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Grazia and Salvatore Ferragamo Parfums together for the launch of the new fragrance Amo Ferragamo

English model Suki Waterhouse and four cosmopolitan influencers are the protagonists of a special project to celebrate the passions of contemporary women

Grazia and Salvatore Ferragamo Parfums have developed a special project to mark the magazine’s 80th anniversary and the launch of the new fragrance Amo Ferragamo.

Travel, fashion, self-awareness and independence are the passions of contemporary women that Grazia and Salvatore Ferragamo Parfums jointly celebrate by talking about what women love. Because the Mondadori Group brand describes the contemporary world and fashion, talks to women and shares their greatest passions, the same passions to which Ferragamo has dedicated Amo Ferragamo.

The face of the new fragrance and featuring on the cover of this week’s edition of Grazia is Suki Waterhouse, the British model who symbolises the mil­lennials generation. In addition, to enhance this event, Grazia has involved four international influencers – Tatjana Catic, the London-based German fashion, fitness and beauty icon; Kristina Bazan, influencer and artist with over two million followers; Xenia Van Der Woodsen, who travels the world and lives between  Hamburg and Paris; and Marta Lozano, the Spanish socialite and fashion enthusiast, who is also enormously successful on YouTube – who will interpret on social media and other platforms the themes of the Amo Ferragamo campaign.

For this occasion, Grazia and Salvatore Ferragamo Parfums have also organised a special event involving the editor of Grazia Silvia Grilli, the chief executive of Ferragamo Parfums Luciano Bertinelli, the influencers  who are part of the project, as well as a number of personalities from the world of entertainment, including Fabio Volo and Johanna Maggy Hauksdottir, Filippa Lagerback and Daniele Bossari, Camilla Raznovich, and the actresess Giulia Bevilacqua and Benedetta Porcaroli.

For its unmistakeable style, Grazia has become a point of reference for the most dynamic readers and digital communities, as well as the preferred advertising vehicle for companies in the up-scale fashion and cosmetics sectors. These strong points have enabled Grazia to evolve into an international multi-channel print-digital-social-events system with over 20 editions around the world.

Donna Moderna and L’Oréal Paris launch Donne come noi, a big project focusing on female empowerment

The initiative is organised along three narrative lines the three: a book written for Sperling & Kupfer, a theatre show and a training programme

Donna Moderna, the Mondadori Group magazine edited by Annalisa Monfreda, on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, is launching with L’Oréal Paris a female empowerment project: Donne come noi (#donnecomenoi).
Empowerment means giving both power and responsibility to someone. And in this case, it means encouraging women to think big. Donna Moderna aims to do this with an inspiring book, a moving theatrical show and a training programme that provides specific skills.
L’Oréal Paris is accompanying Donna Moderna in this project, much as it is always at women’s sides, by offering the show and training programme for free to Italian women in order to help them to learn to believe in themselves.

The book
Donne come noi (Women Like US) is the title of a book that the editorial team of Donna Moderna has written for Sperling & Kupfer (in bookshops from tomorrow, 6 March, and presented at the Tempo di Libri event at FieraMilanoCity on Thursday 8 March at 5.30 pm).
34 journalists tell 100 stories about contemporary Italian women who, thanks to their determination, skills and courage, have achieved something important. From the boxer Irma Testa to the physicist Fabiola Gianotti, the restorer of The Last Supper Pinin Brambilla Barcilon to the manager of rappers Paola Zukar.  Strong and engaging stories that through struggles and success can inspire women to continue to their evolution in the family, at work and in society in general..
For 10 weeks, from 8 March, some of these stories will be broadcast on R101 in the Isabella Eleodori slot, on Thursdays at 10.30 am.
“Today, there is more than ever a need for stories about women’s conquests and successes; of a gallery of inspirational models. Telling stories has never been more important. And this is the sense behind the book that the editorial team of Donna Moderna have put together to celebrate the magazine’s 30th anniversary, a magazine that has accompanied the battles and celebrated the progress made by women. As the first edition is published, we are already at work on the second, as we collect stories from our readers, who can send them to us by email at this address:», declared the editor, Annalisa Monfreda.

