Mondadori Group obtains certification for gender equality

Important recognition as part of the Diversity & Inclusion path, which started three years ago to promote an inclusive culture and equal opportunities in the company

Certification confirming the company’s commitment and ability to create a working environment increasingly focused on equity and inclusion: this is the UNI/PDR 125:2022 gender equality certificate obtained by the Mondadori Group.

The certification, which is valid for three years, was issued by Bureau Veritas, an accredited certifying body, following an audit that recognised the Mondadori Group’s solid commitment to valuing diversity and significantly favouring inclusion within the company.

This is a further step forward in the strategic path begun in 2021 with the creation of the Diversity & Inclusion unit, designed to guarantee fair and transparent opportunities for the entire Mondadori community, giving them the chance to express their uniqueness and talent while strengthening their sense of belonging to the company.

‘We are proud to have received this award, as it is the result of the strategic approach that we have developed as a Group regarding diversity, inclusion and gender equality,’ says Mondadori Group CEO Antonio Porro. ‘As a publishing company, we have a responsibility to foster cultural change through the content we offer our readers and users every day, becoming a virtuous role model in the appreciation of such issues. This is a goal we will continue to pursue as we look towards sustainable growth, increasingly integrating ESG into our business plans.’

‘This certification confirms that there is a strong conviction within the Mondadori Group that we must continue to create a space for social reflection, and not just economic value. Attention to gender balance certainly translates into a more inclusive working environment, but also into better allocation of each person’s talent, and into a greater drive for innovation, which only comes from legitimising different points of view,’ underlines Francesca Rigolio, Chief Diversity Officer of the Mondadori Group. ‘For our journey, which started three years ago, this certification is an important milestone, generating renewed enthusiasm in the Group to further develop the many ongoing and future projects.’

Based on the UNI/PDR 125:2022 practice of reference, the certification was obtained by measuring, reporting and evaluating a set of qualitative and quantitative indicators capable of driving change in corporate gender equality policies. The KPI are spread over six areas: culture and strategy, governance, HR processes, growth opportunities and inclusion of women in the company, gender pay equity, parental protection and work-life balance.

With specific reference to parenting, the project launched in 2023 was particularly appreciated. Its goal was to work towards a genuine shift in culture and approach by providing all new parents with useful, concrete tools — such as the parental kit or counselling service — at a time of great change in their professional and personal lives.

Moreover, as part of its selection processes, Mondadori is one of the first companies in Italy to adopt blind CVs, which do not contain information on candidates’ gender or age. This leads to a selection process that is as fair and inclusive as possible, and not influenced by gender bias.

Also of great importance among the Group’s policies was the fact that top management was assigned a three-year ESG target, focusing on key gender equality indicators such as the percentage of women in management positions and reduction of the gender pay gap. This parameter is anchored to a comprehensive system of constantly monitored KPIs, which testifies to Mondadori’s concrete commitment to this issue.

Sustainability plan

Obtaining certification for gender equality is one of the objectives achieved as part of the Group’s Sustainability Plan, through which Mondadori is pursuing its commitment to continuously improve its ESG performance.

The plan is divided into three large areas:

  • ‘Social’ – enhancing people, contents and places for education and culture;
  • ‘Governance’ – promoting sustainable corporate success;
  • ‘Environment’ – spreading the environmental culture and mitigating impacts on ecosystems.

In the plan, quantitative and qualitative targets and short and medium-term actions are identified that are linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out in the 2030 Agenda.

Webboh Lab: one in three teenagers admits to having behaved like a bully

From the stage of Marlù Webboh Vibes in Sanremo, tinted BLUE for the National Day Against Bullying and Cyberbullying, come the results of a survey conducted by Webboh Lab.

More than 9,000 young people between the ages of 13 and 20 responded to the instant survey on bullying in 48 hours, showing how relevant the issue is for younger generations.

More than two thirds of respondents stated that they had felt bullied and that school is where most bullying and abuse takes place.

Today, for the National Day Against Bullying and Cyberbullying, the stage at Marlù Webboh Vibes in Sanremo was tinted BLUE to reflect the topic of the day. To raise awareness among young people, experts in the field were invited to the stage, and the results of the instant survey conducted by Webboh Lab were presented. Over 9,000 young people from the Webboh community between the ages of 13 and 20 responded to the survey in 48 hours.

Seventy per cent of respondents say they have felt bullied, confirming a dramatic trend already highlighted by events in the news.

