TAAG! enters the world of podcasts

After the success of the podcast hosted by Giulia Salemi, Mondadori Media’s talent management agency launches the first Italian Gamecast created by Elen Ellis

TAAG!, Mondadori Media’s talent agency dedicated to artists from the world of entertainment, enters the podcast sector with two special personalities, Giulia Salemi and Elen Ellis, cementing its ability to promote the careers of its talents across all media, from digital to TV, radio to events.

With Non lo faccio x moda, the successful podcast by Giulia Salemi, radio and TV presenter, model and influencer, TAAG! today joins The Roulette Talk, the first Italian gamecast. A real game within a podcast, written, developed and hosted by Elen Ellis, talent and digital creator of TAAG!, and distributed by Warner Music.

The podcast’s watchwords are fun, irreverence and wit. The eight possible themes drawn from the roulette wheelclichés and society, the dark side of fame, body and self-esteem, the secrets of success, past present and future, love and sex, sincerity and a surprise theme – are tackled by the presenter through biting, provocative and incisive questions.

“You only win In The Roulette Talk if you’re honest”, said Elen Ellis. “Gamecast seemed to me the most appropriate name to describe content like this: a new podcast, a game, a challenge with others and with yourself, to understand to what extent we allow ourselves to be sincere and to what extent we allow others to be sincere”.

In case the guest doesn’t want to answer a question, he or she can play a joker card but there’s a catch: they must do a penalty drawn at random, as per the gamecast rules.

The first episode, which will be followed by other episodes on a weekly basis, each one full of surprises and characters – including Valentina Ferragni, Giulia de Lellis, Nilufar Addati, Edoardo Tavassi and Sasy Cacciatore – will be available on YouTube and all streaming platforms (https://wmipodcast.lnk.to/theroulettetalk) from today, Thursday 30 May, and will feature Beatrice Valli, the entrepreneur and influencer with more than 3 million followers.

TAAG! is Mondadori Media’s new talent management agency. Active in the world of entertainment, TAAG! is focused on the research and management of transversal artists in the entertainment scene of today and tomorrow. The agency’s mission is to support its talents in building successful growth paths in all media and to enhance them through innovative integrated communication projects, ranging from digital to TV, radio to events.