The theatre show
To continue with inspiring stories, Donne come noi is also the name of a theatrical show produced by Donna Moderna, in collaboration with Teatro Franco Parenti, and that will tour Italy from 17 April. From the stage, five actors will play some of the protagonists from the book, as well as the journalists who met them, sisters, friends, teachers. A piano, a cello and an accordion weave through the stories and, in the background, a wall changes colour and is animated by key words. The theatre stimulates the emotions and after an hour and a half, the audience feels a pervasive sense of possibility and the perception that the only limit holds us back from achieving great objectives is the imagination.

The training programme
Team work, time management, reconfiguring your career, thinking outside the box, learning to present yourself: these are just some of the skills that the course, designed and developed by Donna Moderna will provide and that is offered free of charge in a number of Italian towns and cities.

Over the last thirty years, women have conquered professional roles form which they were previously excluded and have redrawn the balance inside the family towards greater equality. But still, in Italy only 48.8% of women work, compared with 66.8% of men. The worst figure in Europe, with the sole exception of Greece.
The aim of this training programme is to contribute to improving this situation by providing participants with the so-called soft skills that are now more important than ever in the selection of candidates. A team of trainers will be supported by a number of corporate professionals who will share their experience and offer guidance.

L’Oréal Paris is our partner in the “Donne Come Noi” project and, in line with the claim “Because you’re worth it”, supports the self confidence of women of all ages, around the world, as there is no single model of beauty.
Every woman has her own idea of being beautiful, an authentic way of  affirming and expressing herself and her values. L’Oréal Paris supports women around the world by encouraging them to see themselves as unlimited, in their realisation of their value and potential and for years has been at the forefront of female empowerment and always focused on gender discrimination and equal opportunities.

To support the initiative, a campaign has been developed across a range of media: print, web and social channels.

Donne come noi” has been organised in collaboration with Mondadori Store, that will host the training courses and book presentations inside its Bookstores. Here is a list of dates: Genoa 13 March, Turin 14 March, Bologna 22 March, Florence 23 March, Tolentino 24 March, Parma 26 March, Velletri 12 May, Bisceglie 19 May, Salerno 26 May. The addresses and times of the presentations are available at:

For full details about Donne come noi and to book your place, please go to: (limited availability).

Grazia and Jean Paul Gaultier together for Milan Fashion Week with Scandal Party

This year, for the first time, the Milan Fashion Week will see the women’s weekly Grazia – an international point of reference for fashion – partnering with Jean Paul Gaultier in an exclusive event: Scandal Party, an eccentric and elegant evening inspired by Scandal, the fragrance launched by the enfant prodige of French fashion, to which Jean Paul Gaultier will dedicate a day of celebration on the occasion of the Milan Fashion Week.

“We are very proud to host and celebrate Jean Paul Gaultier, a designer who is a leading figure in the history of fashion,” declared Grazia editor, Silvia Grilli.

L’eau de parfum by Jean Paul Gaultier is an enfolding perfume for women that is full of character that challenges the wearer to liberate the scandalous side of her nature. And it is on the basis of this philosophy that Scandal Party has been created and developed by the French couturier together with the Mondadori Group magazine edited by Silvia Grilli.

The event will take place this evening at Palazzina Appiani in Milan, with the exceptional presence of Jean Paul Gaultier, the editor of Grazia, Silvia Grilli, along with leading representatives from the worlds of fashion and entertainment.

The guests expected to attend include Michelle Hunziker, Elisabetta Canalis, Martina Colombari, Barbara D’Urso, the actors Margareth Madè, Giulia Michelini, Claudia Potenza, Luca Calvani, Michele Morrone, chef Andrea Berton, model Linda Morselli, the influencers Linda Tol and Kathrin Poulain and the socialites Ginevra Rossini and Lucrezia Buti Missoni. The event will be animated by a surprise show, with an exuberant performance by La boum.

