Summer 2020: Zingarate a snapshot of italian’s choices

6 out of 10 will go on holiday

Short trips and DIY, by car or motorcycle, in a search for nature and relaxation

4 Italian regions are at the top pf the list of preferred destinations in a survey promoted by the travel site

What will holidays be like for Italians post Covid-19? The answers can be found in a survey conducted by the travel site Zingarate in a snapshot of how and where we have decided to spend the coming summer months.

The Mondadori Group’s digital magazine dedicated to “smart travelling” is the leader in the travel sector with a monthly average of 1.6 million unique users (Source: Audiweb) and also has the biggest travel community on social media, with an overall total of 1.5 million followers between Facebook and Instagram.

The Zingarate survey, in which some 1,500 users participated, shows that despite the health emergency, 61% of Italians will certainly take a holiday. Around 30% are optimistic, while 9% will certainly stay at home either for fear of infection of financial difficulties.

While the majority of the sample (64%), will leave only if they can secure good deals, 29% will not have a  budget limit because “the important thing is to get away!”.

Only a few (8%) will make use of the holiday bonus made available by the government: 43% of Italians would like to take advantage of this, but they don’t know what the rules are and the remaining 49% will not be able to use it because they don’t qualify.

Holidays in 2020 will be short (in fact, 47% will not take more than a week) and the destinations will be in Italy: the majority will go to other regions of the peninsula (47%),  6% will stay in their own region, and another 6% will go abroad, while 41%, respecting the rules, say they would go anywhere. The most popular destination this year is Sicily (16%), followed by Puglia (12%), Tuscany (11%) and Sardinia (11%).

But what are holidaymakers looking for in 2020? For over 56% of Italians nature and relaxation are the answers given to Zingarate, while 20% said they would prefer heritage cities and cultural activities. Around 16% are looking for beaches and fun, while 7% want to eat and drink well. For the remaining 1% the holidays will be an opportunity to make new friends.

Finally, organisation. Some 80% of the sample will plan their holidays on their own, but there are also those who will take advantage of online packages (14%) or make use of a travel agent (6%). Hotels are the most popular form of accommodation, chosen by 36% of the sample. This is followed by holiday homes (28%), B&B and hostels (23%), camping and campers (10%), while the remaining 3% of Italians will stay with friends. Most Italians (62%) declared that this year they will use their own vehicle, car or motorcycle, while 32% will go by train and/or plane, 4% will travel with a camper van and 2% claim they will spend their holiday on a bicycle.

Zingarate rediscovers Italy and Europe with alternative itineraries to the traditional tourist routes, small towns, castles and fortified villages, with hiking, trekking and cycling routes, as well as low cost weekend suggestions. Special care has always been given to engaging, original, high-quality videos featuring some of the most beautiful places in the country and to Europe’s great capitals. The summer special provides all the rule for going to the beach and the seaside post Covid-19.