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Sanremo 2020 with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni

On newsstands, on and social media special content and exclusive initiatives for readers

Also this year, Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, Italy’s biggest-selling and most widely-read magazine, will be the unmissable point of reference for fans of the Festival della Canzone Italiana.
The Mondadori Group brand, leader in the entertainment segment with an overall  audience of 4.8 million users per month (Source: Nielsen Media impact Data Fusion, July 2019), will be on the front line to follow all aspects of the 70th edition of the song festival, with special content and background coverage in the magazine, on the web site and on social media.

Starting with the issue on sale at newsstands from today, a preview of the lyrics of the songs, interviews with the artists and an exclusive cover with the complete group of singers along with the presenter and artistic director Amadeus. This will be the first of three special issues dedicated to the Festival culminating on Monday 10 February with a behind-the-scenes look at the whole week and the first cover with the winner photographed exclusively immediately after the announcement on the night.
And not to be missed, a compilation Sanremo Best, with the best songs from the Festival on three double CDs  to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the most important Italian song festival with a selection of songs that have touched the hearts of millions of fans and made entire generation sing, on newsstands from 4 February.

For the duration of the Festival, the editorial team of Sorrisi will move to Sanremo with journalists, an ad hoc photographic studio and a guest lounge with a recording studio attached. In line with tradition, the main streets of the city will be decorated with posters and life-sized cut-outs of the artists and the presenter photographed by Sorrisi very popular with the public for photos and selfies.

Every day, the latest news, ratings, backstage coverage and detailed accounts of the evenings, with the best photos available on Sorrisi.comsupported by significant social media coverage.

During the evenings of the Festival, the Instagram and Facebook profiles of Sorrisi will be authentic second-screens for viewers, with content to follow the competition: from the song lyrics, to quotes and curiosities about the singers and guests, to new graphic cards for sharing comments, quizzes and surveys on IG Stories. And available for the first time new animated GIF-cards for IG with the most popular personalities, such as Elettra Lamborghini, Alberto Urso and many more.

And there will of course also be the real-time surprises of a typical day at the Festival. And also this year there will be extensive live social media coverage of meetings and encounters with the artists in the Sorrisi press room: starting in the morning with breakfast with the editor, Aldo Vitali, and a singer from the competition, until late at night, also with surprise incursions after the performances on the stage of the Ariston theatre.

The editor Aldo Vitali will also appear on a daily live slot at 10.15 on Radio Subasio.

And, finally, with the “Vinci Sanremo” competition, Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni will host 10 readers who will be able to experience the festival along with the editorial team and enjoy the show from the front row of the Ariston theatre.

For the editorial team of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni make up and hair styling will be managed by Celebrity Stylist Events.

Chi and Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni present the Ludovica Pagani calendar

On newsstands from 27 November 12 new and exclusive shots of the web influencer with over 2 million followers

Sensual, ironic, and incredibly popular on social media: Ludovica Pagani, a star with over 2 million followers on Instagram, is the protagonist of the 2020 calendar that will hit newsstands with the magazines Chi and Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni.

Available from Wednesday 27 November, 12 new and exclusive shots inspired by a range of musical genres, from rap to disco, rock to country, and grunge to the blues, will surprise readers and fans of this young and talented web influencer, TV face and radio voice who is gaining a bigger and bigger audience.

The choice of a musical theme is not coincidental: in fact, music embraces the audience that follows Ludovica and the enthusiastic readers of the two magazines of the Mondadori Group; as a feature of TV Sorrisi e Canzoni and a topic widely appreciated and extensively covered by the magazine Chi.

“Work on this calendar was both intense and gratifying, and I will remember forever working in a team in perfect harmony,” declared Ludovica Pagani.  Each photo is inspired by a different musical genre: so we tried to cover the history of music. I am happy and proud of the result, and I hope that it will transmit the same emotions that only music can sometimes give,” she concluded.

Since 2016 Ludovica has presented a web series, a sports programme, taken part as a correspondent in ‘Quelli che il calcio’, written her first book ‘Semplicemente Ludovica’ published by Mondadori Electa, been in the cast of two Rai TV drama series, and a new TV series “Involontaria” out on MTV at the beginning of December,  as well as being a radio presenter on RDS NEXT.

The creative idea and photographic production has been entirely conducted by the Mondadori Portfolio team, the Mondadori Group’s photo agency, which for this occasion selected Cosimo Buccolieri.

