A wonderful job

Wonder is at the heart of our work: every day we bring it to life through a universe of stories and content, created to entertain and educate. A common goal we aim to fulfil by working together in an environment where everyone can express different voices and sensitivities: this richness of contributions has always characterised our history and determined the quality and authority of which we are proud.

We therefore want to build our future with new, different skills and ideas, such as those you can bring.

A universe where we are all included

It is important to us that everyone can share their uniqueness with others.

This is why at the Mondadori Group we strive every day to open up, listen and dialogue without prejudices or differences of gender, generation, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, cultural background or skills. It is our mission to increasingly spread this inclusive culture, within and outside the company, as a shared responsibility to ensure equal opportunities for all.

We take care of our people

At the centre of our universe are the people: the readers, the users, the customers, but – above all – the people who work in the Group. If you choose to join us, you will have access to many training initiatives to enhance your talents and spur your professional growth. In addition, you will have access to a range of welfare services for your and your family’s well-being: transport, supplementary healthcare, sports and leisure activities.

Not least, our flexible and goal-oriented way of working will allow you to reconcile your private and professional life in the best way for you.