World Environment Day

Donna Moderna in support of World Environment Day

On newsstands with the magazine a bracelet in defence of marine turtles

Donna Moderna celebrates this year’s World Environment Day with the “Free the turtles” initiative. This week, the magazine’s readers can buy with the title a bracelet with a pendant in the form of a turtle, hand-made using recycled material, in a range of colours, at the price of €3.90 (excluding the cost of the magazine). Part of the proceeds will be used to finance the development of four Marine Turtle Recovery Centres run by the CTS (Centro turistico studentesco e giovanile) in Sicily, Calabria and Sardinia to protect the species.

On the occasion of the World Environment Day, a marine turtle named Rughetta by children who took part in the “Io salvo la tartaruga”” (I save turtles) campaign promoted by Donna Moderna, has been released into the sea. The campaign is run in cooperation with Earth Day Italia, an organisation that works to promote environmental training and awareness. Rughetta was found injured on a beach on the Tyrrhenian coast and thanks to the care of the operators of the CTS Marine Turtle Recovery Centre at Brancaleone it has been put back into the sea in the presence of the children who participated in the initiative.