The Wom

The Wom conquers the leadership of women magazines with 8 million individual users and over 5 million fans on the social networks

The first event that brought together The Wom’s entire creative team will be held in Milan.

The 100% inclusive brand's offer is enriched with a new vertical channel: The Wom Horoscope

The Wom, Mondadori Media’s 100% inclusive digital media Brand, becomes a leader in the women’s segment with 8 million individual users and over 5 million fans on the social networks just under a year of its launch (source: Audiweb, July 2022).

With a primarily social and 100% inclusive nature, The Wom is present on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and WWB with a main profile and thematic vertical channels. Such transversal offer has led the Mondadori Media brand to become a point of reference for the new generations, thanks to its ability to relate the interests of both the millennial and Z generations.

The brand enhances individual uniqueness through contents by sharing the values, experiences, emotions and sensations of an ever increasing number of people by overcoming stereotypes and taboos.

“We are very happy with these results: The Wom made its way up the web and social rankings and become a point of reference for the new generations of women in just 8 months. For us, The Wom means the pursuit of happiness and our content proposal is refreshed daily, thanks to the constant exchanges of ideas and emotions of all those involved in the project – from the creators and editors, to the very strong community that developed around the brand – and who share our values, beyond all labels,” stated Daniela Cerrato, Mondadori Media’s Mass Market Brand Manager.

The offer is now expanding by adding The Wom Horoscope, full of astrological contents and articles so as to meet the needs of the new generations’ increasingly more evident passion, to The Wom Beauty, The Wom Fashion, The Wom Healthy, The Wom Life and The Wom Travel.

The website contains a special area devoted to daily horoscopes illustrated with The Wom’s unmistakable stylistic code and in-depth insight on the characteristics of each sign.
The Instagram profile provides daily inspirations and curiosities in a fun and ironic key: infographics, memes, astro stories and astro reels related to the zodiac signs, but also fashion, beauty, health and lifestyle forecasts developed together with the creator Luigi Torres Cerciello, insta-astrologist and author just acquired by The Wom. Viral contents are presented in the language of digital natives and are able to reach over 700 thousand followers on Instagram, a fan base mainly consisting of under 35 female users and which further strengthens the brand’s audience in this age group.

Today, The Wom boasts a team of over 60 talented experts, who contribute to the production of 1.000 original contents each month between the website and social networks which reached a total of 16 million video views (source: Shareablee and Instagram reels insights, September 2022).

The Wom’s novelties and milestones were celebrated in the heart of Milan at 21WOL during an exclusive event, “The WoMderful Squad,” which brought together all of the brand’s top creators for the first time, as well as some exponents of The Wom Committee, among which Benedetta De Luca, Gender and Inclusion Editor, Federica Gasbarro, Climate editor, Ariman Scriba, mental health advocate and Victoria Oluboyo, civil rights activist and intersectional feminist.

The special evening focused on the stories of those who strive to ensure the brand’s success each day, such as the creators Paola Torrente, Samuele Bartoletti, Henry Scorner, Abbia Maswi and Hiba Omra. The performance of the emerging artist Marsali animated the evening.


The Wom received excellent feedback, also for the work carried out by Mediamond, the agency that designed the advertising solutions, through a series of special projects in constant development, and thanks to which over 30 customers decided to get involved in the brand’s initiatives within the first 6 months.



Great success for the first special edition of The Wom dedicated to Pride, reaching 10 million people

An editorial marathon celebrating Pride Month with more than 120 content items, 20 creators, short videos, a web capsule and a new rainbow visual

Pride Month has been yet another opportunity for The Wom, Mondadori Media’s new 100% inclusive digital media brand, to confirm its positioning as a point of reference for young millennials and generation Z, who regard uniqueness and freedom of expression as strengths and values that enrich them and others, over and beyond labels.

For more than 1 month The Wom provided its entire community with a rich editorial program of stories and analyses on all 5 of its social channels and on the web: a special marathon with more than 120 content items, which reached over 10 million people (source: Google analytics e social insight, June 2022).

