Mondadori Store works together with THUN for a Christmas just for book lovers

For the entire month of December, Mondadori Store will be offering its customers a THUN mug of their choice as a gift with the purchase of 3 books published by the Mondadori Group.

The limited edition mugs are decorated with the most well-known quotes by Julia Quinn, Gustave Flaubert, Francesco Sole and an ancient Arabic proverb.

Mondadori Store, the largest network of bookstores in Italy, and THUN, a leading manufacturer in the ceramic products sector since 1950, present the third edition of its special Christmas initiative that’s just for book lovers. It’s a collaboration that stems from the common ground the two companies have in their founding values, inspired as they are by tradition, respect and sharing.

Following on from the success of previous years, Mondadori Store customers will once again be able to receive a special, priceless gift this year: four new iconic limited edition porcelain Christmas mugs by THUN to share the magic of this time of the year and promote the value of reading.

Mondadori Store renews its partnership with the leading company in Home Decoration and quality gifts. It’s known worldwide for its Angels, the brand’s icon, depicted on mugs decorated with a Christmas theme and quotes from famous figures from the world of literature that many book lovers will keep with them as they enjoy their reading: from international writer Julia Quinn to famous French writer Gustave Flaubert, from the young Italian author Francesco Sole to a popular and ancient Arabic proverb.

From 1 to 31 December 2023 each mug will be available as a gift to everyone  who buys 3 books published by the Mondadori Group publishing houses – Einaudi, Fabbri Editori, Frassinelli, Electa, Piemme, Rizzoli, Sperling & Kupfer – on and in Mondadori Stores taking part in the initiative throughout Italy.

To support the project, an ad campaign was implemented on the web, social media and national radio.

You can find information and rules at this link.


Mondadori Store is the largest network of bookstores in Italy: a cultural network active across the country through more than 500 stores in large cities and small towns alike, and online through the e-commerce website and the bookclub formula. In addition to books, its core business, it organises entertainment, events and multi-channel services, reaching more than 20 million customers every year.

Founded in Bolzano in 1950 as a ceramics workshop, THUN is an international market leader in ceramic products and quality gifts. Each piece is created and designed in Italy, with passionate craftsmanship. Over the years, the range has expanded from ceramics to tableware, from home furnishings to accessories. THUN, known to many for its historical ceramic figures, is now loved by many enthusiasts for its evergreen captivating collections and exclusive creations, true limited editions. Alongside the great classics, such as the famous Angel, there are new icons like teddy bears, pandas and koalas. Not only porcelain, which has been successfully featured for years in the coffee-on-the-go line, but also innovation have been both the main characteristics of the iconic brand products, with the inclusion of new natural and eco-sustainable materials such as glass and wood. They’re excellent interpreters of a more contemporary style and a more functional and modern living proposal.