Mondadori Store opens a new bookstore in the medieval town of Marzano Appio

Mondadori Store, the largest bookstore network in Italy, will inaugurate the bookstore in Marzano Appio (CE) inside the Plaza Shopping Centre today at 10 a.m. Mondadori Store further expands its already extensive network of bookstores, providing the public with a new standard dedicated to the world of books, culture and entertainment in the Caserta province.

“The Mondadori Bookstore in Marzano Appio – a municipality of medieval origin that owes its name to the famous Marzano family – responds to the desire to create a true cultural stronghold for the region in a place that’s already steeped in history”, said Salvatore Iumiento, when asked about his eleventh bookstore as a Mondadori Store franchisee, after the previous opening in Conversano (BA). “The goal, which we share with the network, is to offer a meeting place in the area for readers of all ages, encouraging sociability and reading, which we’ll also be able to accomplish thanks to collaborating with cultural associations engaged in the promotion of books”, Iumiento finished.

The new bookstore covers 150 m2 and offers a selection of around 18,000 titles, focusing on books, from the great classics to best sellers, without forgetting early readers with the We are Junior format, which includes educational games and illustrated books to stimulate children’s imagination with the most fascinating stories, and the department dedicated to the phenomenon of manga and comics, Just Comics. There is also an area dedicated to stationery, along with gift boxes, gift cards and a selection of eReaders to expand the store’s offer.

The Mondadori Bookstore in Marzano Appio also serves readers online: customers can be updated on all the activities and events planned through the Facebook and Instagram pages. They will also be able to get in touch with the store through the digital services to check if a book is available, order it and pick it up in the store, choosing from a catalogue of over 1 million titles.

The new Mondadori Bookstore follows the plan for renewal and development of Mondadori Store, the largest bookstore network in Italy, with more than 500 stores in cities and smaller towns. This cultural organisation is active throughout the country, online with the e-commerce site and the book club. In addition to books, its primary service, it also provides entertainment, events and multichannel services, reaching more than 20 million customers every year.

Centro Commerciale Plaza Shopping Centre
Via Casilina, 8, 81035 Marzano Appio (CE)
Opening times: Mon–Sat 9:00–21:00; Sun 10:00–21:00
Phone: +39 0823.1211990