Partner of the event, and of the entire project, is the hair-beauty brand COTRIL which for Ludovica developed a series of iconic looks, recreated ad hoc for her, able to enhance her natural beauty and charisma. COTRIL has always paid great attention to its social communication, which was why it began to work with Ludovica during the last International Film Festival in Venice and will continue for the whole of 2020 with a series of new and ambitious projects.

For fans who want to meet Ludovica and have their calendar autographed, the appointment is for 4 December , from 7 pm at the Terrazza Aperol in Milan (Piazza Duomo, 25): a unique opportunity to meet Ludovica and enjoy a delicious aperitif with a view of the Duomo from the most beautiful terrace in Milan.

The 2020 Ludovica Pagani calendar is on sale at €9.99, excluding the price of the two magazines, and will remain on newsstands for over a month from 27 November.



ON, the new Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni guide to streaming tv on newsstands a special issue dedicated to the series of the summer

The new issues features news, curiosities and profiles of TV series, films, documentaries, shows and much more

On, the first guide for streaming TV, developed from the experience of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, will be on newsstands from 25 June with a new issue, an authentic “summer special”, with a range of useful suggestions to spend the holidays with the best of “non-linear” television.

On confirms its cross-over vocation by aiming at both the young and digital world of binge-watchers, as well as those coming to streaming for the first time. The immediate and ordered information, along with a range of useful advice make it easy to discover new series and films quickly and intuitively, thanks to the clear and complete presentation of the offers of the various platforms.

“Many readers have been asking us when they could expect to find the  new issue of On, the only magazine in the world that deals exclusively with streaming in all its forms, and we are delighted to finally be able to present it,” explained Aldo Vitali, editor of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni. “This issue is even richer than the first. It has been conceived for the summer, because while generalist TV goes a little into hibernation, it is high season for online TV with lots of new content coming soon. But the aim of On remains the same: to provide information about all the catalogues, give accurate and amusing  coverage on what’s new and, above all, save readers time in choosing what to watch.”

The opening pages are dedicated to “News” with previews and curiosities about  upcoming series, films and shows. Plus, in this issue, a special feature on the 13 most frightening series of all time and an exclusive playlist with the favourite TV series of Nicola Savino. Background articles and profiles lead up to the guide divided by platform – from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, to Infinity, Now Tv, Tim Vision and Dazn, as well as the free-to-air offerings of Rai Play and Mediaset Play.

On offers more than 300 suggestions and profiles of catalogue titles and the most anticipated new series, including  the third seasons of Stranger Things, La Casa di Carta and The Handmaid’s Tale and the second season of Big Little Lies. The magazine concludes with a “Guide to services”, which outlines the costs and conditions of subscriptions and a “Tool Guide”, which explains, in simple terms, the best devices to use for access to streaming services.

On is on sale with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni this week of €1 more, and will them be available from newsstands on its own for the whole of July at the price of €2.50.

In support of the launch a communication campaign has been developed by Hunbranded and planned on TV, press, radio, web, social and point of sale.


Great success for Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni at Sanremo 2019

More than double the audience on compared with 2018, with over 2 million sessions during the week of the Festival

Launched on 3 February with live social coverage of the party organised by Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni and Grazia at the Hotel Royal in Sanremo, which involved the competing artists and many celebrities, the week of the 69th edition of the Festival ended with great success for Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni.

Thanks to the initiatives and special content dedicated to the event, the Mondadori Group brand confirmed its leadership position in the world of entertainment, with a record of audience and engagement on the site and on social networks. The traditional presence of Sorrisi at Sanremo, which involves the transfer to the Ligurian coastal town of the magazine’s newsroom, this year transformed the area designated as its headquarters into an authentic lounge with an annexed recording studio, reinforcing the digital coverage during the entire Festival: over 500 items on all the platforms, with 140 videos, 35 live social events and 230 live stories on Instagram.

The site, in addition to the advance traditional publication of the lyrics of the songs and the official videos of the acts in competition, progressively collected the reactions and comments, as well as the week’s most significant and moving photos and videos. On the debut evening of 5 February at the Ariston theatre alone, saw a 125% increase in the number of sessions compared with 2018, whereas, across the whole week the site recorded more than 2 million sessions (Source: Google Analytics), an increase of 136% compared with the previous year.

