Tu Style

The Mondadori Group revamps its women’s system and launches new versions of Donna Moderna and Tu Style

Strong brand identity, outstanding editorial quality and a multi-channel approach are the strong points of the Group’s leadership in the segment

From this week onwards Donna Moderna, the weekly of reference for women in Italy, and Tu Style, the personal shopper that offers readers advice, will both appear in completely renewed versions.

Two operations with which the Mondadori Group innovates its offer in the women’s segment, an area in which it maintains the leadership with more than 50% of the market of reference in terms of circulation, thanks to brands that are characterised by a highly distinctive identity, multi-channel development and the very highest editorial quality.

“Women’s titles have always been one of the strengths of our portfolio and it is the job of a publisher that is leader in both magazines and digital like Mondadori to constantly follow the development of interests and consumption habits of readers in order to continuously evolve,” declared Carlo Mandelli, the Mondadori Group’s general manager of Magazines Italy area.

“Following the celebrations for the 80th Anniversary of Grazia that underscored the successful formula of the only 100% Italian fashion magazine published around the world, we have now turned our attention, within a market scenario characterised by great vitality in the women’s segment, to the new formula of Donna Moderna and to the new identity of Tu Style. The two brands together represent by far the biggest women’s platform in Italy, with a reach of 15,6 million unique contacts both press and digital”, Mandelli concluded.

“In an evolving market it is indispensable to continuously renew the product. On this occasion we are dealing with two love brands that are also outstanding multi-channel platforms,” declared Davide Mondo, chief executive of the advertising sales company Mediamond. “Donna Moderna and Tu Style continue to express great vivaciousness among weekly titles with an annual circulation of almost 15 million copies and more than 5,000 advertising pages, with a 36% share of the advertising market in the women’s news segment. The market chooses us because of our ability to engage and interact with the woman target, as is demonstrated by the 210 cross-media projects completed since the beginning of the year and by the new Audiweb 2.0 system of metrics, which gives the titles almost 13 million users for the month of July,” Mondo concluded.

As regards the advertising sales, digital is increasingly important and now accounts for more than 30% of the total advertising revenues of Donna Moderna and Tu Style, with some 900 clients on the multi-channel platforms of the two brands during last year.

From today onwards, Donna Moderna and Tu Style, under the editorship of Annalisa Monfreda, will address the public with a completely new approach that will cut across the entire ecosystem linked to them, ranging from print to digital and social media communication.

Donna Moderna, thanks to its wealth of content, has always been a magazine to read from cover to cover. And we are giving a more relaxed form to this reading experience with a design that invites readers to dig deeper and offers some respite from the noise that surrounds us,” the editor Annalisa Monfreda declared.

“With Tu Style on the other hand, we have built a magazine that hasn’t existed until now, dynamic and renewed, and aimed at all those women who express themselves though their look and are always searching for practical inspiration. The new Tu Style will stand out as a highlighter providing valuable lessons in style,” the editor Annalisa Monfreda concluded.

Donna Moderna

The new Donna Moderna is taking on an increasingly elegant identity, while continuing to be immediately readable. With the arrival of fashion director Paola Salvatore, fashion and beauty will have more space, with more extensive features that enhance the images. From today onwards the magazine will alternate a mix of tones and will give more space to the contributors of specific columns: Chiara Gamberale, Geppi Cucciari, the “cynical beautician” Cristina Fogazzi, Michela Murgia.

Also the digital world of Donna Moderna is debuting with a graphic and content total renewal: a new elegant and sophisticated look, with a balanced use of white space and targeted colours that make the opening of the website more appealing in the widescreen format.

Also in this case, the concept is focused clearly on beauty and fashion, with more aspirational contents also for women on the move, who have little time and are looking for the most up-to-date trends, along with even more advice on fashion and beauty related issues.

The occasion will be marked with the launch of  new format short videos “Right/Wrong”, the dos and don’t’s of everyday make-up, and “Beauty Shades”, all of the shades required to enhance all types of skin to complete a 360° beauty and fashion experience on mobile web and social media. Plus, the “DM quote”, funny and inspiring quotes and memes, adapted for social channels.

The re-launch of Donna Moderna is being supported by an important communication campaign developed by Hunbranded on TV, radio, the web and social media, Mondadori Group magazines, and newspapers.

Tu Style

The new Tu Style, with an estimated reach of over 820.000 unique users, proposes to its target audience cool, fresh, intelligent fashion, while always paying special attention to prices. Fashion is the focus that distinguishes the magazine, but with particular attention to trends, styles, lifestyles with the single common denominator of a “shopping attitude”.

In Tu Style  – whose editorial consultant is Simona Barbieri – the change in image is clear from the cover: a fluorescent frame, more evident headlines. The magazine’s three sections – Up to date, Stylish and Social – will each have a dedicated cover to enhance even more the content of each individual part of the magazine. Up to date features all of the news that a reader who wants to be up to speed and informed could desire. The Stylish section is for women who are fashion enthusiasts, women looking for fashion tips and suggestions. While the last part of the magazine, Social, is dedicated to readers who love social life and want to be always connected, so this section brings together all the news about lifestyles and events.

The social media strategy of the new Tu Style will focus on the use of Instagram for the opportunity it provides to transmit in the ideal way – through posts and stories, with fashion and lifestyle topics – the brand’s editorial projects which from today onwards will offer a “shop window of trends”.

In support of the re-launch an engagement initiative have also been developed  foreseeing the involvement of 12 fashion influencers aligned with the values of the magazines for which they will become ambassadors. Working alongside them will be four content creators who every month will share and talk about the world of Tu Style to the brand’s combined community of around 1 million of followers.

The campaign for the re-launch of Tu Style has been developed by WM Content on radio and social channels, as well as Mondadori Group magazines.