The launch of Grazia Factory

A new generation of talented influencers in fashion, beauty and lifestyle selected and guided by Grazia

Grazia, the Mondadori Group brand, interpreter of Italian fashion and style, presents Grazia Factory, a new project that features and gives voice to the most interesting fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencers.

For its unmistakeable style Graziaedited by Silvia Grilli, is widely recognised as the most qualified point of reference  for Made in Italy and one of the preferred advertising vehicles for upscale fashion and cosmetics companies.

As a pioneer of the world of influencer marketing, also for its unique ability to collaborate with the most dynamic and sophisticated communities , Grazia  covered the revolution made by the protagonists of digital communication in the world of fashion and style with the exhibition YOU – The Digital Fashion Revolution, at the Palazzo della Triennale in Milan.

With Grazia Factory, the brand has expanded its pool of content creatorsselecting and presenting the new talents that best interpret the values of Grazia and its world of reference.

More than 20 protagonists, each with a distinctive style and personality: from talent to top influencers, as well as niche-influencer able to bring together a highly loyal audience, with the same passions and interests. A source of inspiration thanks to a direct and sincere relationship with tens of thousands of followers, they are an expression of effective, natural and immediate communication, ideal for giving space and support to companies and brands with vertical, tailor-made projects that can be amplified by the reach of Grazia.

Grazia Factory will have a dedicated channel on characterised by original storytelling, videos and exclusive shootings, in which the influencers will be the protagonists. The home page will feature a full-screen teaser – horizontal on desktop PCs and vertical on smartphones – with a short few seconds preview of the content aimed at drawing the user into the story.

Grazia Factory is made up of 4 sections that are continuously updated: Hot Now, for the presentation of the Factory’s talents. Double Style: exclusive photo shoots for comparing two looks. A week in style with: fashion features, focused on the “7-days looks” of the protagonists of the Factory. And Selected by: a feature on the influencers that looks at their passions.

The leading fashion brand, 100% Made in Italy, Grazia can count on 2.8 million contacts per month reaching 5 million people on Facebook (Source: calculated by the advertising company based on figures from Audiweb TDA April 2017 and Audipress 2017/2; Facebook Insights October 2017).

With this new project,  Mediamond can offer even more complete and effective advertising solutions. In a premium and editorially refined context, clients can take advantage of a collaborative partnership for communication projects that are in line with the expectations of today’s consumers.

To mark the launch, a campaign has been organised across different media: print, digital and social, with a focus on Instagram.

Grazia Factory will be celebrated this evening with an exclusive cocktail party in Milan, in a New York-style loft in the centre of Brera, decorated for the occasion in the style of Andy Warhol’s  Factory: the guest will include the influencers and Finnano Fenno, illustrator and visual designer, who will stage a live performance for Grazia Factory.