Here comes #inviaggioconchi: Chi’s new digital format to tell the story of Italy’s beauty

From today on Instagram and YouTube an exclusive 'on the road' program hosted by the editor of Chi, Massimo Borgnis, joined by Margherita Zanatta

Here comes #InviaggioconChi, the new digital format that Chi, Italy’s most widely read people magazine, is dedicating to rediscovering the riches of the Bel Paese.

Accompanying editor Massimo Borgnis on the six stages of the program – available from today, Monday, 17 June, every week on the brand’s Instagram and YouTube channels – will be the exuberant Margherita Zanatta, the TAAG! talent with an unmistakable voice, a hilarious content creator, radio speaker, author, television presenter and founder of the Disagio Club.

Together they will cross the whole Boot ‘on the road’ to discover well-known locations, unconventional places and hidden gems in the country: from the Sacro Monte of Varese to the village of Vendersi (AL), known as the Village of the Scarecrows, from the colourful Via dei Presepi San Gregorio Armeno in Naples to the Sanctuary of Ripalta, immersed in the olive groves of Cerignola, passing through the ruins left by the Serenissima in Bergamo Alta to the ‘ideal city’ of the Renaissance, Sabbioneta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

#InviaggioconChi is an opportunity to show our readers little-known or even undiscovered places that are easy to reach and that can be an opportunity to rediscover hidden stories linked to wonderful places in our country and for an outing that is both fun and educational”, stressed Chi’s editor Massimo Borgnis. “This is all done with a sense of humour, thanks to the wit of my priceless travelling companion, Margherita Zanatta”, Borgnis added.

The common thread that links the episodes of this first edition of #InviaggioconChi are the inns that are the stars of the new Food Network television program on Channel 33, Locande del cuore’” – created and written by Massimo Borgnis – and hosted with Roberto Valbuzzi, the well-known chef and owner of the restaurant Crotto Valtellina – airing from Tuesday, 18 June at 22:00.

A partner of #InviaggioconChi, thanks to Piemme, Chi’s exclusive dealer, is the KGM Torres car from the Koelliker Group, which will take readers and users across Italy to discover our beautiful country.

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