Le nostre professioni

Unimaginable professions

Publishing and editing are our special professions. But, not only: the Mondadori Group handles much more. In fact, our editorial universe is focused on three sectors: Books, Media and Retail, which are in turn characterised by numerous original areas of expertise.

For example, could you have ever imagined that food creators were among the most sought-out figures of the Media sector? And what about talent managers? Or web developers? Or even that we also need figures specialised in contracts and copyrights, as well as business data analysts, marketing specialists, eBooks specialists and many others still for the Book sector? Well, yes.

Ours is a hybrid work model which favours responsibility and flexibility, focusing on achieving objectives and promoting work-life balance. It's a way of understanding work consistently with people’s new needs, especially with regard to those who have to take care of their children or loved ones, while staying focused on each individual's talents and uniqueness.

Daniele Sacco, HR and Organization Director, Legal and Corporate Affairs Director
Come iniziare il viaggio

How to start the journey

The journey into the Mondadori universe for young people generally begins with an internship: an introduction to the profession, which translates into a very informative learning experience, thanks to direct involvement in work activities, alongside the most experienced figures in the company. Training is a constant for us, which we develop at all levels of the company through an offer designed on the basis of actual business needs.

Additionally, whether you’re on your first work experience or already have a career path behind you, you’ll always have the opportunity to join a selection process that guarantees maximum compliance with the Diversity & Inclusion criteria (for example, the use of a blind CV).

La cultura che vivrai

The culture you’ll experience

We believe in the value of inclusion. For us, diversity – gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, skills and cultural background – is a means of development. Listening is the word that best characterises the culture in our universe and that’s as much in the way we treat our staff as our publishing offer: accessible content that gives voice to people’s uniqueness.
We also believe in the value of skill, which has distinguished us for over a century and which allows us to develop high quality products and services.
Finally, we believe in people’s passion for this profession: a value that our universe can’t do without.

I vantaggi e i benefit che riceverai

The advantages and benefits you’ll receive

To nurture passion, you have to create well-being. For this reason, we offer our staff solutions and services that contribute to improving the quality of their lives. If you choose to join us, you’ll have access to a hybrid working model that will allow you to carry out your work with greater flexibility, autonomy and motivation.

But that’s not all. The people of the Mondadori Group have access to a welfare plan, which includes a wide range of benefits in different areas: transport, supplementary healthcare, sports activities, leisure, etc. Essentially, all this is useful in making life outside of work a little easier.


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