When asked directly whether they have ever been a bully, 66% answered negatively. However, one in three admitted to being a bully, which expresses possible overlap between those who are bullied and those who, after being bullied, become bullies themselves.

According to 60% of respondents, bullying is not gender-specific, but a behaviour adopted equally by boys and girls, and for more than 75% of respondents, school is where bullying and abuse are most prevalent. For 68% of respondents, bullying is something that has always existed and it can affect victims of all ages.

The research outlined 4 profiles of ‘bullies’:

The Shadow (50.2%) is driven by personal insecurities and family problems and seeks acceptance through harmful behaviour. This person is a victim of bullying and shows a lack of empathy, with difficulties communicating and managing inner conflict, and requires external support to break the destructive cycle.

The Heartless Tyrant (20.9%) acts with deliberate malice and lack of empathy, motivated not by insecurities, but by a desire to dominate. This person is emotionally isolated, with a tendency not to seek support, and requires intervention to develop empathy and constructive strategies to resolve conflicts.

The Angry Fury (15.4%) is motivated by economic hardship and anger, expressing aggression not to gain fame, but as a direct result of frustration. This person shows a tendency to avoid confrontation and seek isolation, and requires strategies to manage anger and improve social relationships.

The Fake Fragile (13.5%) acts to compensate for vulnerability and lack of family support, often without intending to hurt the other person. Trapped in a cycle of anger and frustration, with difficulty managing conflicts and a tendency not to communicate problems, this person requires support to develop resilience and face challenges.


Webboh Lab, stemming from an encounter between Webboh (4 million followers on social media) and the Sylla research institute with Furio Camillo as scientific director, is the first permanent observatory on Gen Z. Webboh Lab is committed to hearing the voice of the younger generation, investigating and exploring their issues and bringing them to the table of people making decisions for them, the adults of tomorrow.

Gender-based violence: 83% of Italian teenage girls condemn the cultural environment

For the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Webboh Lab launched a survey to which 8,000 teenage girls responded.

When asked about the causes of violent behaviour against women, 83% of young Italian women believe that the main reason is the cultural environment in which they live every day.

Webboh Lab put forward an instant survey for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to which 8,000 girls and women between the ages of 12 and 20 responded. 71% of today’s teenage girls, who will be tomorrow’s adults, blame the culture of male dominance and sexist mentality for violence against women.

According to the young girls and women questioned, the cause due to “behaviour” is entirely marginal: violence, for them, does not stem from stressful states or psychological problems, but from a society that has normalised the position and social power of men, role expectations, and attitudes exalting strength for too long, without any self-criticism, looking for the cause in the ‘monster’, in order to take away responsibility.

The research shows that, in the perception of girls, there are at least five profiles of violent men: the self-absolvers (43%), i.e. those who continually justify their violent behaviour, reflecting a culture that perpetuates it; the medievalists (19%), who are linked to entrenched gender roles and family dynamics; the amplifiers of violence (17%), who experience aggression as an echo of bad media reports about the violence in the world around them and the impact on society; the underpressured (12%), represented by those who struggle with personal stress and family pressure; the de-empowered (9%), who blame power and gender role imbalances for their violence.

The identification of complex and different profiles of violent men makes it clear that multiple measures acting on different levels are needed. Solutions proposed by different experts that emerged from the interviews – from affective education to psychological counselling, from awareness-raising activities to the adoption of more restrictive measures when the first signs of aggression appear – must be applied in a targeted manner for each behavioural profile and for the individual subject.

Webboh Lab, created from the meeting between Webboh (3 million followers on social media) with the research institute Sylla, with Chief Science Officer, Professor Furio Camillo, is the first Permanent Observatory on Gen Z. Webboh Lab’s commitment is to gather the voice of the younger generation, to investigate and explore the issues in order to bring them to the table of those who make decisions for them, the adults of tomorrow.

Webboh and The Wom for raising awareness about gender violence with Gen Z

A week before the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the results of a survey launched by Webboh Lab and a range of content by The Wom and Webboh to empower young people.

Through its brands aimed at Gen Z, Webboh and The Wom, Mondadori Media delivered a range of activities and content aimed at raising awareness and understanding the views of young people on the issue of gender-based violence on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25 November).

