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Mondadori is one of the most attractive companies in Italy


The Mondadori Group is the workplace that most appeals to students studying for and young professionals with degrees in the humanities. The finding emerges from the Most Attractive Employers survey conducted by Universum in a number of countries including Italy.

Every year Universum runs two different surveys to find out which companies figure in the dreams of young Italians: one among university students and one among career professionals who have begun working in the last 5 years. In 2021 the surveys involved more than 46,000 students from 48 universities and over 15,000 young professionals working in 35 different fields.

Each respondent was asked to say which companies currently active in Italy they would like to work for, giving the reasons for their choice. The result reflects the career aspirations of young Italians and their opinions about employers.

The Mondadori Group ranks as the employer that students and junior employees with an education in the humanities would most like to work for. It is the company considered most attractive in the category “Humanities studies” (Humanities, Liberal arts and Education) in both surveys, ahead of other important Italian and also international organisations active in publishing and communication.

Mondadori’s appeal stems from a number of factors, in primis the creativity of publishing together with the drive for innovation and the prestige of publishing houses and their brands. Universum’s findings also acknowledge the Mondadori Group’s commitment to caring for its people, the company’s most valuable asset, their stories, know-how and passion for their work. 

Thanks to the projects of the Human Resources department and the new Diversity & Inclusion function, Mondadori continues to invest in its talents, putting young people at the heart of its processes and activities. The aim is to enhance their strategic role and create an inclusive professional environment that embraces innovation. And so continue to be one of the Most Attractive Employers.