Many video accounts and insights have been shared, enhanced by continuous storytelling on social media and the web that raised awareness about current key issues, thanks in part to contributions from 20 video creators and authors from the LGBTQIA+ universe: they included Sara Fregosi, who told The Wom community about her difficult coming out with her mother, and Samuele Bartoletti, a victim of teenage bullying, who sent a message of freedom and pride in telling his story. The editorial program also included curiosities and analyses shedding light on some of the most keenly debated questions, in part through the Vocal Carousels, a collection of original audio clips in which The Wom asked members of its community about their experiences of Pride.

For each item, The Wom chose the most suitable format and channel: from short reels on TikTok, with stories from the creators and information content, to the Carousels and vertical reels on Instagram devoted to make-up, style pride and fluid fashion; from the web capsule, with a daily agenda on the issues of the LGBTQIA+ community, to  live coverage with IG Stories from Milano Pride, where a video maker and editor interviewed participants to convey the experience in real time on social media. The new special edition format will be used to examine many other issues and events over the rest of the year.

For Pride Month, the brand also launched The Wom Pride, a new rainbow visual, which accompanied the brand storytelling, with The Wom Pride logo appearing on all social channels, the pride rainbow bar on all content, a fixed navigation link on the website, and a fixed space dedicated to the web capsule on the website homepage.

The project confirms The Wom’s mission to promote a culture that affirms free expression of personality: addressing a community of people who care about the values of gender equality, self-acceptance and sustainability, with the typically inclusive content and language of generation Z and the millennials, The Wom is the first Italian media brand to form a Gender & Inclusion Committee.

The Wom audience continues to expand, with 10 million unique users (source: Comscore March 2022), a 4 million fanbase and 35 million video views (source: Shareablee e social insight, May 2022).

The Wom celebrates uniqueness with #TheWomPower

A new branded effect on TikTok and an inclusive Instagram filter, to give a voice to everyone's exceptional normalness

The Wom, the 100% inclusive digital media brand for young millennials and generation Z, is today launching the #TheWomPower campaign to celebrate everyone’s uniqueness and freedom to express their personality.

The project is designed to actively involve the new generations on social media through an innovative and inclusive tool, which encourages creativity and helps people speak frankly and openly about themselves, becoming an inspiration to all the community.

People who do not wish to be boxed into a single definition are being invited by The Wom to share their “superpowers” on social media, i.e. share what makes them exceptionally normal, creating a short video with the new #TheWomPower TikTok effect and the Instagram filter. 

Just use your hands to create the The Wom “W” in front of your smartphone’s camera to activate the effect and be surrounded by the new explosive purple cloud in the brand’s palette, and so transform into one of the WOMderful Heroes with the courage and determination of The Wom. The effect is completed by the original Be WOMderful audio track composed specifically for it.

“After its début last month, the new #TheWomPower campaign is a new piece in the The Wom communication strategy aimed at reaching the young generation as its target, promoting the brand’s values. It is an initiative aimed at making everyone feel perfect in their uniqueness, multiplying the contents and positive models they can see themselves in. Because being normal is an amazing endeavour,” declared Daniela Cerrato, mass market brand manager for Mondadori Media.

The campaign has been developed working with the brand’s Gender and Inclusion editor, focusing also on accessibility for people who have hand motor coordination issues.

“The Instagram filter is completely inclusive: it can be activated your fingers or mouth. It is an important step towards eliminating all types of barriers,” explains Benedetta De Luca, Gender and Inclusion editor for The Wom.

The campaign will be expanded by the The Wom squad and involve over 50 creators. These include body positive creator Giorgy Colella, gamer and cosplayer Antonella Arpa – Himorta, creator and makeup artist Abbia Maswi, curvy influencer Barbara Conte, creator and gamer Gioffy, makeup artist and beauty creator Beatrice Gherardini, fashion stylist and creator Lucia Andreoli, beauty creator and makeup artist Pierangelo Greco and beauty creator Arienne Makeup.

