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GialloZafferano grows under the banner of innovation: Lulù Gargari and Sebastian Fitarau named Resident Chef Creator

GialloZafferano invests in skill and talent to meet the interests of its audience more and more: 20 million people in Italy and almost 70 million followers worldwide.

GialloZafferano, Italy’s leading food media brand, announces the addition of two new resident chef creators to its team: Lulù Gargari and Sebastian Fitarau, true culinary talents who, with their appetite for innovation and creativity in recipes – together with their solid knowledge of culinary techniques, ingredients and raw materials – will enrich the experience of all food lovers.

Empowered by their new roles, the two chefs will have the opportunity to further develop their expertise and put it at the service of the GialloZafferano community. Their creations will be inspired by the most successful content, offering new recipes and menus to spark the imagination of the many cooking enthusiasts and stimulate their creativity.

Lulù and Sebastian, young chefs who graduated from Alma – the prestigious School of International Cuisine based in Colorno (PR) and founded by Gualtiero Marchesi – reflect the values of Italian cuisine, like the love for quality raw materials and respect for traditions, which they are able to transmit effectively through content on social media.

Lulù Gargari offers her fanbase of 400,000 followers inclusive and healthy cooking: fit, tasty and affordable recipes. The young chef’s technique meets creativity, with the aim of instilling a love for food and the very act of cooking, without losing sight of the person’s health.

“Cooking is a universal language that speaks directly to people through flavours. I am thrilled to be collaborating with the GialloZafferanoteam, a true leader in the international culinary scene, and that I’ll be able to offer authentic recipes and get everyone cooking,’ says Lulu.

Sebastian Fitarau has a wealth of experience in the restaurant industry and is followed by a community of more than 1.3 million followers. Sebastian offers genuine contemporary cooking that focuses on the details, even in the simplest recipes. Focusing on raw materials, accuracy and craftsmanship in the recipe give his dishes unique tastes and presentation, qualities that distinguish his video recipes.

“Cooking for me is a passion and an art form that finds expression in all my dishes in different ways. I am really grateful and very happy to be part of this project, and to be able to inspire food lovers through GialloZafferano,’ said Sebastian.

To celebrate the addition of Lulù and Sebastian, GialloZafferano will launch the ‘Resident Chef Creator Day’ on Friday, 19 April. This is a day entirely dedicated to the creativity and content of the two creators who will offer some new recipes on the brand’s social media profiles directly from the kitchens of GialloZafferano for the occasion. It will be a unique opportunity for followers to discover the processes, secrets and facts about their dishes.

The two new resident chef creators are part of the roster of Zenzero, Mondadori Media’s Talent Agency that exclusively manages the best food creators on the Italian digital scene.

GialloZafferano supports and promotes new talents in the kitchen and, from today, also has the expertise and grace of Lulù Gargari and Sebastian Fitarau.

Zenzero exclusively manages the best food creators on the Italian digital scene. Created at the end of 2022 from the collaboration between GialloZafferano, One Shot Agency and 6 of the top food creators on the Italian digital scene, it has over 43 million followers and over 50 million video views. Zenzero Talent Agency represents a new point of contact between an extraordinary hub of creators and brand partners with the aim of setting up effective communication pathways that respond to the increasingly strong need of brands to tap into the passions, values and new languages of Generation Z.

GialloZafferano is Italy’s leading food media brand on the Internet: every month 1 in 2 Italians cooks with GialloZafferano for a total of 20 million people (Audicom Dec 2023). It is the fourth largest food media brand in the world on social media, with a fanbase of 70 million followers (source: Internal Analyses and Shareableand Comscore Data 2024). Thanks to recipes within everyone’s grasp, it is available to people 24/7 on all channels: from the Internet to social media, from apps to smart devices, as well as magazines, books and local area events nationwide.

Happy birthday Zenzero Talent Agency!

Twelve months after its launch, Zenzero is celebrating milestones with more than 25 employees, over 30 million followers, and more than 200 influencer marketing projects with 130 clients.

Stemming from a collaboration between Giallozafferano, the most popular food media brand in Italy, Oneshot Agency, a company that has worked for years in management and digital communication, and 6 top food creatorsDaniele Rossi, Cooker Girl, Diletta Secco, Rosy Chin, Andriana Kulchytska and Luisa OrizioZenzero Talent Agency has become the landmark in the food influencer market in just a year.

