70% of school leavers do not see artificial intelligence as a threat, but as an opportunity for the future

Here are the results of the Studenti.it survey conducted before the upcoming 2024 State Examinations

What are the expectations and how are boys and girls preparing for the upcoming State Examinations? What most influenced them when choosing the path they will take after the exams? What is their opinion on such a topical issue as Artificial Intelligence?

Studenti.it, a Mondadori Group brand and a reference point for Gen Z at school, asked its community in view of the upcoming State Examinations that will be held on 19 June: over 1,600 young people responded within 48 hours.


According to the survey conducted by Studenti.it, the majority of high school seniors (70 per cent) see Artificial Intelligence as an opportunity for their future, given the speed at which the world of work is changing, while only 30 per cent view this new reality with fear.
The recent development of AI has also directly affected the post-diploma choices of 36% of respondents, who said they took this into account when considering their future path after high school. In contrast, 64% stated that it did not influence their choice because they still knew too little about it.

With regard to their future after school, the majority of those who had already decided (45%) opted for university (35%). There were still many undecided (55%) whose concerns will disappear in the coming months, reaffirming the importance of orientation programmes throughout their school career.


Studenti.it asked its users what was the tool they used most to prepare for the 2024 State Examinations and how much they used digital tools in their study hours. The PC, chosen by 40 per cent of the final year students, was considered the most convenient device for accessing various learning resources – including notes, e-books and videos – and also the most suitable for long study sessions (over four hours a day for 53 per cent of the final year students).
In total, 3 out of 4 students stated that they use digital media for study (in addition to PCs, tablets 9%, smartphones 8% and AI 7%).
In addition, 27% of young people take dietary supplements to improve their memory and concentration while studying.


After many hours of study, how do students on the cusp of their exams relax? The Studenti.it survey shows that playing sports (25%) and listening to music (15%) are the most frequently used strategies.

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