All contents created by users and creators will be included in the #TheWomPower effect page on TikToK and in the The Wom Instagram stories.

The project was developed with the contribution of the TikTok Italia team and the FLU and Cosmic agencies.

To support the launch of #TheWomPower, a domination and amplification campaign was put in place and is currently active on TikTok and Instagram.

The Wom can count on a growing audience: in February, its total fanbase on social media was 3.7 million, with 100,000 more followers compared to January, with 2 million interactions (Source: Sharablee and Insight, February) and a 38% increase in unique users on the web (source: Google Analytics, February vs January).

The initiative confirms the versatility of the project that can be activated on the The Wom platform. Thanks to marketing by Mediamond, the brand’s exclusive dealer, customers can use original formats that strategically combine videos, reels, stories and challenges, curated with The Wom editors, to talk about different product sectors, ranging from beauty to fashion, pharma to travel. In each of these sectors it is possible to activate commercial solutions with different types of offers, with guaranteed reach and possibly involving the most WOMderful creators.


The story of Reha and the other women who fled from Afghanistan

The Wom presents “Storie dall’Afghanistan” (Stories from Afghanistan), written by Afghan women who have found refuge in Italy. The series was produced in cooperation with Cospe, a no-profit association that promote rights and social justice in 25 countries around the world.

The report is a collection of eye-witness accounts of the crisis in Afghanistan. Dramatic, moving stories that could be told by many other women who have fled to Italy from Afghanistan, survivors who have escaped Taliban persecution but are living far away from their families, their loved ones, their rights as women, the free life and better future that should have been theirs.

The first stories posted on The Wom are by Reha Nawin, who escaped from the Taliban and reached Italy in August last year. Born in Kabul 37 years ago, she studied sociology at the capital’s state university. Today she lives in Florence with her husband and two daughters. The story of her life is, in part, the story of all those women who on 26 August did not manage to get into the airport and remained in Afghanistan.

«We had to wait two nights outside the airport before we could get in,» says Reha. «The Taliban would not give us permission to enter. There were so many people who wanted to escape. You saw such desperation in people’s faces, fear of the Taliban and sadness at leaving the country in such dramatic circumstances. Our Italian friends managed to help us and saved our lives».

«Giving a voice to Reha Nawin and the other young Afghan women is one of the ways we have chosen to raise the awareness of our readers, but also of our employees, about the importance of respect for human rights, and women’s rights in particular, and the need to make a tangible commitment to ensuring that diversity and inclusion are truly a constant of our being part of the Mondadori Group,» observes Mondadori Group Chief Diversity Officer Francesca Rigolio

The editorial project “Storie dall’Afghanistan” supports Cospe’s “Emergenza Afghanistan” campaign.

Find out more: The life, escape and hopes of Reha Nawin, an activist who fled from the Taliban

Announcing The Wom: the new digital brand, a social media first, 100% inclusive, addressing millenials and generation Z

The Wom is the first Italian media brand with a Gender & Inclusion Committee, to affirm the uniqueness of every individual

Mondadori Media announces its new all-digital brand The Wom: an innovative social media and web magazine dedicated to young millennials, a generation for whom uniqueness is a strength and a value that goes beyond labels to enhance them and others.

The brand name is an abbreviation of “woman”, with multiple meanings: The Wom powerfully overcomes gender differences (“Woman or Man”), celebrates all women (“Wonder Woman”, “Wonderful Me”), and talks the same language as users (“Word of mouth”).

Through an original editorial offer, The Wom promotes a culture that affirms free personal expression, as reflected in the claim “Be WOMderful, be yourself”: it addresses a community of people sensitive to the values of gender equality, self-acceptance and sustainability, with inclusive content and language typical of generation Z and millennials.

