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GialloZafferano is the “Top of Mind” brand for the Italian online audience

  • The only digital native brand among the best known in Italy
  • For 39% of internet users it is the most useful and unmissable in the kitchen

The first edition of the “Food media brands” survey, by Human Highway, is now available. The research examines two segments of the population – online e offline – a total of 2,200 adults, representative of 52.4 million Italians.

The survey provide a panorama of the sector’s most popular elements, ranging from the TV programmes and personalities to the editorial brands that Italians feel most attached to.
Among the standout results is the positioning of GialloZafferano: Italy’s most popular cooking website with 6 million unique users, and which is also available on newsstands as a monthly magazine and in bookshops with a book of recipes by foodbloggers. All of which make it the only top ranking digital native brand in the Human Highway survey.

The awareness of GialloZafferano emerges particularly strongly among the online audience: for 21% of the segment it is the first cooking brand that comes spontaneously to mind, giving it the “Top of Mind” title in the listing.
GialloZafferano is also one of the most well-known brands in both segments of the survey’s sample: spontaneously mentioned by 19% of the respondents (representing 10 million Italians), coming immediately after two much-loved TV programmes, La Prova del Cuoco and Masterchef.

According to the Human Highway survey, within the online segment, GialloZafferano is identified as the brand most used by Italians for cooking, thanks to the possibility of serving users in different ways across the whole day: it has become a “never again without”, unmissable in the kitchen brand for 39% of Italian Internet users (corresponding to 12 million people).

The analysis highlights how digital brands, and firstly GialloZafferano, are closely identified by their usefulness and are considered a valuable source of recipes, while the perception of the TV shows is mainly related to their entertainment value: with 71% of the respondents declaring that they have seen or consulted GialloZafferano in the last year, qualifying it as the brand the most effectively converts knowledge into utility.
GialloZafferano is the point of reference for internet users also in terms of  its influence on buying behaviour: with twice as many respondents declaring that they follow the advice indicated in the featured recipes, compared with those on the TV programmes.
In this context, based on the indications regarding the spontaneous awareness of all of the Mondadori Group’s food brands in the survey – GialloZafferano along with Cookaround, Sale&Pepe and Cucina Moderna – reach a total of 23.4% of the population.

Interni “Icon Makers”

After international previews in Miami and Shanghai, the INTERNI's collector's volume will be on newsstands

In December, the INTERNI system recorded +50% in advertising revenues compared with 2016

What is it that makes so many of the protagonists of Italian design authentic Icon Makers? It’s difficult to say. The recipe is based on a happy mix, the binding substance of which is the country’s long manufacturing history and a vital productive texture that is driven by a wide range of professional figures. and it is precisely to 100 protagonists from ‘behind the scenes’ of design – chosen among entrepreneurs, photographers, graphic designers and communicators, along with their iconic creations – that Icon Makers, a special issue in the INTERNI Serie Oro is dedicated, a continuation of the overview of Italian design begun in 2014 with the celebratory volume marking the magazine’s 60th anniversary.

The introductory notes are by well-know international critics, such as Domitilla Dardi, Deyan Sudjic and Leonardo Sonnoli, who discuss the roots and peculiar characteristics of contemporary design. Meanwhile, the contribution of Cristina Morozzi and Christoph Radl focuses on the work of photographers and art directors, with the view to assessing the evolution of the role and skills of involved.

Following previews at the Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai, Icon Makers will also be presented in Miami at a special location: the Miami Ironside, the lively urban centre created by Ofer Mizrahi. On this occasion there will be a conversation between Gilda Bojardi, editor of INTERNI, Ofer Mizrahi (Miami Ironside Founder), Giulio Cappellini (Art Director at Cappellini and talent scout), Piero Lissoni (Lissoni Associati), Rene Gonzalez (Rene Gonzalez Architects), Carola Hinojosa (Hinojosa Design Studio) and Nasir Kassamali (CEO of Luminaire).

The book, for which an extra print run of 10,000 copies (in Italian and English) has been planned, will also be distributed at the leading  design showrooms in Miami and Milan.

Icon Makers has been supported by 56 of the best and most representative design brands, contributing to the excellent results of the INTERNI system which, in December alone, saw an increase in advertising revenues of over 50% compared with 2016.

With 216 pages, Icon Makers will be available from 5 December at all good newsstands as a supplement to the new issue of the magazine for just 10 (including the magazine).