The day dedicate to the fragrance Scandal will also be a unique opportunity for five lucky Grazia readers who will have the chance to meet the French designer at the Limoni perfumery in Corso Buenos Aires 36 in Milan.

Scandal Party is part of a rich calendar of events with which Grazia – interpreter of Italian fashion and style – is celebrating its 80th anniversary, an to which the slogan #graziayoungsince1938 is dedicated. First launched in 1938, the magazine today is the leading fashion 100% Made in Italy brand, able to reach more than 3.3 million contacts per month, over 5 million people on Facebook and Instagram (Source: sales company data based on Audiweb tda figures for November 2017 and Audipress 2017-2; Facebook and Instagram Insights January 2018) and an average weekly print circulation of more than 163,000 copies in 2017, an increase of 7.7% compared with al 2016 (Source: Ads print + digital).
For its unmistakeable style, Grazia has become a point of reference for the most dynamic readers and digital communities, as well as the preferred advertising vehicle for companies in the up-scale fashion and cosmetics sectors. These strong points have enabled Grazia to evolve into an international multi-channel print-digital-social-events system with over 20 editions around the world.

Grazia launches a new social initiative #InStatoDiGrazia

Grazia, the Mondadori Group magazine that interprets Italian fashion and style and the most qualified point of reference for Made in Italy, is launch a social initiative called #InStatoDiGrazia, with which it invites people to share on Instagram moments when the magazine and the world that revolves around Grazia become sources of inspiration.
This is a continuation of the activities marking the 80th anniversary of Italy’s leading fashion brand, which, with this new initiative extends and amplifies its relationship with its readers and followers.

“Lo stato di Grazia (state of grace) is the time we dedicated to ourselves while reading Grazia, and the freedom of our emotions, the beauty of finding ourselves,” declared Grazia editor, Silvia Grilli.

Since 1938, Grazia has accompanied women and men of different generations, thanks to its unmistakable mix of news, habits and trends, and its ability to interpret fashion with a sophisticated eye.
Today, the readers, with whom the brand has established an solid relationship that is always fresh and youthful, are being asked to describe in a contest the emotions evoked by reading Grazia, accompanying the images with the hashtag #InStatoDiGrazia. Every week, the editorial team will then select the best pictures that will be published in the magazine and re-launched on Grazia’s Instagram and Facbook pages.

The protagonists of  #InStatodiGrazia Eleonora CarisiTamu McPherson and Candela Pelizza, who along with the new generation of emerging influencers from Grazia Factory, including Luna Bonaccorsi and Amaranta Medri, will launch the contest on Instagram.
#InStatoDiGrazia was presented in preview at a special evening held at the Ristorante Berton in Milan, where the editor Silvia Grilli welcomed influencers and other personalities from the world of fashion, music, cinema and literature, including Eros Ramazzotti, Eva Riccobono, Martina Colombari, Francesco Scianna, Matilde Gioli, Davide Oldani and Luca Bianchini.

The activity will be amplified by the Instagram and Facebook accounts of Grazia, where the brand already reaches some 5 million people (Source: Facebook Insights January 2018).

Raffaele Leone new editor-in-chief of Panorama

Raffaele Leone is to step in on 1° February as new editor-in-chief of the magazine Panorama.

57, from Catania, Raffaele Leone started his career on the news desk of the daily La Sicilia. After that, he joined the editorial staff of the daily Indipendente and then moved to Il Giornale in 1994 where, among other things, he was chief news editor and head of the Rome editorial staff, until becoming central chief editor. In 2006, he was appointed deputy editor-in-chief of Grazia. Since 2007, he has been deputy editor-in-chief of Panorama, and was named executive deputy editor-in-chief in 2009.

The Mondadori Group wishes to extend its heartfelt thanks to Giorgio Mulè – who has decided to embark on a new personal endeavour – for the passion, enthusiasm, outstanding professional qualities and spirit of innovation that has driven his work for 20 years in Segrate.