The numbers were excellent also on social networks which in the period from 4 to 10 February reached 2.8 million people, +59% compared with 2018, with a peak increase in engagement on Instagram, that was up +61% on last year. The live morning breakfasts on Facebook with the editor Aldo Vitali along with artists in competition such as Anna Tatangelo, Irama, Francesco Renga, Achille Lauro and Il Volo, were followed by a total of over one and a half million people. Exclusive content included, the daily video-diaries from the Festival of Il Volo and Federica Carta & Shade.

Over the course of the week all of the artists and guests of the Festival passed by the Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni lounge, giving live interviews on social media, like the exclusives with Eros Ramazzotti and Luis Fonsi, and in some cases enjoying themselves with an Instagram Takeover of the Sorrisi account in order to talk directly with users. And there were also surprises, such as Cristina d’Avena who sang some of the legendary theme tunes to cartoons along with the entire editorial team. Sorrisi also put together a number of immediate reactions and declaration by the artists on their performance: as well as the traditional presentation of the winner Mahmood after the final on Saturday, the extraordinary improvisation made by Loredana Bertè after her performance at the Ariston, which to the editorial team by surprise with an interview that became a live Facebook event which drew some 200,000 views.

Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni: The Telegatti are back. And soon the book about the prize

The award ceremony will take place in Milan in mid October

"Il Telegatto. Storia del premio più amato dalle star" published by Sorrisi is available in bookshops from this week

The Telegatti are back. The award ceremony will take place in Milan in mid October. Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, the Mondadori Group magazine that is a point of reference for the world of entertainment, made the announcement today during the presentation of a book, published by Sorrisi, entitled Il Telegatto. Storia del premio più amato dalle star (Telegatto, the prize most loved by stars), that took place as part of Tempo di Libri, the international book fair in Milan.

The presentation, which featured Michelle Hunziker, Pippo Baudo and Gerry Scotti, along with Rosanna Mani, editor of the book, and Aldo Vitali, the editor of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, was the occasion to share with the public anecdotes and curiosities form the past of a prize that has been much sought after by the stars of television.

“We are delighted and very excited to be bringing the Telegatti back after ten years,” declared Aldo Vitali, the editor of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni. “Our readers wanted it, the stars wanted it and so we can finally reveal that the much-loved event will be back this autumn in Milan with a host of big names. Many things in TV have changed in the last ten years, in our habits and in the audience, which is now much expanded thanks to the web and social media. Naturally, the 25th edition of the Telegatti will also take account of this. Over the coming months we will reveal more details about the prize and we invite all our fans to follow us in the forthcoming preparations.”

First launched in 1971, the Telegatti have been an essential part of the history of Italian entertainment. It main characteristic has always been that it is a prize awarded by a public jury, made up of readers of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, Italy’s most widely-read weekly. And it is precisely this uniqueness that distinguishes the Telegatti from all of the other prizes, that are awarded by professionals and experts, and which have made it one of the most sought after prizes by artists from television, music and the cinema.

But while we excitedly await the award ceremony of the Telegatti, Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni has published a book entitled Il Telegatto. Storia del premio più amato delle star, edited by Rosanna Mani. A book of 280 pages full of photographs featuring the most popular personalities and many of the most significant moments in the history of entertainment. From the multi-award winning Mike Bongiorno, Pippo Baudo and Corrado, to the unforgettable Michael Jackson and Luciano Pavarotti and former President of the Italian Republic such as Sandro Pertini. From Hollywood stars of the calibre of Paul Newman, Robert De Niro and Sean Connery, as well as national idols like Fiorello and Vasco Rossi, Laura Pausini and Raffaella Carrà, Gerry Scotti, Roberto Baggio and Valentino Rossi, all of whom proudly have one of the prestigious Italian Made in Italy statues in their home.

The book has been edited by Rosanna Mani, who has been with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni since 1968 and was the weekly’s co-editor for twenty-five years, as well as being the real prime mover behind the Telegatti and the producer of the shows  La notte dei Telegatti and Vota la Voce. The introduction is by Antonio Dipollina and the book is written by Daniele Soragni.

Il Telegatto. Storia del premio più amato dalle star is available in bookshops from this week at the price of € 29.

For the Telegatti 2018 Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni will work with the Armando Testa agency, that will run the communications campaign and crossmedia operations, and Radio 105, the official radio station for the event. The charity partner for the event is Lega del Filo d’Oro, the association that provides assistance and rehabilitation to people with sensory impairments.

Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni launches its new digital Tv Guide

A compass to easily find your way through a continuously evolving television landscape

Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, the Mondadori Group brand, leader in the entertainment segment, with an overall average audience of 5.2 million readers and users (source: Audipress 2017/I + Audiweb TDA Average March-May 2017), presents its new digital Guida Tv, at

Always one of the most interesting content features for the title’s audience, the brand’s new Guida Tv reinforces and expands the offer of information about TV programmes with a practical, useful and complete  online tool to help users find what they want to see in a continuously evolving television landscape.

Sorrisi’s new Guida Tv provides a constantly updated list of 130 channels, with more than 100,000 programme profiles with an innovative design. The new home page shows the programmes divided by category, making it easier and more immediate to use, also thanks to time slot search keys (“today”, “now”, “this afternoon”, “this evening”, “tomorrow”) and the close-up  remote control functionality to select quickly and easily an individual channel or different platforms – free, premium and Sky – making it easy for users to navigate, also from a mobile device.

Also the concept of the Guida Tv is new, thanks to a clear division of categories and genres, offering users suggestions and connections between different content, for example tv series, classified as comedy or drama, kids programmes, sitcoms, history, fantasy, police procedurals, and thrillers. In addition to scheduling details, the new Guida Tv also provides information about plots, casts, video clips and links to sites and social networks.

Based on an integrated system that brings together the magazine, web site and social media, users will also find recommendations by the editorial team of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni identified by the label “Must see”, a guarantee of quality. The content of Guida Tv is further enhanced by related articles on the web site and, in conjunction with prime time talent shows, with live background details on the site and of Sorrisi’s Facebook page.

Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni Enigmistica: the first quiz and games weekly from Sorrisi

A million copies of the first issue, an exceptional free gift with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, Telepiù e Guida Tv

This week sees the launch of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni Enigmistica, the first quiz and games weekly from Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, edited by Aldo Vitali.

The new magazine, which is aimed at all crossword, quiz and games enthusiasts, carried the Sorrisi logo, a brand that is a point of reference in the world of entertainment, and market leader with a readership of 2,372,169 (source: Audipress 2017/I) and a circulation of 559,310 copies (source: Ads April 2017).

The first issue will be on newsstands from Tuesday 4 July, exceptionally a s free gift for readers of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, Telepiù e Guida Tv, with a total print run of 1 million copies.

The second issue will go on sale, as a stand-alone product, on Tuesday 11 July, with a special launch cover price of €0.50 cents.

“For ages readers have been asking for a magazine featuring crosswords, quizzes and puzzles. This is why we have put together a new weekly that in addition to all of these also retains its link with Sorrisi and the world of entertainment, which is a feature of some of the new games. And with the arrival of the holidays we wanted to offer a gift to all our readers, because there’s nothing better than exercising the mind for relaxing and improving the memory,”  declared the editor of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni Enigmistica, Aldo Vitali.

With a total of 48 pages in full colour, and a format of 19×23.5 centimetres, which is practical both for the home and outdoors, the magazine will every week feature 100 games: ranging classics such as general-knowledge crosswords, quizzes, sudoku, word-frames, enigmas, and humorous cartoons, as well as new games based on television, music, the cinema: “Telequiz”, “Le canzonissime” and “Ciak si gira”.

A special communication campaign has bee organised for the launch using TV, newspapers, weeklies, radio, the web, point of sale posters and visibility at leading large-scale retail outlets.

The creativity, based on the claim “Il Big Bang dell’Enigmistica, la nuova origine del divertimento intelligente”, was developed by the agency White Label.

Editorial development by Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni Enigmistica and managed by PRS Editore.

Radio Festival for Europe

A temporary web radio by Radio 105 and Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni dedicated to the Eurovision Song Contest

Online at, and fans will find a temporary web radio dedicate to the Eurovision Song Contest, the great European musical event that this year will take place from 9 to 13 May in Kiev in Ukraine.

Representing Italy, as per the rules, will be the winner of the Sanremo Festival: the Tuscan singer-songwriter Francesco Gabbani who will bring to the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest his now celebrated song, “Occidentali’s Karma”.