Webboh Lab, the first permanent observatory dedicated to Gen Z, conducted an instant survey on the topic of violence against women: the 8,000 answers from girls and women aged between 12 and 20 showed that 83% of young Italian girls, when questioned on the causes of gender-based violent behaviour, believe that the main reason is the cultural environment in which they live every day.

The research shows that girls and young women think there are at least five profiles of violent men: the self-absolvers (43%), i.e. those who continually justify their violent behaviour, reflecting a culture that perpetuates it; the medievalists (19%), who are linked to entrenched gender roles and family dynamics; the amplifiers of violence (17%), who experience aggression as an echo of bad media reports about the violence in the world around them and the impact on society; the underpressured (12%), represented by those who struggle with personal stress and family pressure; the de-empowered (9%), who blame power and gender role imbalances for their violence.

For the event, the two publishing brands aimed at Gen Z have published a schedule full of social media and web content to raise awareness about gender-based violence, offering useful tools both from a practical point of view, such as emergency numbers, and a cultural point of view to help prevent and fight the phenomenon, involving the younger generations.

Specifically, The Wom, the 100% inclusive brand created with the aim of raising awareness and supporting change and which offers articles, videos and in-depth reports on a daily basis both on its website and social profiles, has delivered a dedicated publication, informative content, poems, events and calls to action, and an illustrated Instagram carousel inspired by the true stories of women and their fears that has encouraged more than 2.000 people to tell their stories publicly, garnering over 130,000 likes.

Together with Sorgenia, awareness-raising content was produced, consisting of small tips on what to do if you find yourself with a person you suspect may be a victim of violence. The project, connected to Sorgenia’s #sempre25novembre campaign, aims to keep attention focused on this social emergency every day of the year and not just on the 25th of November.

The Wom also published content in partnership with DONNEXSTRADA with the La violenza non è solo fisica ma… (Violence is not only physical, but…)campaign, with the aim of illustrating different types of violence, both psychological and physical. The initiative was a great success among its followers, also thanks to video interviews with 3 activists from the Association who presented topics such as gender-based violence, how to protect oneself against aggression and psychological violence, and how victims of violence can be helped.

Webboh specifically chose to highlight the anti-violence and anti-stalking number 1522, by posting on its Instagram Stories – every day for a week at 3.22 pm – the message: “Quando ne hai bisogno, chiama: è importante (When you need it, call: it’s important)”. It also spread the Italian State Police Guide that can help people recognise a toxic relationship. The motto chosen by Webboh to raise awareness, “This is not love”, has been echoed by its followers, with more than 150,000 likes and the post being saved more than 5,000 times.

The Wom and Webboh support DONNEXSTRADA, the non-profit association that offers help to victims of violence, promotes change in society, provides legal and psychological support to victims, works for prevention and has created a network of 150 Punti Viola – safe places for women to ask for help – throughout Italy.

We thank the DONNEXSTRADA group.


Webboh is the flagship media for Gen Z. Created in April 2019, it has been part of Mondadori Media since February 2023. It currently has a fanbase of 3 million followers across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, 70% of which are under 24. The website receives 2.5 million unique monthly users (source: Audiweb Monthly Average 2023). It is in the top ten most influential Italian media companies on social media, as well as the first targeting Generation Z for engagement and video views (source: Italian Top Media Rankings for First Communication made by Sensemakers). The topicality, authenticity and interest generated by the content is guaranteed by the bottom-up editorial model: the community is involved in every part of the creative process.

The Wom is the new all-digital, social media first brand dedicated to Millennials and Generation Z, who consider uniqueness a strength and a value that enriches themselves and others. The Wom is the flagship for the younger generation on TikTok and Instagram, with a total fanbase of 9 million followers and 9 million unique users on the Internet (Audiweb Total Digital Audience monthly average 2023)

Webboh Lab, created from a meeting between Webboh (3 million followers on social media) with the research institute Sylla, with Chief Science Officer Professor Furio Camillo, is the first Permanent Observatory on Gen Z. Webboh Lab is committed to gathering the voice of the younger generation, to investigate and explore the issues in order to bring them to the table of those who make decisions for them, the adults of tomorrow.

“Wrap a Book, Give the Future”

Oxfam Italia and Mondadori Store are once again collaborating in favour of inclusive education, with the third edition of their Christmas initiative

Guaranteeing inclusive education for all. This is the challenge that Oxfam is launching, for the third year running, together with Mondadori Store through their Christmas project “Wrap a Book, Give the Future”. Until 24 December, you can have your Christmas presents wrapped by the Oxfam volunteers present at Mondadori bookshops taking part in the initiative in major Italian cities.