The Mondadori Group’s digital brands make their debut on Google Play Edicola

The digital  brands of the Mondadori Group are making their debut on Google Play Edicola, the Google app that makes it possible to access free and paid subscriptions to magazines, blogs and newspapers and read the content optimised for use on smartphones and tablets.

The sites already available and enhancing the Google Play Edicola include: Casabella, CasaFacile, Donna Moderna, Focus, Focus Junior, GialloZafferano, Grazia, Icon, Icon Design, Il mio Papa, Interni, Nostrofiglio, Panorama, Panorama Auto, Sale&Pepe, Starbene, Tustyle, Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni.

Users will have access to a portfolio of brands that are reference points in key sectors such as women’s titles, cooking, health and wellbeing, with an offer of news ranging from interiors to fashion, news and entertainment, on an advanced technological platform that makes it even easier and quicker to read the content. Among the various functions, users can keep up to date using a combination of leading titles on local news and personal interests, access articles also offline or save them to read later. The sites can be added to a list of favourites that are constantly updated and the content can be easily shared.

Inclusion on  Google Play Edicola further expands the distribution of the content of the Mondadori Group content, Italy’s biggest traditional publisher and leader also in digital, with a multibrand and multichannel offer that can count on around 16 million unique users every month (Audiweb View unique total audience, August 2017) and a community of 30 million users of Facebook and  14 million on Instagram every month.


GialloZafferano Day

An event marking the launch of the first book of recipes by food bloggers will take place at the same time in 13 different italian locations

On 25 November 2017 for the first time 20 leading food bloggers from Italy’s biggest community will take part in a showcooking event in collaboration with Mondadori Store

In bookshops now Le ricette dei nostri food blogger, the new book by GialloZafferano (published by Mondadori) brings together 180 recipes, conceived and realised by 20 of the best food bloggers on Italy’s most popular cooking site.

The protagonist will be the brand’s food blogging community – Italy’s largest – which, up and running since 2009, now boasts over 1,000 blogs, 320 new recipes every day and 9 million fans on Facebook.

The publication of this book is another element that testifies to the strength of the Mondadori Group brand, leader in the online coking segment – with 6 million unique users on the web (Source: Audiweb Total Digital Audience, September 2017) and 5.4 million fans on Facebook – which in April this year also made its first appearance on newsstands with the monthly Giallo Zafferano.

To celebrate the publication of the book a Giallo Zafferano Day has been organised in collaboration with Mondadori Store, il Giallo Zafferano Day. It will take place on 25 November, at 13 locations across Italy, and the 20 food bloggers will participate in showcooking event during which they will prepare one of the featured recipes and sign copies of the book.

The event will take place at the following locations:

Forlì with Antonella Vergari (Noce Moscata food blog), at the Mondadori Bookstore;

Grosseto with Valentina Donati (Cinque quarti d’arancia) and Maurizio Vanni (Piatti pronti in un attimo), at the il Caffè Carducci di Corso Carducci 18;

Imperia with Luisa Orizio (Allacciate il grembiule), at the Mondadori Bookstore;

Marsala with Elena Laudicina (Cucina facile con Elena), at the Trattoria il Gallo Innamorato;

Milano with Sara Bonaccorsi (Cucina con Sara), Rossella Cosentino (Rossella in padella) and Ivana Ester Marra (Studenti ai fornelli), at the Mondadori Megastore in Via San Pietro all’Orto;

Modica with Stephanie Cabibbo (Mastercheffa), at the Mondadori Bookstore;

Monselice with Francesca Del Vecchio (Dolci creazioni…e non solo…tatam), at the Mondadori Bookstore;

Pinerolo with Rosella Errante (Nel tegame sul fuoco) at the Mondadori Bookstore;

Roma with Valeria Ciccotti (Vale Cucina e fantasia), at the Mondadori Bookstore in Via Tuscolana;

Salerno with Rossella Maraio (Rossella… Pane e cioccolato) and Tina Vinciguerra (Le ricette di Tina), at the Mondadori Bookstore;

Taranto with Marisa Malomo (Il mio saper fare), Loredana Cavotta (La cucina di Loredana), Pasquale Schiavone (Forno e fornelli) at the Mondadori Bookstore;

Trento with Leyla Farella (Dulcisss in forno), at the Mondadori Bookstore;

Velletri with Vanessa Gizzi (La cucina di Vane) at the Mondadori Bookstore.

