Mondadori today: work at the forefront of modern publishing

Changes in technology have had a strong impact on the publishing sector and its professions, igniting a rapid transformation that is still on-going. Change has become our main focus. Whilst remaining faithful to our tradition of book and magazine publishing, which spans the course of more than a hundred years, we are constantly in search of new products and services to offer within Italy and all over the world.

  • € 807.3 mn

    revenues in 2021


  • 1,810

    total workforce


  • 544

    bookstores in Italy


  • 26 mn

    total audience


About us

We are Italy’s largest publisher of books and magazines; our brands are widespread on an international level. Our network of bookstores is the largest in Italy.

Why you should choose us

We want to attract and support dynamic, proactive, and results-oriented individuals with a desire to continue learning.

We are a solid company and serve as an example of Italian creativity and know-how. We are a leader in our target sectors, and every one of our successes is a success for everyone else. This is because we create shared value, not just financial value or value for our employees and partners – value for all of our stakeholders, from our authors to organisations, or investors to providers of goods and services.


Professional growth

Work–life balance

We take care of our team, whether it’s at the office or at home. We achieve this through a series of initiatives and projects based on suggestions from our employees and contractors.

An exciting international environment

Discover a day in the life at Mondadori: a community full of diverse experiences and stories to share, with rich professional tracks and a constant commitment to international principles and lawfulness


In our work, we observe all local, national and international regulations in the countries where we are present, modelling ourselves after the values promoted by supranational bodies and organisations.


Employees and contractors are compensated based on merit criteria related to skills, professional conduct and, in the case of managers, the results obtained.