The project is part of a partnership between the largest bookshop network in Italy, Mondadori Store, and Oxfam, the international confederation of non-profit organisations dedicated to reducing global poverty, helping and supporting families in socially difficult situations, and providing support for children’s education.

For more than 20 years, Oxfam has been active in Italy and around the world with programmes to combat educational disadvantages and spread the principles of global citizenship education aimed at cultural inclusiveness, which is perfectly in line with the objectives of the Mondadori Retail network and the entire Mondadori Group.

The funds raised in previous years have been invaluable in supporting thousands of young people with remedial classes and motivational and educational support in secondary schools.

Once again this Christmas, you can participate in the “Wrap a Book, Give the Future” initiative, aimed at guaranteeing equity and equal access and success at school for the most vulnerable students through emotional, motivational and educational support, thus keeping them from the risk of educational exclusion and dropping out of school. A small donation can be made directly at participating bookshops and also online at the dedicated page:

For three years now, Oxfam, with the support of Mondadori Store, has been committed to reducing school dropout rates and educational disadvantages, improving access to sociocultural services for families with severe economic difficulties. This year’s project involves over 150 schools, more than six thousand students and hundreds of teachers. The goal is to build inclusive schools by offering innovative teaching methods and exchange opportunities with other European schools, strengthening support for children at risk of dropping out, offering remedial courses in language and various scholastic skills, and, finally, instituting language mediation activities aimed at foreign students.

Through the collaboration between Oxfam and Mondadori Store, numerous activities will be held in several cities to animate and upgrade environments frequented by young people both in and out of school.

“The European main goal is to reduce the school dropout rate to 9% by 2030 and, despite progress in recent years, Italy is still at 12.7%,” says Roberto Barbieri, General Director of Oxfam Italia. “This is why our work this year is once again aimed at supporting schools that do not leave anyone behind, are attentive to the well-being of pupils and teachers, work in synergy with local resources and bring innovation to teaching. This commitment is aimed primarily at young people in the “peripheries” of our cities who experience greater social hardship and risk being left on the margins. We would like to thank Mondadori Store for their support, which helps us to be even more effective,” Barbieri concludes.

“School exclusion risks becoming even more severe for certain sections of the population, in a global situation of uncertainty and economic crisis such as the one we are currently experiencing. As publishers and booksellers, we have the responsibility to offer support to ensure a better future for children and young people. We are therefore continuing our commitment alongside Oxfam, aware that culture and education are primary channels for promoting inclusiveness, social cohesion and growth for all, in line with the sustainability objectives of the entire Mondadori Group,” says Francesco Riganti, Marketing Director of Mondadori Retail.

The initiative by Mondadori Store and Oxfam is part of the social responsibility path that the Mondadori Group has long undertaken, including through a series of activities to support communities, from promoting reading and education to training, social assistance and health care.



About Oxfam
Oxfam is a global movement of people who fight inequality to overcome poverty in 86 countries around the world. It saves and rebuilds lives in emergencies, promotes sustainable development and works to build a future without inequality where essential rights are guaranteed for everyone, everywhere, and no one is left behind.

About Mondadori Store
 Mondadori Store is the largest network of bookstores in Italy. It is a cultural organisation active nationwide, with more than 500 stores in both large cities and small towns, an e-commerce website — — and also a book club. In addition to books, its core business, it organises entertainment, events and multi-channel services, reaching more than 20 million customers every year.

Oxfam Special Projects Press Office
BertelliPigola Pr & Communication

Oxfam Italia Press Office
Mariateresa Alvino – 348.9803541
David Mattesini – 349.4417723

Mondadori Group Press Office
Tel. 02.75423159

Success for “Al chiaro di luna (By Moonlight)”, Chi’s first exclusive charity dinner at the Grand Hotel Rimini

More than 150,000 euros raised for the populations affected by the flood

Business owners and TV stars responded to Chi’s appeal

There was great success for Al Chiaro di Luna, the first, exclusive Charity Dinner organised by Chi, Italy’s most read “people” magazine. The dinner was held yesterday at the Grand Hotel Rimini to support the populations affected by the flood in Emilia-Romagna.