The official hashtag for the event is: #GZDay17.

For more information:

A Weekend of Wellbeing by Starbene in Milan

Two days of free medical check ups, showcooking, talks, beauty and fitness in collaboration with the Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato

Starbene, the Mondadori Brand that is a point of reference in the world of health and wellbeing, is organising for the first time a free two-day event entirely dedicated to prevention, healthy eating, beauty and fitness in order to celebrate with its audience forty years of authoritativeness and competence.

A Weekend of Wellbeing, on 21 and 22 October at the Microsoft House in Viale Pasubio in Milan, with a full programme of events run in conjunction with outstanding collaborators: not just the usual team of experts that Starbene depends on, but also doctors from the Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato – the patron of the event -, Virgin Active personal trainers, chefs from the Sale&Pepe cooking school and beauty experts from important companies in the cosmetics sector.

“The mission of Starbene is to consider health as a question of lifestyle. A way of ensuring that a balanced diet, appropriate physical exercise and an awareness of one’s body becomes a question of habit. What could be better than a weekend of wellbeing to promote this philosophy? During the two days at Microsoft House we will offer participants the wellness kit that everyone needs,” said the editor ofStarbene, Annalisa Monfreda.

The programme is organised in four macro areas, with events taking place from 10 am to 7 pm.

  • free medical check ups: on the Starbene website, you can book your free appointment with a doctor from the Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato – Italy’s leading hospital group with 18 hospitals, in Lombardy and Emilia Romagna – including specialists in gastroenterology, nutrition, gynaecology, cardiology, as well as senology, urology, dermatology, ophthalmology, ENT, pulmonology, dentistry and aesthetic surgery;
  • showcooking: nutritionists from both Starbene and the Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato, together with chefs from the Sale&Pepe cooking school  will focus their attention of the right diet, health food and food intolerances;
  • talk shows: conferences conducted by experts from the Starbene team and dedicated to the importance of prevention and healthy lifestyles, with the presence of  guests such as the two Italian volleyball champions Alessia Orro and Alessia Gennari, both players of the Unet E-Work Busto Arsizio (planned for Sunday 22, at 11.30 am);
  • fitness: demonstrations and free lessons of cross cardio, booty barre and strength Vinyasa yoga, in collaboration with Virgin Active.

Plus, a beauty corner,  overseen by Biopoint consultants and visage&make up artist Bionike, who will offer analysis and advice on hair structure and make up for sensitive skin.

For a full programme, information and enrolment, please visit:

Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni launches its new digital Tv Guide

A compass to easily find your way through a continuously evolving television landscape

Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, the Mondadori Group brand, leader in the entertainment segment, with an overall average audience of 5.2 million readers and users (source: Audipress 2017/I + Audiweb TDA Average March-May 2017), presents its new digital Guida Tv, at

Always one of the most interesting content features for the title’s audience, the brand’s new Guida Tv reinforces and expands the offer of information about TV programmes with a practical, useful and complete  online tool to help users find what they want to see in a continuously evolving television landscape.

Sorrisi’s new Guida Tv provides a constantly updated list of 130 channels, with more than 100,000 programme profiles with an innovative design. The new home page shows the programmes divided by category, making it easier and more immediate to use, also thanks to time slot search keys (“today”, “now”, “this afternoon”, “this evening”, “tomorrow”) and the close-up  remote control functionality to select quickly and easily an individual channel or different platforms – free, premium and Sky – making it easy for users to navigate, also from a mobile device.

Also the concept of the Guida Tv is new, thanks to a clear division of categories and genres, offering users suggestions and connections between different content, for example tv series, classified as comedy or drama, kids programmes, sitcoms, history, fantasy, police procedurals, and thrillers. In addition to scheduling details, the new Guida Tv also provides information about plots, casts, video clips and links to sites and social networks.

Based on an integrated system that brings together the magazine, web site and social media, users will also find recommendations by the editorial team of Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni identified by the label “Must see”, a guarantee of quality. The content of Guida Tv is further enhanced by related articles on the web site and, in conjunction with prime time talent shows, with live background details on the site and of Sorrisi’s Facebook page.

Giallo Zafferano: an average of 5,000 votes each month on Facebook to choose the magazine’s cover

Users as protagonists in the making each issue

Giallo Zafferano, the Mondadori Group’s online leader in the cookery segment – with over 6 million unique users every month (source: Audiweb View, Total Audience, January-May 2017), a fan base of more than 5.2 million users and an app that has recorded almost 7 million downloads – confirms its appeal on both newsstands, with an average annual circulation of 200,000 copies and social media.