Zenzero has always worked with the best Italian food creators to enhance their distinctive positioning and create synergistic online and offline pathways. Thanks to its partners’ experience, the agency has attracted unique talents, investing in promising new faces in the food scene. The co-founders are joined by another 20 food-creators, allowing the Talent Agency to reach over 30 million followers, 50 million video views, and 40 million monthly interactions, involving all tastes and cooking styles.

New research entitled “Italiani & Influencers” — released yesterday and conducted by BVA Doxa in collaboration with Mondadori Media — found that Zenzero creators are among the most followed by Gen Z in the food segment, playing a decisive role in the purchasing process.

Over the past twelve months, more than 200 influencer marketing projects have been carried out, including branded social content, multi-platform projects involving radio, TV, and participation in Italian and international events, such as the Giffoni Food Festival, the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York, and the Speciality Fine Food Fair in London.

Through its synergistic collaboration with Giallozafferano, Zenzero Talent Agency has managed to develop valuable experiences in its first year, with effective language and innovative communication capable of capturing the public’s attention with a focus on younger generations. The next goal is to promote the spread of Italian cuisine and products in the United States by offering integrated media output in collaboration with Giallozafferano.

Alessandra Rigolio, CEO of Zenzero, says, “Celebrating the first 12 months of Zenzero Talent Agency is a source of pride. It has been a successful year, thanks to our extraordinary hub of creators and a passionate team that strives to follow, support, and enhance the talent of each creator every day. As we look towards the future, we will continue to support our creators by developing unique and engaging projects and content with them, designing formats that meet the public’s changing needs”.

Among the upcoming news there is the publication of cookbooks by some of Zenzero’s most beloved food creators, planned for this fall.
There will surely be innovative projects and increasingly distinctive communication products created in collaboration with Mediamond, which will not only rely on social networks but also involve TV platforms and podcasts.

ZENZERO: Andriana, the food influencer who has taken social media by storm with her easy, fast and fun recipes, joins the agency’s roster, along with three other top creators

The ties with Giallozafferano are strengthened to offer innovative, creative and valuable experiences

Zenzero, the best Italian food creators’ talent agency continues to grow. With a fanbase of more than 50 million people, 13 million average video views each month and more than 100 registrations in 2023, it has proven its distinctive, dynamic and innovative positioning, establishing itself in the creator economy market in just six months.

New talents for the Zenzero team

Among the new additions is the top creator, Andriana Kulchytska. A Ukrainian by birth, living in Italy since 2020, Andriana is a smash hit on social networks with her fast-paced videos, her original style, her simple and fast recipes that are “both fit and fat” and her tongue-in-cheek and playful style of presentation.
Together with her, 3 other new creators have joined Zenzero. They are young talents from the food world, who are establishing themselves more and more quickly and boast important levels of engagement.
From Dany Resconi, a young chef and personal trainer, who reinterprets traditional dishes in a modern way to a salsa beat, to Ilaria Busato, known as La Dispensa Vegana (The Vegan Pantry), a food creator who makes simple and fast plant-based recipes that suit the hectic everyday life. Finally, there’s Mattiastable who, with his limitless cuisine, explores and discusses the culinary traditions of the whole world, while also creating opportunities for international branded content formats.

Zenzero continua a crescere

Giallozafferano and Zenzero strengthen their ties with innovative projects and new collaborations

There’s also great news for special and branded projects. In the coming months, Giallozafferano, in collaboration with Zenzero, will propose innovative formats and content, real experiences to share with its community, which go beyond the social media dimension.

In spring, Diletta Secco will be the star of Diletta in Paris, a culinary journey at Le Cordon Bleu Paris cooking school. It’s a comprehensive show on the talent and Giallozafferano social channels told through a daily diary with food, fashion, beauty and lifestyle content.

There’s also international projects for Cooker Girl who will be at a Michelin-star restaurant in New York in the summer. A life experience in the most multicultural capital in the world, a professional journey during which she will also have the opportunity to collaborate with international creators.