The Gala Dinner – which saw the participation of more than two hundred selected guests, including associations like Assolombarda and Federalberghi, Emilia-Romagna region institutions, Visit Romagna, Apt Servizi, companies including Orogel, and celebrities – was the event celebrating the “Insieme aiutiamo l’Emilia Romagna (Let’s Help Emilia-Romagna Together)” fundraiser launched by Mondadori Media, with Banca Mediolanum, in May for the populations affected by this tragedy. Fundraising will continue until 10 July. Proof of Italians’ good heart has once again been evidenced by a total donation that today exceeded 150,000 euros. This will be donated to specific reconstruction projects in the Emilia-Romagna region.

Many guests from the world of entertainment and business arrived at the Grand Hotel Rimini and were welcomed by the hosts: Chi‘s director, Massimo Borgnis; the managing editor, Alfonso Signorini; the CEO of Mondadori Media, Carlo Mandelli; and the owner of the Grand Hotel Rimini, Paola Batani. With them was TV Sorrisi e Canzoni‘s director, Aldo Vitali, and many other directors from Mondadori Media and Mediaset. Many business leaders and figures from the world of entertainment responded to Chi‘s charity appeal. The guests included: Milly Carlucci, Paola Barale, Simona Ventura, Giulia Salemi, Pierpaolo Pretelli, Elenoire Casalegno, Samantha de Grenet. Orietta Berti, Fabio Rovazzi, Achille Lauro, Sophie Codegoni, Alessandro Basciano, Alberto De Pisis, Elisabetta Gregoraci, and Ginevra Lamborghini also attended. Among the journalists were Alessandro Sallusti, Giorgia Venturini and Pierluigi Pardo and many others.

After the blue carpet, where all Chi‘s guests paraded, and the welcome cocktail, in the garden of the Grand Hotel, the evening continued with the charity dinner on the terrace. For the Chi fundraiser, Orietta Berti performed, singing the 2023 summer hit, La Discoteca Italiana, Mille e Luna Piena, while Alfonso Signorini played Chiaro di Luna by Beethoven, Romeo and Juliet by Nino Rota and Prelude, Op. 28, No. 4 by Chopin on the piano.

Chi‘s 2023 summer event then continued with the exclusive beach party on the beach of the Grand Hotel Rimini, with spectacles set up by sponsors, including experiences and games, like the VIP challenge with table football and music. After the live performance by Achille Lauro, the party continued with Claudio Cecchetto’s grand return to the deck.

The sponsors who helped make the success of this great event possible were: Eurotarget, Givova, Layla Cosmetics, Profumiamo Profumiamo. There were numerous partners, including: Antica Distilleria Petrone, Gruppo Deles, Orogel, Piemme, Profumiamo and Visit Romagna.

The best moments from the event were published on Chi‘s Instagram account and the brand’s more than 740,000 users were able to follow the whole evening live minute-to-minute (@chimagazineit; #alCHIarodiluna).

In the issue of the magazine, which will be on newsstands from Wednesday 5 July, readers will be able to read the full report about this special event.

Diversity Media Awards: to The Wom the award for the “Best Web Article”

Mondadori Media’s 100% inclusive digital brand has set itself apart in the field of media awards

The Wom, Mondadori Media’s 100% inclusive digital brand that speaks to young millennials and Generation Z, has won the Diversity Media Awards 2023 for the “Best Web Article”.

The eighth edition of the “Inclusion Oscars”, organised by the non-profit “Fondazione Diversity”, awarded the characters and media content that have contributed to an inclusive representation that highlights people by gender and gender identity, sexual and affective orientation, ethnicity, age, disability and physical appearance.

These are issues close to the heart of The Wom’s mission, which has become a touchstone for the younger generation on the Internet and on social media for the ability to combat prejudices and stereotypes with levity and empathy and highlight the uniqueness of every individual.

The Wom has set itself apart in the “Best Web Article” category – as part of the media awards – because of “‘No Data’: the investigation denouncing the lack of data on Italian Law 194”, written by contributor Francesca Polizzi.

“We are proud to receive this award: it’s an important recognition for the work done by The Wom team, just over a year after its debut on social media and the Internet. We make a daily commitment that comes from the need to make room for issues like equal rights, diversity and inclusion”, said Daniela Cerrato, Digital Marketing Director at Mondadori Media. “Our first mission is to raise awareness and we do it using a language that goes beyond any label, to get closer and closer to what our future represents, namely the new generations”, concluded Cerrato.  

That value, promoting an inclusive culture, is at the heart of the entire Mondadori Group’s commitment.

