A future to build together

Books are our past and, together with digital content, they are also our future. In recent years, we have strategically redefined our boundaries to lay the foundations of the future that you can help to build every day if you choose to be part of our universe.

A future of growth and innovation, while remaining true to our mission: to foster the dissemination of culture and ideas through products, activities and services that meet the needs and tastes of the widest possible audience.

Flexible working to be free to express yourself and grow

In the Mondadori Group we have adopted a flexible way of working that combines face-to-face and remote work. A hybrid approach designed to improve the quality of work and our lives, enabling us to achieve our professional goals while respecting our personal time.

The key word is “empowerment”: we value work based on the goals, professionalism and skills of each individual, and we equip everyone with the required technological tools.

Sustainability: a commitment by all of us

In our universe we pay attention to the impact of what we do. Contributing to an inclusive culture that supports people, communities and the environment, is the commitment that we, as a Group, renew every day.

This concrete commitment is the basis of the path that led us to build our Sustainability Plan, where we defined the objectives to be achieved to improve our actions and results in social, governance and environmental terms.

More than 100 years of history

Working at Mondadori means being part of a story that began over 100 years ago, sparked by the passion of young Arnoldo Mondadori who started the publishing business in 1907 in Ostiglia (MN). A long adventure that led that small printing house to become the largest publishing house in Italy, as well as the leading digital media company, spreading the pleasure of reading to millions of people and becoming a witness to the evolution of our society.

A journey that we are all continuing together today, with that same creativity and spirit of innovation that have always distinguished us, from the very beginning.


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