These results are based on Italy’s leading cookery web site’s ability to engage its audience, in a continuous interconnection between the web, social networks and the printed magazineas can be seen from the extraordinary participation in the making of the magazine edited by Laura Maragliano, who leaves the choice of the magazine’s cover to the brand’s audience.

This means that the readers are active protagonists in the creation of every issue. In fact, every month, Giallo Zafferano uses Facebook to propose two possible covers for the magazine and users are invited to express a preference using the standard Facebook tools “like” and “love”. In April, this initiative involved more than 1 million people, with and average of 5,000 votes for each issue. Among the most popular challenges was the May cover, “Four pasta dishes to prepare in a flash” against ”Six varieties of sandwich”, which was the victor in the meal par excellence in Italy, with 55% of the votes, out of a total of more than 12,000. The same making of mechanism was used to select the cover of the latest issue of Giallo Zafferano, dedicated to “8 spaghetti dishes for the Ferragosto national holiday”, chosen by 74% of the voters over the competing “Ferragosto picnic “.

But user engagement doesn’t stop at the choice of the cover. The magazine’s readers are also offered the opportunity to vote for their favourite recipe of the month published in the section entitled “A three-way challenge“, in which the three section chiefs of Giallo Zafferano battle it out on a common culinary theme. The July competition, which focused on pasta salads, also received over 1,000 votes and declared Aurora’s “Farfalle alla rucola” the winner. Readers and users also enthusiastically participate in the contest organised by Giallo Zafferano. For each challenge more than 100 recipes are sent in by users with the aim of winning the award for the best dish based on three ingredients proposed by the editorial team and published in the subsequent issue. The latest issue of Giallo Zafferano, on newsstands now, features the winning dish of the contest with August’s three ingredients: green olives, chicken and red onions.

Panorama Auto: a new concept for the brand dedicated to the world of cars

• A new design, more content and integrated communication solutions
• Optimised usability for new styles of mobile consumption

Panorama Auto, the digital brand of the Mondadori Group targeted at car enthusiasts and all those interested in changing their car or motorcycle, is coming to the market with a completely revamped product.

The strong points include the design, offering a heightened user experience, a broader offer of content and advertising formats and an even more interactive price list for those looking for the best products on the market.

A new design and user experience  Panorama Auto is online ( with a new logo and a new design for mobile first use, optimised for smartphones. A cleaner layout for easier reading not only on a desktop PC that makes it possible to enhance content with a focus on the details of products and to offer extensive visibility also to the advertising offer.

Moreover, the introduction of a video carousel and responsive smart headers make it possible to optimise the organisation of the content across all devices and screens.

New content – A point of reference for car enthusiasts, with a reach of 400,000 unique users (Source: Audiweb View, average in the period February – April 2017– Total Audience Digital), the new Panorama Auto aims to intercept the interests and needs of a growing number of new users who want to buy a new car or motorcycle and who can rely on the brand’s authority.

Added to the wealth of the content that has always distinguished the brand – with all the previews and updates on what’s new on the market, reports from the leading international car shows, a buyers guide and video road tests of new models – is a production increasingly focused on video and social media with detailed lifestyle and travel features able to attract more and more users to the world of cars and motorcycles.

A large number of new features will appear before the summer, starting with a trip to the region of Alsace to discover the European city par excellence, Strasbourg, and the Mosel wine region.

New price lists – The new Panorama Auto will also feature new interactive price lists for cars and motorcycles with a range of search functions by make, model and market segment, as well as the possibility of configuring accessories and extras in order to have a personalised quotation or to request a test drive from the nearest showroom.

New advertising formats – On the occasion of the launch new advertising formats will be presented, including inread, optimised for modern use on mobile devices while ensuring the native visibility of the advertiser. Audi is the exclusive Partner of the restyling with Trust Race, a race between two A5s based on futuristic assisted driving technologies.

The revamped Panorama Auto reinforces the automotive offer of the Mediamond portfolio with a system that also includes Extraurban, the printed supplement to Panorama dedicated to cars and lifestyle that, as well as providing a detailed picture of what’s new in the sector, also covers subjects ranging from culture to sport, entertainment and fashion.