“As Mondadori Group we’re particularly proud of this major achievement from The Wom. It’s a privilege and a continuous source of enthusiasm for all of us to be able to contribute to the creation of a more inclusive, attentive and future-oriented society and world of work”, said Francesca Rigolio, Chief Diversity Officer of the Mondadori Group and Head of Human Resources in the Books Department.


The Wom is the new all-digital, social first media brand dedicated to Millenials and Generation Z, who consider uniqueness a strength and a value that enriches themselves and others. The Wom is the touchstone for the younger generation on TikTok and Instagram, with a total fanbase of 5 million followers (Shareablee + social insights May 2023) and 9 million unique users on the Internet (Audiweb April 2023)

Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni is the media partner for the Diversity Media Awards for the first time

During the evening Sorrisi will award Francesca Vecchioni with the Telegatto award

Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni, the leading brand in the world of entertainment, will take part as a Media Partner in this year’s Diversity Media Awards, the Oscars of Inclusion, created and promoted by the  Fondazione Diversity.

The Awards – which will take place this evening in Milan at the Teatro Lirico Giorgio Gaber – will be awarded to the figures and media content that have contributed to an empowering representation of diversity in the areas of gender and gender identity, sexual and affectional orientation, physical appearance, ethnicity, age and disability.

Sorrisi will take part in the forefront of the various stages of the event with content and analyses on the magazine, on social networks and online to share the stars of the numerous categories in the competition with its community of readers, users and followers, including: Best Italian Film, Best Italian TV Series, Best Foreign TV Series, Best TV Program, Best Radio Program, Best Podcast, Character of the Year, Creator of the Year, Best Digital Product, Best Kids Series, Press Awards and Best Newscast.

At the start of the evening TV Sorrisi e Canzoni will also be on the D-Rainbow carpet of the Diversity Media Awards to deliver the Telegatto award to Francesca Vecchioni. The founder and president of the Fondazione Diversity will receive the coveted statuette – which Sorrisi assigns to public figures who have stood out the most in the field of contemporary entertainment, from TV to sports, from music to cinema – for “dedication and concrete actions with a major social impact, aimed at promoting the dissemination of an ever-growing inclusive culture within the world of entertainment”, said the Director of the magazine Aldo Vitali.

“Chi by moonlight”: exclusive Chi charity dinner at the Grand Hotel Rimini to support the areas affected by the flood in Emilia-Romagna

More than two hundred guests, including celebrities, entrepreneurs and associations, will participate in the charity event created by the brand most loved by the stars

Chi, the most widely read “people” magazine in Italy, has chosen one of the most iconic locations in Italy, the Grand Hotel Rimini, for a charity event that demonstrates great support for the cause, and that will be held on Wednesday 28 June.

An exclusive summer party, with the magical and evocative theme of “By Moonlight”, involving the stars and players from the jet set, entertainment, politics, entrepreneurship and the country, but which above all demonstrates a generous and supportive heart: the Chi Charity Gala Dinner will be the culmination of the “Let’s Help Emilia-Romagna Together” fundraiser launched by Mondadori Media, together with Banca Mediolanum, in the hours immediately following the flood. All the proceeds from the dinner, in which more than two hundred entrepreneurs and celebrities will take part, will be donated to the Emilia-Romagna region through a dedicated account to support people and communities affected by floods and landslides.

“Helping those in need is increasingly urgent in our society”, said Alfonso Signorini, Chi managing editor. “Distracted by a thousand and one things, an emergency is enough to make us understand how important it is to be helpful. Nothing makes us feel better than being supportive. And it’s beautiful that Chi, who’s always been a symbol for escapist and leisure reading, is alongside the people of Emilia-Romagna for such an important cause. We’ll get back to entertaining, but now’s the time to act”.

“We want this gala evening to be a small but significant contribution to reviving a place, the Romagna Riviera, and a region, Emilia-Romagna, which has always been linked to the history and stories of Chi and its figures”, said Massimo Borgnis, the magazine’s editor-in-chief. “So what better opportunity to strengthen this bond by starting in the most symbolic place of the Riviera, the Grand Hotel Rimini, a concrete show of support, so that with the help of everyone, Romagna will soon return to being a place for la dolce vita, a place that’s about hospitality, joy and fun, which has been part of our holidays and our dreams and which Chi loves to describe in its pages”, Borgnis concluded.

