Venice Film Festival

To coincide with the Venice Film Festival, a special issue of Grazia entitled “Io sono il cinema”

This extraordinary issue of the magazine is developed on the brand’s website and social media channels to celebrate the rebirth of the cinema features Grazia Gazette, a section dedicated to the Venice Film Festival with stories about all the protagonists, the looks and the events surrounding this edition of the festival

To coincide with the Venice Film Festival, Grazia, the leading 100% Italian fashion brand, with 21 editions around the world, presents “Io sono il Cinema” (I am cinema).

A special issue of the magazine edited by Silvia Grilli dedicated to the rebirth of the world of cinema: from the stories of the most popular actresses and actors al who talk about their burning passion for the set to the mythical red carpet and the most glamorous fashion.

“Today Oggi Grazia is out with an extraordinary issue dedicated to a vibrant passion for the cinema. The 16 personalities involved in the putting together of this issue talk about their love for the set and how it has given an added dimension to their lives. All of them also remind us that art is freedom. Among the 16 is Sahraa Karimi, the only Afghan woman with a degree in film-making. In her piece she talks about how the Taliban, with their medieval cruelty and cultural vandalism, are against art, against the cinema and against women. Indeed, they consider educated and independent people like Sahraa a threat. I hope that in these pages you can identify with the passion that animates the protagonists of the issue. Let’s all appreciate the infinite value of freedom. I invite you all to become a threat” declared the editor Silvia Grilli.

Accompanying the readers and followers of Grazia through the pages of this issue is the actress Serena Rossi, the ‘godmother’ of this year’s Venice Festival and featured by Grazia on the cover.

Among the many personalities who have contributed to the pages of this special issue are: Stefano Accorsi, Cristiana Capotondi, Luca Zingaretti, Claudia Gerini, Valeria Solarino, Sergio Rubini, Claudio Santamaria and Gianmarco Tognazzi. As well as the directors Gabriele Salvatores and Elisa Amoruso and international stars Ester Acebo and Thimothée Chalamet. 16 protagonists that will allow readers and users to discover the relationship that each of them has with the cinema. Plus, the issue also includes testimonies by previous ‘godfathers’ and ‘godmothers’ of the festival, from Vittoria Puccini to Alessandro Borghi.

There is also extensive coverage of fashion and beauty, with a focus on diva styles as well as columns on jewellery, the look of various celebrities, and, of course, the red carpet clothes and make-up. Enriching the issue even more is a feature on the style of the stars, with all the looks of the actresses arriving on the Venetian lagoon.

This storytelling about the world of cinema and the Venice Film Festival is developed from the magazine on to the website, as well as the brand’s social media channels, where the content of the issue is expanded and enhanced.

And, new with this issue, the launch of a special Venice edition of Grazia Gazette, a dedicated section on to keep up with everything that’s happening during the Venice Film Festival. From fashion, with the most exclusive looks, from the red carpet and special events, to beauty, with looks, trends and hairstyles. There is also an unmissable column on people, with curiosities, tips & tricks about the Festival’s locations and events, and the Grazia film club, a closer daily discussion of the films selected by our cinema expert @julietvampire.
A special on the site that Grazia readers can access directly, using the QR code on the cover of the issue of on the homepage of

An extensive daily selection of live coverage and news from Venice will also animate the Instagram profile of @Grazia_it where, each day, the protagonists of the Festival will talk to our correspondents with the hashtags: #iosonoilcinema, #graziawalkstheredcarpet.

An exhaustive range of content that confirms the capacity of Grazia to engage the brand’s 3.7 million readers and users (Source: Nielsen Media Impact Data Fusion, March 2021) with a circular, complete and multichannel offer.

The initiative has two main partners: Lexus, confirming its presence with Grazia at the Venice Film Festival for the second year, and Xiaomi that will be present with its smartphones to immortalise the looks of Venice in real time.
On the advertising front, there has been double-digit growth across the entire Grazia system compared with 2020.