To support Francesco Gabbani, Radio 105, in collaboration with TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, has created Radio Festival for Europe, a web radio entirely devoted to the European Festival which will feature a non-stop rotation of all of the songs in the 2017 competition, as well as some of the biggest success from past editions, including the Italian songs that have represented the country since 1956. Songs including, Gigliola Cinquetti’s “Non ho l’età” and Toto Cutugno’s “Insieme: 1992”, both of which won the prestigious prize in 1964 and 1990, respectively. And then also Gianni Morandi’s “Occhi di ragazza” (1970), Umberto Tozzi and Raf singing “Gente di mare” (1987) and the more recent efforts of Marco Mengoni, Emma, Il Volo and Francesca Michielin.

The schedule will be further enhanced by interviews with the artists, alternating with a collection of anecdotes, curiosities and news about the contest.

Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni: increased audience for the brand on both newsstands and digital brand

Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, the Mondadori Group brand that is a reference point in the world of entertainment, continues its positive performance thanks to a unique offer and initiatives that accompany readers and users every day.

On newsstands, where the magazine is the leading weekly with a readership of 2.6 million (source: Audipress 2016/III) and a circulation of 531,999 copies (source: Ads, December 2016), sales of the three issues dedicated to the Sanermo Festival – with the much anticipated covers featuring the singers, presenters and winners – were up by +15% compared with January. Also the official compilation “Sanremo 2017”, on newsstands with Sorrisi, saw a rise of more than 20% in sales compared with last year.

And there are excellent results for Sorrisi online, too. Having more than doubled the number of unique users compared with last year, reaching, in the Sanremo Festival period from 1 to 15 February, more than 2.5 million unique browsers (source: censuaria), two weeks after the Festival the title continues to see its numbers growing. Thanks to a quality editorial offer, combined with an increasingly effective user experience following the optimisation of the mobile format AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), the site has recorded a constantly growing trend that has seen visits to rise by +40% (source: censuaria).

In particular, Sunday 12 February saw a record number of over 550,000 unique browsers per day, with more than 1 million page views (source: censuaria). The special dedicated to the Festival on the site brought together a range of content,  such as the video-diaries of the singers, interviews, photos, live video, news and curiosities from behind the scenes. Among the most popular were the features on the looks of guests, presenters and singers, as well as the lyrics to the songs, especially Occidentali’s karma by the winner Francesco Gabbani. The video-tutorial of the champion’s dance at Sanremo, produced together with the editorial staff of Sorrisi, became an authentic viral phenomenon, generating over 300,000 views on the site and on social media.

Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni at Sanremo 2017

Exclusive daily video diaries by Gigi d’Alessio and Clementino

The Festival’s official compilation on newsstands from 10 February

Once again this year Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni confirms its role as the point of reference for all fans of the Festival della Canzone italiana with a unique offer of exclusive content and initiatives to accompany the magazine’s readers during the most eagerly anticipated musical and television event of the year.

After having celebrated with the artists the beginning of the latest edition of the Sanremo Festival competition at the exclusive party “Stasera tutti a casa” – held at the Casa Sanremo with Radio 105 and Radio Monte Carlo – Sorrisi will be live from the Ariston Theatre until 11 February with a video station, to cover all of the excitement of the Festival from a privileged outlook.

There will be a daily appointment with the protagonists on as well as on the social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with live video, interviews, photos, news and the scenes curiosities. This year it will be the competing champions Gigi D’Alessio and Clementino who will present exclusively for Sorrisi their video-diaries, online every day along with daily snapshots from Oblivion and Michele Bravi.

Also the pages of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni will highlight features and special content in the three issues dedicated to the Festival in the weeks before, during and after the competition, with all of the words to the songs and three exciting covers featuring the singers, the presenters and the winner.

Sorrisi will also bring to newsstands the Festival’s official compilation: a double CD with 40 tracks with unreleased songs by the big names, all of the new songs, as well as the best covers by the champions from the evening of Thursday 9 February and the bonus track Tutta la vita questa vita by La Rua. “Sanremo 2017” will be on newsstands on 10 February with TV Sorrisi e Canzoni at a cost of €14.90, excluding the price of the magazine.

Finally, Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni has given 10 luck readers the opportunity to experience the Festival live with the “Vinci Sanremo” competition. As well as renewing its close association with the city of Sanremo which, like every year, will host the traditional posters and life-sized cut-outs of the presenters and artists in competition, along the main streets of the city, photographed exclusively by Sorrisi, and an authentic symbol of the festival week.