Chi Summer Night: an exclusive evening by moonlight

Hosting the great party at Chi‘s invitation is the Grand Hotel Rimini of the Batani Group, a Liberty building of outstanding beauty, one of the iconic locations in Federico Fellini’s Amarcord, an incomparable location in the seaside history of the Riviera and of Made in Italy tourism.

“I’m pleased that, after the break due to the pandemic, Chi and Mondadori Media, to whom we have become great friends with and collaborated many times, have chosen the Grand Hotel Rimini and Romagna for their summer party. It will be a special evening, which has an even greater meaning, given the commitment made by everyone in the charity collection for the Emilia-Romagna region. It’s one more demonstration that if tourism is working, it can help those affected by the flood”, said Paola Batani, CEO of the Batani Group Select Hotels.

The exclusive event will start at 6:30 pm with an extraordinary blue carpet to welcome guests with a very impressive entrance in the Piazza Fellini, a grand thoroughfare for the public and the whole city. A welcome cocktail will follow in the majestic setting of the outdoor garden of the Grand Hotel Rimini, which will be set up with bright spheres to recall the theme of the evening, charming corners and a band that will play for guests throughout the cocktail.

Then the Charity Gala Dinner will begin, with a placée dinner, reserved for more than 200 guests, including entrepreneurs, associations and stars from the world of entertainment, on the terrace of the hotel that will end with a magnificent artistic performance. The tone of the evening will change for the third part: the after party on the private beach of the hotel that will be transformed into a exclusive club with musical performances, DJ sets, open bars and many corners that will entertain guests and be great fun for them.

On Chi‘s Instagram account, users will be able to follow the whole evening live minute-to-minute (@chimagazineit; #alCHIarodiluna)

Event sponsors and partners

Supporting Chi on this special occasion are institutions and companies who responded to the call for support launched by the magazine and who are participating in the Charity Gala Dinner. These include: Assolombarda, Federalberghi nazionale and Orogel.

The sponsors include:

  • EuroTarget, a brand distributing new and semi-new automobiles, where the customer is placed at the heart of the consultancy and not the vehicle. They recently acquired the former Lamborghini Factory in Pieve di Cento, which will become the new headquarters for the more than 50 people who make up this innovative dealership. The EuroTarget staff will support the stars of the show on the blue carpet and on the beach for the summer night of Chi “By Moonlight”;
  • Givova, the internationally recognised Campania brand that has become a leader in sportswear and more in a few years, and that has always supported Chi‘s initiatives with commitment and enthusiasm. Givova will also be here for this event with a corner on the beach, dedicated to well-being, which will become a fun meeting place for everyone;
  • the historic Milanese company Layla Cosmetics will be there with an area dedicated to Beauty where it will offer make-up experiences to guests;
  • Profumiamo Profumiamo will make the exhibit even more magical with special perfumers

The partners:

  • ANTICA DISTILLERIA PETRONE will offer its renowned bitters and liqueurs;
  • The Deles Group will be the star of a scenic beach showcooking with their Oyfr barbecues during the beach party;
  • Orogel, the strategic partner for the evening and Chi, will have a corner on the beach where guests will be able to enjoy delicious snacks late into the night. The Fondazione F.OR. (FruttDORO OROGEL) is at the forefront of support and has launched targeted interventions to help the flooded populations with supplies of food products and materials for removing the mud: it is setting up important investments for the most affected people, the agricultural partners and has carried out an important recovery operation for historical material (ancient books and library archival items) from different municipalities in Romagna with the regional office.
  • Visit Romagna will bring a preview of the Notte Rosa (Pink Night), a main event in the Riviera, to the beach, which will take place from 7 to 9 July, dedicated this year to the Pink Fluid theme.

The creative exhibit is entrusted to the Grand Hotel Rimini together with the agency Left&Right.


LET’S HELP EMILIA-ROMAGNA TOGETHER” is the name of the fundraising initiative open to readers, followers, customers and friends launched by Mondadori Media and Banca Mediolanum in the hours immediately following the flood. Everyone can contribute by sending a donation to the dedicated current account number in the name of “BANCA MEDIOLANUM – IBAN IT54O0306234210000002727272 – CAUSE: LET’S HELP EMILIA-ROMAGNA TOGETHER”.

Together is the initiative’s keyword: thanks to everyone’s generosity, every Euro collected will be donated to the Emilia-Romagna region to support people and communities affected by floods and landslides.