Grazia is the media partner of Medusa Film for the preview of the film ‘Made in Italy’

Grazia, the Mondadori Group magazine edited by Silvia Grilli, is the media partner of Medusa Film for the preview of ‘Made in Italy’, directed by Luciano Ligabue, in cinemas from 25 January.

Always a supporter to exclusive events linked to the big screen, Grazia will be present at a preview of the film, which stars Stefano Accorsi and Kasia Smutniak.
The event (which will take place at 8.30 pm on Tuesday 23 January at  the Odeon cinema in Milan) will also be attended by the director and the full cast.
This exclusive evening will be introduced by Giampaolo Letta, chief executive of Medusa, and Silvia Grilli.

Appointments related to the world of cinema are part of an extensive calendar of events celebrating the 80th anniversary of Grazia. As an interpreter of Italian fashion and style and the most qualified point of reference for Made in Italy, during 2018, Grazia will celebrate this important anniversary together with its loyal readers, celebrities, the world of fashion and beauty that surrounds the magazine, as well s the advertising clients that have always believed in this historic brand.

A year of success for CasaFacile

A new site, more castings to join the CF Style team, special initiatives and events for the magazine’s 20th anniversary

CasaFacile confirms its position as strategic brand and records +23% in revenues vs. 2016

A year full of special initiatives, news and events. 2017, for CasaFacile 2017 marked its 20th year, and it is preparing to welcome 2018 with much that is new.

Never more than this year has the Mondadori Group’s interiors monthly, dedicated to those who love their home and want to experience it every day with style and originality, met the challenge of accompanying readers on a discovery of a world that is simple, accessible and aspirational, all at the same time, while also making the dream of an ideal home both real and possible.

An exciting and trendy soul, with a touch of anti-conformity, has made the magazine, edited by Giusi Silighini, a winning product, made up of creative ideas and original suggestions that have always ranged from decoration to DIY, with a growing attention to style, design and innovative furnishing solutions.

“I asked my team to focus on the approach to features, above all when the subject might seem banal or unexciting,” the editor Giusi Silighini explained. “The ‘standard’ guide to choosing a matrass now starts from the highly personal style of sleep of each of us, before looking at the opinions of experts, the ‘classic’ layout of a child’s bedroom becomes an opportunity to apply the pedagogical principles of Maria Montessori. In this way, every page is ‘animated’ and the information becomes more layered in order to enrich all kinds of content, a bit like with HTML 4.0!”.

Among the many surprises that have marked the year . from the dream house to the CasaFacile Design Lab, as well as  workshops, supplements and the “Facciamo Casa” box set, produced with Mondadori Store – CasaFacile now brings to newsstands a special issue on the magic atmosphere of Christmas, with a scintillating cover and three whole homes, specially decorated and photographed by the magazine0s team.

The new and the CF Style community

Also the CasaFacilecasa-sul-web” (home-on-the-web) is completely new: even more beautiful, with more images and videos and easier to use. The changes include: broader content, tutorials, DIY, shopping suggestions among crafts and  design, as well as the new panoramic format and the homepage slider with high-impact photos that make it easier to catch the mood and style details. On there are also 20 videos dedicated to design icons, selected and presented by the journalist and TV presenter Giorgio Tartaro and the directories for CF style architects and Interior designers (all selected by the editorial team) ready to reply to readers queries ranging from to the simple restyling of a room. The redesign of the site has contributed to a growth in the traffic of casa, which is currently stable at around 300,000 unique visitors/month (Source: Audiweb View – Total Audience Digital– Average in the last 3 months).

CasaFacile is now much more than a magazine: in 7 years of active presence on social media it has created a team of 24 creative bloggers that share the style and actively participate in the title’s initiatives, but, above all, cultivate a dynamic and enthusiastic community of some 287,000 fans on Facebook and 103,000 followers on Instagram.

But the CasaFacile team will get even better: in January 2018 we will run a new casting to enlarge the team of bloggers and identify new ambassadors of the CF style. Details about how to take part and apply will appear soon on both the site and in the magazine.