With the launch of this new female brand, designed to respond to the needs and interests of the new generations of women on their preferred channels, Instagram and TikTok, and on the web, Mondadori Media – the Mondadori Group’s social multimedia company, the leading player on social media in Italy with 57.5 million fans – is expanding its editorial offer.

«The Wom talks the same language as young millennials and generation Z. It’s an ambitious project that demonstrates Mondadori Media’s continuous capacity for innovation, rooted in digital expertise and constant attention to new languages and formats, making us a leading multimedia company on the web today and the first social destination in Italy. With The Wom we want to become a go-to for the under-35s on social media, affirming the uniqueness of each individual and providing inspiration in key areas of self-expression such as beauty or fashion,» said Andrea Santagata, general manager of Mondadori Media.

To safeguard its mission, The Wom is the first Italian editorial brand to introduce a Gender and Inclusion Committee. The purpose of the committee, an independent body, is to implement the values agenda of The Wom on the issues of greatest interest to the new generations. Its members will include such distinguished women as Benedetta De Luca, a law graduate and disability model, who, as Gender and Inclusion Editor, will ensure that the brand’s content and philosophy comply with all the principles that inspire The Wom, using appropriate language and sensitivity; Federica Gasbarro, an activist, biologist and green influencer, who, as Climate Editor, will raise the awareness of The Wom followers on climate-change-related topics; Victoria Oluboyo, a civil rights activist and intersectional feminist, and Ariman Scriba, a mental health advocate, who will focus on invisible forms of distress.

The Wom has already achieved extraordinary results: in the few months since the launch of the beta version on social media and the web, it has attracted an overall fanbase of 3.6 million followers, 90% of whom are women, and an audience of 5 million unique users per month, to become the leading brand in the under-35 female segment (source: Shareablee e Insight, January 2022; Google Analytics, January 2022).

The new brand stands out for the presence, on both Instagram and TikTok and online at, of the main The Wom account and other 5 vertical profilesThe Wom Beauty, The Wom Fashion, The Wom Healthy, The Wom Life, The Wom Travel -, with features and inspirations relating to beauty, fashion, wellness, travel, lifestyles, to respond to the interests of this generation.

Another asset of The Wom is the production of short videos portraying the values of this generation, interpreted by a team of more than 50 creators from among the most popular names on Instagram and TikTok. They include gamer and cosplayer Antonella Arpa; creator and beauty influencer Martina Luchena; bionic model Nina Rima; curvy model Paola Torrente; beauty creator Arienne Makeup; body positive creator Giorgy Colella; beauty guru and influencer Damn Tee; creator and make-up artist Abbia Maswi; actress and creator Ludovica di Donato, for an output of more than 140 reels a month.

The Wom has a fluid design and hybrid mix of social media and web functions, such as a social media wall and tap browsing on the site in the style of Instagram stories. The look & feel of the website has been created with moving “e(motion)al” elements, like the browsing ticker and the dynamic content-related palette of pastel colours.

The Wom stylistic identity is instantly recognisable thanks to Melania Gazzaruso, aka Memilus, a visual artist who narrates daily experiences with cartoon-style illustrations, accompanied by value-based phrases with which the community identifies.

The launch of The Wom is supported by a communication campaign designed by CasiraghiGreco&, for b2b publications and DOOH in the main districts of Milan; this will be followed in March by the launch of #TheWomPower, a special challenge on Instagram and TikTok for exceptionally normal “WOMder Women”, which will involve the brand’s top creators.

Marketing has been assigned exclusively to the Mediamond concessionaire, which will provide clients with innovative sponsored social and web formats, as well as unboxing videos, product testing reels and stories with brand editors. The Wom covers a variety of beauty- and fashion-related sectors, and also aims to expand into the pharma and travel areas through collaboration with creators and industry experts.

Ad hoc content, illustrations and social media cards will be completely customisable with the sponsor’s colours, maintaining narrative consistency and guaranteeing the integration of the adv message with the editorial content.