The Mondadori Group launches the parenting project

The project, aimed at providing concrete and effective support, consists in a leaflet of values, a parental kit and an individual counselling service

The initiative is part of Mondadori Care, the new corporate plan focused on care in its broadest sense, such as caring for oneself, one’s children, one’s parents and society


The Mondadori Group strengthens its commitment to fostering an increasingly more inclusive corporate culture with the launch of the parenting project.

Such new initiative will provide concrete support to all the Group’s new parents during this intense period of transition with the aim of making a very important moment of their life inclusive.

Mondadori is increasingly more committed to ensuring balance between one’s private and professional life and to paying attention to people’s needs through Diversity & Inclusion projects intended to enhance individual uniqueness: thematic webinars with external authorial contributions, activities, services and surveys – alongside corporate welfare – to promote open discussions and offer tools developed to improve people’s well-being.

The Mondadori Group’s new parenting project is part of Mondadori Care, a corporate plan conceived to foster care in its broadest sense, such as caring for oneself, one’s children, one’s parents and society.

“The idea according to which Mondadori Care was conceived is based on the awareness that our Group’s employees undergo many different experiences both at work and in their private life, such as for example the birth of a child, which often involves significant amounts of care. This initiative aims to support our people during the most delicate moments of their life as parents, children and members of the society in which we live. We not only wish to carefully listen to their needs, but to also provide them with the necessary skills and tools, thus strengthening their sense of belonging to Mondadori,” stated Francesca Rigolio, Chief Diversity Officer of the Mondadori Group.

The leaflet

The project will be presented through the launch of a leaflet containing the values in which the Group believes, also in view of developing corporate culture.

Mondadori’s approach to parenting is expressed through six points, wherein parenting is understood as:

  1. social heritage: to foster a vision of parenting as an amplifier of well-being by promoting the concept both within the Group and throughout its institutional seats through a series of dialogues and discussions;
  2. shared responsibility: to support a fair distribution of attention and care within families by overcoming gender stereotypes;
  3. organisational and emotional discontinuity: to foster open discussions and a constructive approach, so as to transform a person’s temporary leave into an opportunity for personal, professional and organisational growth;
  4. balance between professional and personal well-being: to carefully listen to the needs of those facing such period of transition and to promote flexibility and welfare tools designed to better balance individual aspirations and organisational needs;
  5. caring and loving relationships devoid of stereotypes and social conventions: to further support, through the legal tools available, any parent and type of couple without comprising the importance of a caring and loving relationship;
  6. free and unconditional choice: to support parenting as a choice and not as an obligation, so as to respect those who legitimately choose not to have children or are unable to become parents.

Parental kit

To provide concrete support to new parents, the project further includes a parental kit with all the tools and information needed to better plan the before, during and after parental leave period, from the announcement to the company to the re-entry preparations.

The parental kit consists of: a checklist with practical information and tips on how to organise these months in the best possible way; a parental booklet with regulatory details on maternity and paternity in Italy; an individual counselling service dedicated to our people with children up to 3 years of age. A space is also planned for listening and reflection and during which any doubts about returning from a leave, any evolutionary processes and parent-related difficulty can also be conveyed.


The first actions of the Mondadori Care’s planned initiatives, including the parenting project, were implemented through the service developed in partnership with the Atelier della Mente association which, through a free path of personalised guidance, aims to provide concrete answers to those whom are called to take care of a relative suspected of cognitive impairment. Such social issue is increasingly widespread at national level, as also demonstrated in recent research which highlights how, in Italy, 1 out of 3 workers take care of an elderly or non self-sufficient relative and that the vast majority of caregivers (70%) are women between the ages of 45 and 55 (sources: Istat data).

Throughout the year, Mondadori Care will launch further initiatives aimed at pursuing the growth path of the children of our Group’s employees, also via educational guidance opportunities.


The parenting project is one of the 2023 goals included in the Mondadori Group’s Three-year sustainability plan. Strategic settings, quantitative and qualitative targets and short to long term actions aimed at continuously improving the Group’s social, governance and environmental performance were identified within the document.

The Plan is divided into three macro areas of reference, consistently with the global goals of the United Nations Organisation:

  • “Social” – enhancement of people, contents and places for education and culture;
  • “Governance” – promotion of sustainable corporate success;
  • “Environment” – diffusion of environmental culture and mitigation of impacts on ecosystems.