The figures of an advertising success

The new editorial approach of CasaFacile has also been rewarded by the advertising clients. In fact, 2017 has confirmed the importance of CasaFacile as a strategic advertising vehicle. The brand continues to grow, both in terms of the number of clients (more than 160 this year, also form outside the sector), and in terms of advertising revenues. Indeed, the positive trend has led to an increase for the CasaFacile system of +23% in revenues, compared with 2016, a result achieved though both display advertising and  thanks to the numerous special projects and events organised exclusively for partner clients.

The launch of Grazia Factory

A new generation of talented influencers in fashion, beauty and lifestyle selected and guided by Grazia

Grazia, the Mondadori Group brand, interpreter of Italian fashion and style, presents Grazia Factory, a new project that features and gives voice to the most interesting fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencers.

For its unmistakeable style Graziaedited by Silvia Grilli, is widely recognised as the most qualified point of reference  for Made in Italy and one of the preferred advertising vehicles for upscale fashion and cosmetics companies.

As a pioneer of the world of influencer marketing, also for its unique ability to collaborate with the most dynamic and sophisticated communities , Grazia  covered the revolution made by the protagonists of digital communication in the world of fashion and style with the exhibition YOU – The Digital Fashion Revolution, at the Palazzo della Triennale in Milan.

With Grazia Factory, the brand has expanded its pool of content creatorsselecting and presenting the new talents that best interpret the values of Grazia and its world of reference.

More than 20 protagonists, each with a distinctive style and personality: from talent to top influencers, as well as niche-influencer able to bring together a highly loyal audience, with the same passions and interests. A source of inspiration thanks to a direct and sincere relationship with tens of thousands of followers, they are an expression of effective, natural and immediate communication, ideal for giving space and support to companies and brands with vertical, tailor-made projects that can be amplified by the reach of Grazia.

Grazia Factory will have a dedicated channel on characterised by original storytelling, videos and exclusive shootings, in which the influencers will be the protagonists. The home page will feature a full-screen teaser – horizontal on desktop PCs and vertical on smartphones – with a short few seconds preview of the content aimed at drawing the user into the story.

Grazia Factory is made up of 4 sections that are continuously updated: Hot Now, for the presentation of the Factory’s talents. Double Style: exclusive photo shoots for comparing two looks. A week in style with: fashion features, focused on the “7-days looks” of the protagonists of the Factory. And Selected by: a feature on the influencers that looks at their passions.

The leading fashion brand, 100% Made in Italy, Grazia can count on 2.8 million contacts per month reaching 5 million people on Facebook (Source: calculated by the advertising company based on figures from Audiweb TDA April 2017 and Audipress 2017/2; Facebook Insights October 2017).

With this new project,  Mediamond can offer even more complete and effective advertising solutions. In a premium and editorially refined context, clients can take advantage of a collaborative partnership for communication projects that are in line with the expectations of today’s consumers.

To mark the launch, a campaign has been organised across different media: print, digital and social, with a focus on Instagram.

Grazia Factory will be celebrated this evening with an exclusive cocktail party in Milan, in a New York-style loft in the centre of Brera, decorated for the occasion in the style of Andy Warhol’s  Factory: the guest will include the influencers and Finnano Fenno, illustrator and visual designer, who will stage a live performance for Grazia Factory.

GialloZafferano Day

An event marking the launch of the first book of recipes by food bloggers will take place at the same time in 13 different italian locations

On 25 November 2017 for the first time 20 leading food bloggers from Italy’s biggest community will take part in a showcooking event in collaboration with Mondadori Store

In bookshops now Le ricette dei nostri food blogger, the new book by GialloZafferano (published by Mondadori) brings together 180 recipes, conceived and realised by 20 of the best food bloggers on Italy’s most popular cooking site.

The protagonist will be the brand’s food blogging community – Italy’s largest – which, up and running since 2009, now boasts over 1,000 blogs, 320 new recipes every day and 9 million fans on Facebook.

The publication of this book is another element that testifies to the strength of the Mondadori Group brand, leader in the online coking segment – with 6 million unique users on the web (Source: Audiweb Total Digital Audience, September 2017) and 5.4 million fans on Facebook – which in April this year also made its first appearance on newsstands with the monthly Giallo Zafferano.

