadori Group’s social multimedia company caters to the passions of the Italian people through its brands – food, beauty, fashion, health and wellness, science and tech – and reaches more than 27.8 million unique users every month (source: Audiweb Total Digital Audience January 2024) and over 106 million followers (source: Comscore Shareablee + Pinterest and Social Insight February 2024).

The Wom is the all digital, social first media brand dedicated to MillennialZ, a generation who sees uniqueness as a strength and an enriching value for themselves and others. The Wom is the benchmark for the younger generation on TikTok and Instagram, with a total fanbase of 9 million followers (source: Comscore Shareablee and Social Insights February 2024) and 10 million unique users on the Internet (Audiweb Total Digital Audience February 2024). The Wom Beauty: the first vertical channel dedicated to cosmetics for the young generation, under 35, Instagram and TikTok first with 1.2 million followers.

Mypersonaltrainer is Mondadori Media’s leading brand in the world of health, wellness, healthy and functional sports nutrition, with 14 million unique monthly users (source: Audiweb Total Digital Audience January 2024) and over 6 million followers on socials (source: Comscore Shareablee and Social Insights March 2024). Mypersonalbeauty was created as a brand extension of Mypersonaltrainer and, with the experience and authority of the brand and the potential guaranteed by this synergistic combination, it completes its offer in the personal care and beauty sector, which is understood not only as an external objective to be achieved, but as an integral part of physical and mental wellness. Thanks to Mypersonalbeauty, which already boasts over 1.3 million followers on socials (source: Comscore Shareablee and Social Insights February 2024).

YOGAESSENTIAL / Spazio Garibaldi 77 is the multi-experiential place dedicated to wellness and practice, in an elegant and luminous environment, dedicated to welcoming and tranquillity promoting harmony of body and mind. YOGAESSENTIAL is the Italian athleisure brand that offers clothing and accessories inspired by yoga practice. –