Webboh summer: an explosive summer for Gen Z

● Many events coming up around Italy this year again, beginning with the ‘Webboh Fest’ music tour and ‘Webboh Camp’
● A new edition of the BeYou Diary and a whole back-to-school line in September
● The partnership with Cosnova and DeAKids and other branded activities

Webboh, Italy’s number one media brand for the younger generation, gets into the swing of things this summer with no less than eight events across the country, as well as a new back-to-school line.

These events cement Webboh’s ability to engage its 4.5 million followers with a 100% under 24 target audience with live – and online – initiatives, something that generates more than 16 million interactions on social media each month (Sensemakers/Comscore Data, May 2024).

Webboh Fest

The main event is the Webboh Fest, a travelling music festival for the very young, which returns this year from July to September and will feature the most popular singers and creators. It’s set to start on 12 July on the new stage in Giulianova, followed by Rimini on 3 August and Mirandola on 6 September. The three stages will be hosted by Andrea Prada and will feature Sara Esposito, creator and YouTuber with millions of followers, as co-hostess. Admission is free.

Among the many artists who have confirmed they will be participating are Rosa Chemical, El Matador (newcomer of Netflix’s talent show ‘Nuova Scena’) and NewGen’s favourite youngsters, like Il Rosso, Pucho, Luk3, Ascanio and Lorenz Simonetti. At the end of each evening, there will be a DJ set by Matteo Robert, one of the most famous Gen Z creators in Italy.

Among the changes of this edition is the addition of DeAKids (Sky Channel 601) cameras, which will give a backstage look into the different stages with creators Lisa Luchetta and Alberto Tozzi. All exclusive content will be shown over the course of the summer on the channel’s social media page and, in September, on DeAKids in the Webboh Backstage Secrets Summer Tour special, which will relive the event’s best moments.

Also worth mentioning is Radio Bruno, which will be a radio partner for Webboh Fest.

Webboh at AquaFan in Riccione

Once again this year, thanks to its partnership with AquaFan, Webboh will bring the historic amusement park in Riccione to life together with leading Italian creators with a mini-show and a meet and greet open to the public. Four dates: 11 and 25 July and 8 and 21 August, during the night-time openings of the park.

Webboh Camp

The Webboh summer continues with the Webboh Camp, from 20 to 27 July in the Tuscan Maremma, in an extraordinary location immersed in one of Italy’s most beautiful landscapes, together with its prestigious partner, Experience Summer Camp, Italy’s number one organiser of summer camps for young people aged 6 to 22. An opportunity for the community to spend an unforgettable summer experience together with five creators: Alberto Tozzi, Jenni Serpi, Sara Esposito, singer Luk3 and the face of Webboh, Claudia Mariani who, together, have more than 4 million followers on TikTok alone.
The youngsters will experience a digital education with Alessio Carciofi, one of Europe’s leading experts on digital well-being. Once again, the DeAKids will be on hand to watch and reveal the highlights of the holiday.

BeYou Diary and Licensing

It’s not just events taking place in the country: Webboh is also preparing to accompany the very young in the new school year.
Created in collaboration with BE YOU, the BE YOU Webboh Diary, created together with the community, is back for the third year running. It features over 100 stickers, more than 40 special ‘against boredom’ pages for break times, birthdays of favourite creators and a brand new ‘treasure hunt’. The diary, which has sold out immediately over the past two years, will be available from the end of June in shopping centres, bookshops, stationery stores and online.

A new addition this year, along with the case, is the BE YOU Webboh backpack.

Continuing with the theme of licensing, the smartphone cover created by the Webboh community in collaboration with La Casa de Las Carcasas will be on the market from September and will be launched from the Webboh Fest stage on 6 September in Mirandola.

Opportunities for Brand Partners

Webboh’s summer initiatives represent a further business opportunity with a broader offer of content and diversified branded content solutions.
Among the first partners to have joined in is cosnova Italia, a well-known cosmetics brand involved in coordination and collaboration with Brand On Solutions, a Mediamond project area, which at the first stage of the Webboh Fest, in Giulianova, will focus on the new Spring-Summer 2024 Essence Collection with the involvement of acapodelglobo, a creator from the Power Talent Agency roster with over 2.4 million followers, and Newcomer of the Year at the 2024 Webboh Awards.

Webboh is the flagship media for Gen Z. Created in April 2019, it has been part of Mondadori Media since February 2023. It currently has a fanbase of 4.5 million followers across TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and WhatsApp, 70% of which are under 24. The website receives 3 million unique monthly users (source: Audiweb Last Quarter 2024). It is in the top ten most influential Italian media companies on social media, as well as the first targeting Generation Z for engagement and video views (source: Italian Top Media Rankings for First Communication made by Sensemakers). The topicality, authenticity and interest generated by the content is guaranteed by the bottom-up editorial model: the community is involved in every part of the creative process.