Finally, in July, Giallozafferano will be the main partner of the Giffoni Food Show and will announce the schedule together with Zenzero and many top food creators, including Daniele Rossi, Rossella Maraio, Eva Andrini from “Eva’s Food Addiction”, with meetings, cooking workshops, and cooking shows aimed at Gen Z teens.

The link between the number 1 food media brand in Italy and the Food Agency is also being strengthened thanks to the new role of Sebastian Fitarau, a former Zenzero talent, who has become Resident Chef Creator of Giallozafferano.

With these initiatives Giallozafferano and Zenzero strengthen the point of contact between an extraordinary hub of food creators and brands, thanks to a complete and increasingly distinctive offer of communication proposals and special projects, created together with Mediamond.


Zenzero Talent Agency: new top food creators and innovative, creative and valuable branded content projects coming soon

The food talent agency pursues its development with original formats to bring creativity at the service of brands

One month after its launch, Zenzero, the talent agency of top Italian food creators, has already raised great interest among the influencer marketing segment thanks to a roster of quality talents and to the absolutely important numbers achieved through a one of a kind, dynamic and innovative formula.

Based on the experience of Giallozafferano, the leading Italian food media brand, One Shot Agency and five top food creators of the Italian digital scene – Daniele Rossi, Cooker Girl, Diletta Secco, Rosy Chin and Luisa Orizio – Zenzero now boasts over 25 million total followers, 450 million video views and 25 million interactions each month thanks to its growing hub of creators.

Its winning formula consists in working directly with the best food talents and in relying on their creativity for projects aimed at addressing brands’ increasingly stronger need to intercept the passions, values and new languages of the Z Generation.

A first month full of initiatives
Zenzero is actively working on more than 70 new project opportunities with the brands. Moreover, the agency has been participating in the most important events of the industry, at which Zenzero’s young faces and fresh and original spirit have already raised great interest within the first few weeks.
This from UPA’s Influencer Marketing to the Digital Innovation Days, From Influence Day to the IAB Forum, and all the way up to Largo Consumo’s and WomenX impact’s “2023 Best Insignia” event. The new agency’s talents were the protagonists of these events, at which they revealed their stories, experiences and ingredients used to successfully conquer the young generations.

Next? The important partnership involving the co-founder of the Daniele Rossi Agency and the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Japan. On December 2, the Tuscan chef renowned for his modern and refined way of interpreting traditional culinary specialities will be the Executive Chef at the Gala Dinner planned in Tokyo for the association’s 50th anniversary. This one of a kind setting filled with illustrious guests and prominent personalities will allow the chef to make a unique experience in the area and to learn more about the Japanese culture by experimenting with new flavours, techniques and ingredients. The chef will share these culinary encounters in detail with the community via his social profiles.

Such high-impact initiatives demonstrate the new agency’s strength and how it’s able to enhance both the originality and distinctive positioning of each individual talent and the vastness of the food world through transversal projects – achieved also thanks to its strong partnership with Giallozafferano and to its synergy with Mediamond – which are deemed to make its various facets, popularity and lifestyles stand out.

Last night, Zenzero decided to share such vibrant beginning with “Spice Up Your Night”, an exclusive evening organised in the setting of the new Tripstillery club in the heart of Milan. The event was the first time the new agency was able to gather its numerous talents to celebrate together with brands, agencies and media centres.

Zenzero just keeps on going. Young talents, including international ones, of the food world capable of triggering a passion for cooking, even among the Z Generation – which represents an increasingly growing target of the industry – were recently added to the agency’s roster of new creators.

Among the new faces, there is Evasfoodaddiction’s Eva Andrini, a young economics and management student who conquered thousands of followers with her simplicity and passion in a very short time, and the seventeen-year-old Aisha Ben Thabet, known by all as The Avokiddo. Aisha learned how to cook through a video game, has been making her way around the kitchen since she was 5 and was a participant of Junior Masterchef.
There is also the young talent of Cooking With Bello, who went from being a dancer to a successful food creator. His passion for cooking was transmitted to him by both his mother and grandmother, a passion he combined with his technical skills to turn iconic Italian recipes into fun and ironic videos. Last but not least, there is Ivana Ester Marr, from “Studenti ai fornelli” (Students in the Kitchen), a creative, entrepreneurial talent always in search of the perfect ingredient.