Andrea Tenerani

Icon on newsstands with a special edition: “New Generation”

Icon, the Mondadori Group’s male lifestyle magazine, dedicates its latest issue to the New Generation of Italian cinema.

The running theme of the entire issue, on newsstands from 20 October, fashion, lifestyle, stories and male passions as seen through the new faces of contemporary pop culture.

Icon New Generation perfectly represents what the magazine increasingly aims to be: a thermometer of talent and trends, a conveyor of new languages, an amplifier for a generation that is fundamental also for  fashion and the companies that work in the sector, of which they are, in all senses, the new interpreters,” declared Andrea Tenerani, editor of Icon.

This month’s cover stories feature portraits of four talents that symbolise the new generation of the entertainment industry. Andrea Arcangeli, 27, one of the country’s most promising young actors, star of the series Romulus, which is about the origins and foundation of Rome, and soon to appear in the role of Roberto Baggio, talks to Icon about working on set, the physical preparation and  “ the hours and hours of studying a script in proto-Latin.” The actor and director of I predatori Pietro Castellitto, 28, reflects on his first forays into cinema: “It’s very good to start when you are young, because you learn about cinema through your mistakes and it is only when you are young that you have the courage and freedom to make mistakes.” Riccardo Mandolini, 20, “the bully” in the series about adolescents Baby, talks about the desire to improve oneself and new male role-models: “Becoming an adult isn’t easy for anyone. It’s great to be able to do it while feeling free to express your desires and weaknesses. But what is most important is to know what you feel and come to terms with your feelings without having to repress them.” And finally, Patrick Schwarzenegger, class of ’93, an actor, but not only: “I love acting, but I want to be an entrepreneur, and have the possibility of choosing.”

In the fashion special, photographer Giampaolo Sgura, along with the magazine’s team, led by the editor Andrea Tenerani and editor-at-large Federico Sarica, has created a brand-new story built on images. A game of interpretations in no particular order, without hierarchies of fame or sector, in which nine young protagonists from the cinema interpret themselves playing with a selection of items from the 2020 autumn-winter collections.

The new issue also sees the return of the supplement Icon Wheels, with exclusive news from the word of cars and motorcycles, previews, interviews with protagonists and the most iconic and desired models of car and motorcycle enthusiasts.

The new Icon: a change marked by continuity

+30% pages of advertising for the new issue compared with 2018

Icon, the Mondadori Group’s magazine for today’s man dedicated to fashion and lifestyle, from Friday 8 March will be on newsstands with a new look and renewed content, with even more attention to image, style and the quality for which it has always been known.

Under the leadership of editor Andrea Tenerani and the new team that has seen the arrival of Federico Sarica in the role of editor-at-large and the creative director Riccardo Ruini, Icon offers content that ranges from fashion to beauty, and takes an all-round look at male passions and enthusiasms, using images and stories able to capture the interests and habits of the modern man.

The result is an upscale product dedicated to men constantly on the look out for style and inspiration, a point of reference for lifestyle and Made in Italy.

With the new Icon we are opening up our pages and our social media channels to an even more focused account of Italian excellence  and know-how, a chain of production and thinking that the largest part of the global market looks to in the search for quality,” declared Andrea Tenerani, editor of Icon. “We will do this by each month providing – in images and words –  an account of what inspires us, and offering our readers a moodboard. And always keeping in mind a very precise vision:  to blur boundaries and rigidities, and to try to blend the classic and the contemporary, fashion and society, pleasure and rigour.”

The new Icon will also dedicated extensive space to the most iconic personalities from the world of international entertainment, with interviews and photographic features shot exclusively by some of the the great masters of photography.

This month’s issue will have two covers dedicated to two actors Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Vincent Cassel, immortalised respectively by da Mario Sorrenti and Michel Comte as well as articles by prestigious contributors including Marco Missiroli, Mariarosa Mancuso, Chiara Beria di Argentine.


The changes in the new Icon start from the paper chosen for the magazine which an increased weight and enhanced whiteness. flicking through the magazine, readers will find new columns and sections, starting from Inventario: a rich concentration of news, short interviews, still lifes and stories about products, personalities and cultural consumption, with a special emphasis on the world of beauty.

Completely new is Wheels & Watches, a monographic section of the magazine that will provide an elegant glance at the world of cars and watches, two big male passions to which 15 pages, rich with fashion photos and lifestyle, will be dedicated.

More wide-ranging news and information will feature in Icon Guide, a new column that will enable readers to keep up to date with what’s new in technology, travel, hotels, food & beverages, cinema, TV, books and much more.

The new approach of Icon will also be characterised by Icon Report, an editorial project focused on the luxury sector and which will inaugurate the first issue with a cover story dedicated to the Hedi Slimane revolution. This 24-page insert, with special paper and in tabloid format, will feature extensive background detail and interviews, as well as a focus on the latest trends in the market, the protagonists who are delineating new business developments and an observatory of fashion school talents. Inserted in the inside back cover of Icon, it will also have a special distribution at the country’s most prestigious fashion, design and journalism schools.



The restyling will also involve, with a new design approach that will enhance photo and video quality and immersive formats conceived for mobile and social media. The content will continue to focus on style guides and consumption for the man of today and tomorrow, with the most exclusive fashion, beauty, grooming and accessories.

Meanwhile, cars will be the protagonists of Icon Wheels which, from the middle of March, will be the new area of dedicated to aspirational and luxury cars and style on two wheels, with an editorial vocation able to combine usefulness and ideas, thanks to which, brands can become a central and dynamic part of the story through native advertising and branded content.

The two continuously growing social media channels, Instagram and Facebook, will alternate stop motion, short video, animated gifs and photo galleries, with cover stories and exclusive content dedicated to new products, emerging brands and the most exclusive events.


The advertising market has responded enthusiastically to the appointment of Andrea Tenerani as the editor of Icon. In fact, the new issue will feature 90 pages of advertising, 30% more than 2018. The new, contemporary and innovative, projects, will be an additional tool with which to interact with clients, also from outside the sector.

With a total circulation of 110,000 copies (Source: publisher’s figures), the new Icon will enjoy reinforced distribution in qualified locations with big impact spaces inside Italy’s main airports and railway stations, as well as in upscale hotels, the sales points of the Italian Chamber of Buyers and the Mondadori Stores.

Icon is also distributed internationally in Brazil, China, South Korea, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Spain, the United States and Taiwan.

The launch will also be accompanied by an advertising campaign planned on daily newspapers and on iDD Magazine, the DOOH (Digital Out of home) circuit, which brings together advertising with the editorial content of Mondadori’s lifestyle titles.




Andrea Tenerani appointed new editor-in-chief of Icon

From next December onwards, Andrea Tenerani will be the new editor-in-chief of Icon, the Mondadori Group brand dedicated to contemporary male passions. This appointment is aimed at further enhancing the successful formula that has enabled the magazine to become a point of reference both in Italy and abroad.

The new trajectory of Icon will be characterised by a focus on the evolution of the style and language of the new generations, while highlighting the points of strength of Made in Italy.

Originally from Massa, in Tuscany, Andrea Tenerani during his professional life has acquired experience with both national and international brands. He joined the Mondadori Group in 2011 as the co-creator of Icon in the position of creative and style director, before going on to become the deputy editor of the magazine. The many projects he has overseen include the creation of the retrospective exhibition dedicated to David Bailey at the PAC in Milan in 2015. Subsequently, Tenerani became the creative and style director of GQ and fashion director at L’Uomo Vogue.