Through the structure of our internships, we offer new graduates or current students the opportunity for a concrete work experience and to test their skills.

Internships have a standard duration of six months and include a monthly reimbursement of expenses. Every intern is overseen by a company mentor who assists him or her during a training project in partnership with his or her university.

To perform an internship with us, the candidate must complete a selection process that is similar to the hiring process. Although an internship is not required, those who have done are given preference, so it is indeed a springboard into a career within the Group.
A Mondadori internship is an excellent opportunity for training and growth. Selected candidates are immediately brought in and tasked with personally managing live projects under the supervision of a mentor, who will provide them with all of the information necessary to perform their assigned tasks.

In additional to reimbursement for monthly expenses, interns receive the following benefits:

  • company travel service to and from the main Segrate site (MI)
  • access to the company canteen, or meal vouchers
  • discounts on books, magazines or other offers.

Internship opportunities are published on the Open Positions page on the site.


As part of internships, participants receive professional training through completion of their academic requirements, along with practical tasks and on-site experience monitored by a company mentor.

The “learning by doing” process is furthered by participation in internal meetings and continuous interaction with colleagues and department managers from our Human Resources department.