To celebrate the publication of the book a Giallo Zafferano Day has been organised in collaboration with Mondadori Store, il Giallo Zafferano Day. It will take place on 25 November, at 13 locations across Italy, and the 20 food bloggers will participate in showcooking event during which they will prepare one of the featured recipes and sign copies of the book.

The event will take place at the following locations:

Forlì with Antonella Vergari (Noce Moscata food blog), at the Mondadori Bookstore;

Grosseto with Valentina Donati (Cinque quarti d’arancia) and Maurizio Vanni (Piatti pronti in un attimo), at the il Caffè Carducci di Corso Carducci 18;

Imperia with Luisa Orizio (Allacciate il grembiule), at the Mondadori Bookstore;

Marsala with Elena Laudicina (Cucina facile con Elena), at the Trattoria il Gallo Innamorato;

Milano with Sara Bonaccorsi (Cucina con Sara), Rossella Cosentino (Rossella in padella) and Ivana Ester Marra (Studenti ai fornelli), at the Mondadori Megastore in Via San Pietro all’Orto;

Modica with Stephanie Cabibbo (Mastercheffa), at the Mondadori Bookstore;

Monselice with Francesca Del Vecchio (Dolci creazioni…e non solo…tatam), at the Mondadori Bookstore;

Pinerolo with Rosella Errante (Nel tegame sul fuoco) at the Mondadori Bookstore;

Roma with Valeria Ciccotti (Vale Cucina e fantasia), at the Mondadori Bookstore in Via Tuscolana;

Salerno with Rossella Maraio (Rossella… Pane e cioccolato) and Tina Vinciguerra (Le ricette di Tina), at the Mondadori Bookstore;

Taranto with Marisa Malomo (Il mio saper fare), Loredana Cavotta (La cucina di Loredana), Pasquale Schiavone (Forno e fornelli) at the Mondadori Bookstore;

Trento with Leyla Farella (Dulcisss in forno), at the Mondadori Bookstore;

Velletri with Vanessa Gizzi (La cucina di Vane) at the Mondadori Bookstore.

The official hashtag for the event is: #GZDay17.

For more information:

The INTERNI brand at the Milano.Shanghai Furniture Fair

Along with Interni China a design talk on Italian Design Icon Makers and the preview presentation of the book “Icon Makers”

During the Milano.Shanghai Furniture Fair (which runs from 23 – 25 November 2017) INTERNI China and INTERNI, will present a talk; Italian Design Icon Makers. Comparing Stories and Thoughts.

The event will take a closer look at leading design figures, shifting the attention from designers to the people who work behind the scenes but play a key role in innovation and the international success of Made in Italy furniture, as well as the evolution of taste and design.

Opinion makers, entrepreneurs, communicators, photographers and creatives, in the broadest sense, are also the subject of Icon Makers, the third volume in the INTERNI Serie Oro series, that will be presented for the first time in Shanghai and the continues the account of the development of Italian design begun in 2014 with the volume celebrating the magazine’s first “60 Years” and the collector’s issue 500 Italian Design Icons Still in Production (December 2016).

Taking part in the conversation Italian Design Icon Makers. Comparing Stories and Thoughts  – that  will take place on Thursday 23 November at 2.30 pm, at the Shanghai Exhibition Center – Dome Hall – Piazza Italiana – will be Yang Dongjiang (Editor-in-chief INTERNI China and professor at the Tsinghua University Academy of Art and Design), Gilda Bojardi (editor of INTERNI), Claudio Luti (president of the Salone del Mobile), Francesco Scullica (professor and course director of the Master in Interior Design at the Politecnico di Milano – and Zheng Guoda General Manager Shanghai Pellini.

These international guests, representing the worlds of business, publishing and academia, will examine the importance of the role of entrepreneurs and other key operators in the Italian design system in transforming the work of a designer into an innovative design icon, through the management of skills, knowledge and investment..

For more information: