Mondadori Bookstore

Mondadori Bookstore opens a new store in the historic centre of Turin, in Piazza Castello

Tomorrow, Friday, May 26, Mondadori Store, the largest network of bookstores in Italy, will open a new store in the city of Turin’s main square, where the public will discover a new innovative environment entirely devoted to culture, the literary world and entertainment.

Over 20,000 volumes await the public at 117 Piazza Castello – from best sellers to great classics, including fiction, non-fiction and miscellaneous works – as well as an assortment of comics, ranging from the manga, superheroes and graphic novels of the new Just Comics area. A We are Juniors section was set up for the younger readers with educational games and illustrated books aimed at stimulating their imagination with the most intriguing stories. The best stationary products, gadgets, gift boxes, gift cards, Kobo e-readers and offers of the Mondolibri clubs will also be available to visitors.

“We are delighted to inaugurate a new directly managed bookstore in the centre of Turin: an opening which is part of a broader strategy focused on our network’s continuous transformation and enhancement. We work on developing increasingly more attractive Bookstores to assert their cultural role and presence throughout the nation,” stated Carmine Perna, Managing Director of Mondadori Retail.

The new Mondadori Bookstore, covering almost 500 square meters over three floors, is intended to become a meeting place where all readers and visitors can take part in events with figures and artists from the literary and entertainment world.

Two highly anticipated meetings have already been programmed: Aaron – Amici 2023’s young semi-finalist singer – will be present in the bookstore on June 6, to meet his fans and sign copies of his new Universale album. Then, on June 13, the writer Erin Doom – author of the best seller “Fabbricante di lacrime” will sign copies of her new book, Stigma.

The Mondadori Bookstore of Turin also serves readers online: customers will be able to contact the store, follow the initiatives and events on its Facebook and Instagram pages and make use of the digital services of to check the availability of a book from a catalogue of more than 1 million titles, order it and pick it up in the store.

The Mondadori Store network supports readers with over 500 bookstores distributed over larger and smaller cities, online via the e-commerce site and through the bookclub formula. The network combines books – the core offer – with moments of entertainment, events and multi-channel services, thus reaching more than 20 million customers each year.


Piazza Castello, 117
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 10.00 – 20.00
Phone:  +39 011 577 881
FB- IG – TIK TOK @mondadoritorino

Mondadori Bookstore I MA opens in Grosseto

The inauguration is on Saturday, May 6, 2023, at the Aurelia Antica Shopping Centre

From Saturday May 6, the MONDADORI BOOKSTORE I MA chain, a new contemporary and environmentally-friendly concept inspired by Japan, will also open in Grosseto, at the Aurelia Antica Shopping Center.

The curvy, tree-shaped, wooden and marine poplar furniture, along with the recycled iron furnishings, sanseveria and bonsai plants decorating the store’s 250 square-meter surface characterise the new bookstore of this innovative project of the Italian publishing context.

The formula, already successfully tested in Turin, Cagliari, Catania, Udine and Salerno, combines culture and respect for the environment, to simultaneously create an environmentally-friendly and multimedia location where to nourish and regenerate the mind according to the Japanese MA philosophy from which it takes its name.

“Surrounded” by books, visitors will be able to explore the over 45 thousand titles available or browse for information on the multimedia totems and seek the advice of expert booksellers while enjoying an immersive and relaxing experience.

Moreover, a large coworking section, which can be transformed into an event area whenever needed, is also available to guests for literary and musical encounters, book signings and labs for adults and children. A special area will also be dedicated to children with educational resources, games and furnishings thought around their needs and designed to stimulate their creativity.

Mondadori Bookstore | MA debutta a Grosseto

And again: a snack bar, the MACafé, developed in partnership with NUAN, will allow visitors to taste and savour fine blends of teas, herbal infusions, coffees or local wines; a corner will also be dedicated to music with a wide selection of records and CDs, and a gallery will be set up to host the works and photographic perspectives of local and national artists, starting with the Sensitivity collection, Mattia Valdes’ solo exhibition especially prepared for May 6’s inauguration.

“Having a bookstore in the shopping centre was one of 2023’s main goals – states Stefania Ricci, owner of the Aurelia Antica Shopping Centre. An innovative and relaxing environment will further make one’s experience in the gallery more pleasant. The MONDADORI BOOKSTORE | MA’s style – she continues – is perfectly in line with Aurelia Antica’s mission, that of being a meeting place for all family members. This new space enhances the offer with a truly innovative offer: one can relax while reading a good book or participate in meetings and events, while children can discover the world of books in a space specifically designed around them.”

“The warmth expressed by the city and centre fills us with joy” comments Giuseppe Messina, Managing Director of the MA book lifestyle group. “Many people wrote asking about the opening date and we also received several partnership requests: a tangible sign of welcome and integration which makes us proud of this project. Thanks to the inauguration of this new store in Grosseto, the sixth over the last few months – continues Messina -, we will pursue our mission of creating growth and employment in this sector in partnership with Mondadori Retail. We believe culture has the power of driving local development – he concludes – and hope to gradually and increasingly become a place of aggregation created around the communities we will cross through our innovative offer and the feedback we’ll receive from readers.”

A Mondadori Bookstore opens in the new shopping centre of the Vatican City, “Caput Mundi Mall”

The library opens on Monday 17 April.

The first Mondadori Bookstore of the Vatican City will open its doors to the public on Monday, April 17.

Developed over a surface of 150 square meters, the new Bookstore is located inside the very new shopping centre, Caput Mundi Mall, located in the heart of Rome, in a strategic position on the Janiculum, just a few steps from St. Peter’s Basilica and surrounded by the most renowned artistic classics.

“We’re proud to have brought our literary and entertainment offer for the first time to a place filled with so much culture and history as the Vatican City,” stated Carmine Perna, CEO of Mondadori Retail. “This new bookstore is intended to help us meet the specific needs of an extraordinary area, further increasing the number of stores we manage directly and creating new points of contact with our readers, while also taking the strong affluence of international tourists into account,” concludes Perna.

In the innovative shopping centre, the new Mondadori Bookstore was conceived with a one-of-a-kind layout, including a special travel section, to become a point of reference for the residents of the surrounding districts as well as for all tourists or travel lovers.

A team of five expert Mondadori Store booksellers will welcome the public 7 days a week with an extensive range of international books, especially in English and Spanish, and an area dedicated to books on tourism in foreign languages. Classic sections devoted to fiction, non-fiction and more, in addition to the We are Junior area – dedicated to young readers – have also been prepared with a wide range of illustrated books and educational games aimed at stimulating the fantasy of the smallest. The bookstore will always keep more than 10.000 titles available, in addition to stationery products, gadgets, souvenirs of Rome, gift boxes and gift cards.


The Mondadori Bookstore of the Caput Mundi Mall is also at the service of readers online: customers will be able to contact the bookstore and stay updated on all the initiates and events in progress through our Facebook and Instagram pages. They will also be able to use the digital services of to check the availability of a book, order it and pick it up in the store, by choosing from a catalogue of over 1 million titles.

The new Mondadori Duomo bookstore is opening in Milan: a new cultural hub for all book lovers, where innovation is balanced with tradition

The presentation included a discussion on “Reader-sized bookstores. Cultural and meeting hubs” with Carmine Perna, Managing Director of Mondadori Retail, Ricardo Franco Levi, President of the AIE (the Italian Publishers Association), Paolo Ambrosini, President of ALI-Confcommercio, and Michela Addis, Professor of Economics and Enterprise Management, Roma Tre University

According to a survey by Mondadori Retail presented today:

  • 9 readers out of 10 still love to buy books in a bookshop;
  • 90% of the people interviewed see bookshops as cultural hubs;
  • bookshop staff are expected to have the preparation and skill to recommend the most suitable product;
  • customers feel that bookshops must be comfortable, inspiring settings that can meet the needs of the whole family

The new Mondadori Duomo bookstore, a one-of-a-kind cultural and meeting hub, is opening tomorrow in an iconic place at the heart of Milan.

With innovation and tradition perfectly combined and a very unique concept, Mondadori Duomo will be dedicated to the world of books:

  • 100,000 books available on the bookstore’s three floors;
  • 30,000 different titles;
  • 8,000 stories that children and young adults will love;
  • 5,000 different manga and comics;

in addition to digital reading stations, experiential and theme areas and a large central arena.

The new bookstore of the Mondadori Group, led by Antonio Porro (Managing Director), is in Palazzo dei Portici Meridionali, a Neo-Renaissance-style building, and interacts constantly with Milan’s most famous square, whose architecture invites visitors to experiment and let themselves be amazed, enraptured and carried away.

“The new Mondadori Duomo will be a bookstore for all intents and purposes, where visitors can experience books in full.
It is a unique project in our network, in a very iconic square,” declared Carmine Perna, Managing Director of Mondadori Retail, the Group company that manages the most extensive network of bookshops in Italy. “In addition to books (the focus of what we have to offer), visitors will find many other culture-related services and products, such as music, writing, games and events. Ultimately, it aims to be somewhere people can meet and ideas can spread, a cultural and experiential hub at the service of the city and of anybody who wishes to experience it,” concluded Mr Perna.

To mark the opening, a round table was held, discussing “Reader-sized bookstores. Cultural and meeting hubs” in which the Managing Director spoke with Ricardo Franco Levi, President of the AIE, Paolo Ambrosini, President of ALI-Confcommercio, and Michela Addis, Professor of Economics and Enterprise Management at Roma Tre University. The moderator was Alessandra Tedesco

The discussion aimed at analysing in depth the role of bookshops in territorial cultural and social growth, the interaction with the community and the new consumer habits of the younger generations.

“The opening of a new bookstore by Mondadori in the heart of Milan, a city that, according to 93% of citizens, is great at stimulating people to read and that has publishing activities as one of its drivers for economic and social development, is not just a comforting piece of news, it is also a signal of where the Italian book industry is going,” stressed the president of the Italian Publishers Association (AIE), Ricardo Franco Levi. “With sales worth 248.8 million Euro, the first two months of 2023 in the trade market have been essentially in line with the good results of 2022, and confirm that, since the pandemic, Italians have been reading more. That’s not all: in the last two years, Italians have rediscovered bookshops, which have gained on e-commerce sales, and this applies particularly to young people. In this sense, the decision to renew the publishing offer focusing on state-of-the-art display formats is a winning decision,” concluded Mr Levi.

“Today, bookstores are more and more social aggregation drivers, somewhere to enjoy the precious experience of finding a book we didn’t know we were looking for. So booksellers today have an important role in the world of books, one no algorithm can replace,” declared Paolo Ambrosini, the President of ALI-Confcommercio. “What we must all do together, all publishers, booksellers and operators in the world of books, is work so that bookshops are once again the heart of the book project. Among other things, this means looking back at decisions that recently were made with no consideration of booksellers and bookshops,” concluded Mr Ambrosini.

“We are witnessing an epochal change in the function of bookshops. If, for consumers, buying a book is a ritual, booksellers are friends and a bookshop is a special place, then the positioning of bookshops must evolve to create unforgettable experiences,” declared Michela Addis, professor of Economics and Business Management at Roma Tre University. “The new Mondadori Duomo bookstore embodies the principles of experientiality and creates a place in which to meet, interact and connect socially. People who read are happier than people who don’t; culture creates wellbeing; bookshops create value-wellbeing for individuals and society over the whole territory, for all of us,” concluded Ms Addis.

Research on bookshops and booksellers

During the meeting, the results of a survey by Mondadori Retail were shown.

The survey revealed that Italians still enjoy buying books in bookshops, which they consider welcoming cultural hubs, a place where they can spend time pleasantly in silence or in company, discovering amazing stories. Italians expect bookshop staff to be prepared and competent when advising on the best title to choose.
More in detail, according to the survey:

  • For over 9 people out of 10, bookshops are still the preferred place for buying printed books, with a very slight difference between data on Italy as a whole (93.2%) and on Milan in particular (89%). 5.5% of Italians buy from e-commerce websites, which rises to 9.4% among the people of Milan;
  • 9 people out of 10 decide to go to a bookstore because it is a welcoming shop. 68% go to bookshops because they can physically browse through the book pages, while 39.4% go because they can ask for advice. The reference audience here is mainly women with a medium-high level of education and mainly aged between 35 and 64;
  • bookshops are expected to be comfortable and inspiring settings (67.2%), which can meet the needs of the whole family and inspire the love to read in children (11.4%);
  • booksellers and store assistants are expected to be competent (56.1%) but also able to intercept other titles that could be interesting (46.7%);
  • the survey responders also declared they were attracted by events (36.4%);
  • in terms of function, bookshops are considered above all a cultural hub for 47.9% of responders and a pleasant space for 43%; they are still seen as a useful place to shop (31.2%) and socialise (22.2%).
Apre domani la nuova libreria Mondadori Duomo a Milano
Apre domani la nuova libreria Mondadori Duomo a Milano

The new Mondadori Duomo Bookstore

The Mondadori bookstore in Piazza Duomo is a surprising venue that makes people curious and encourages them to explore its over 1,300 m2 area.
There are two entrances, three floors (plus a mezzanine), theme areas and immersive, experiential and sensory spaces that are constantly interacting with the square that is the symbol of Milan, the place where past and future, history and people, creativity and innovation meet and mingle.

The concept of the new bookstore, imagined by Mondadori Retail, was designed and majestically brought to life by the design firm Il Prisma, which imagined the venue and brought back to life some particularly stunning elements of the building the bookstore is located in.

These spaces and symbols embody and speak of the values of the Mondadori Group, which can respond to the most diverse targets, renew itself, involve and meet the demand of the market with its cultural offer.
Palazzo Niemeyer, the historical headquarters of the Mondadori Group in Segrate, has exceptionally lit up its arches with red light, to stress the value and the communicative importance of this flagship store.

Additionally, to stress the tight value-related and historical bond between the Mondadori Group and the city (and Piazza Duomo in particular), an exclusive banner was created for the flagship store that combines and highlights the two iconic elements, Mondadori and the Duomo of Milan.

Two entrances, 12 shop windows

The entrance from Piazza Duomo creates a considerable sense of continuity between indoors and outdoors, between the city and the bookstore. But it is from the side entrance in via Mazzini that the elegant and rhythmical repetition of illuminated arches guides visitors inside and welcomes them with splendid porticoes on the ground floor and mezzanine floor, with openings framed by lesenes and tympana on the bookstore’s noble floor. This double entrance is an invitation to explore, to enjoy an experience and browse a book, check out the most popular titles or the latest trends before moving further into the heart of the flagship store.

Nowhere is the intention of creating a dialogue between inside and outside, between the products, stories, the bookstore and the city, clearer than in the large shop windows that are a distinguishing feature of the flagship store; they are designed to make people feel more involved and rouse their curiosity. After this boundary, visitors step into the Mondadori Store world, with the various display areas, with a perspective that, at a glance, concentrates what will be more accurately expressed inside: books, from new releases to special editions, from children and young people’s books to comics, cookery, the English section, as well as stationery and music. It is real preview of the assortment inside.

Author- or artist-talk experiences will become direct and immersive, in an area designed for this purpose with a dedicated entrance. During book-signing events, the second shop window can be opened, which will allow staggered entry. There is also a shop window with listening stations, to enjoy audiobooks independently.

Three floors of experiences

A large central arena is the heart of the ground floor, with a system of arches and natural light entering through large glass skylights.
This flexible floor is suitable for events that are fully open to the public and provide an all-round experience, creating iconic and deeply involving moments.

The ideal immersive experiential path continues on the first floor, where visitors are welcomed by natural-size, iconic statues of characters from the world of superheroes and manga: here is Just Comics, the format created by Mondadori Retail for comic lovers. The pop, coloured area is a true explosion of styles, shapes, stories, strokes; a kaleidoscope of adventures and emotions, which are perfectly summed up in the installation that starts from the back wall, extends to the roof and lights up the area itself: fragments of back-lit comics invade the space and stick out from the grid.

We are Junior is the area in the basement. Conceived with wooden trees, reading platforms, comfortable seats fitted into the bookshelves, it is an invitation to effectively experience the all-absorbing discovery of books. As soon they enter the circular room, children are transported into a story, in an immersive, soft and welcoming setting.

The Mondolibri area (dedicated to the members of the Mondadori Store bookclub) is also on the basement floor. Here, customers can browse the catalogue and the club’s promotional initiatives in an area that is made particularly welcoming by brightly lit arches.

Apre domani la nuova libreria Mondadori Duomo a Milano

Digital services

The new Mondadori Duomo bookstore is a place to meet and to experience culture and emotions, an achievement that is possible through the skilful use of the latest technologies, which are perfectly integrated into the bookstore to ensure customers enjoy a simple, immediate yet particularly captivating experience.
An important new element is the Immersive Room, which can offer children and young people the space to interact with fantastic worlds. Through mapping techniques and video-experience programmes, in the room in the junior area it will be possible to enter lots of different worlds and go on adventures in the company of different characters.
Digital Signage allows visitors to view in real time all the news from the Mondadori Duomo world on large screens, strategically placed around the bookstore. An easily accessible Wi-Fi network ensures customers have quick, optimal connection. There are other, new digital elements in the new Mondadori Duomo bookstore. The numerous Trovalibro [book finder] touch screens are practical and convenient; they can be found on all floors, to make it easier to explore the products on offer.
Lastly, to speed up the experience as much as possible, automatic tills have been introduced. They are a simple, practical solution that allows customers to buy books rapidly and independently.
When designing the bookstore, great attention was placed on improving energy efficiency and the quality of the indoor areas, on the quality of the light and the air, on the management of water and the type of materials used (with low environmental impact), but also on the quality of the experience of visiting the bookstore. All of the above means the bookstore was able to start the process to obtain LEED certification for Interior Design and Construction (ID+C), aiming for Gold level.

E-reading stations

In recent years, in addition to printed books, people have also turned to digital reading, which allows them to read more and in different stages of their life. The Mondadori Duomo bookstore wants to offer customers the opportunity to try these new digital formats (e-books and audiobooks). In the two Kobo stations provided, customers can look for any book in the Kobo catalogue with its 6 million e-books in all languages (of these, 250,000 are in Italian). To live a truly immersive experience in the world of audiobooks, visitors can try the shop window with a listening station and tablet station, with a demo version of the Kobo app installed on the devices. Customers can sit under the bell-shaped listening station, select an audiobook of their choice (out of half a million available audiobooks, 10,000 are in Italian), download a sample and start listening to their book. There is, of course, a literary staircase, with e-reader stations, where people can sit, browse or pleasantly relax with a book.

The events that will liven up the new Mondadori Duomo bookstore

The schedule of events, presentations and meetings that liven up the new Mondadori Duomo bookstore is very busy from the day it opens.
Below are some unmissable events with major Italian and international artists from the world of literature, music and performing arts.
On 26th March, Enrico Pellegrini is presenting the book Infinito [Infinity] (published by La nave di Teseo); on 28th March, there will be Nothing But the Truth: My Life Beside Pope Benedict XVI, written and presented by Georg Gänswein (published by Piemme), while on 30th March, Licia Troisi will be presenting Poe e la cacciatrice di draghi [Poe and the dragon hunter] (published by Rizzoli). On 4th April, Stefania Andreoli will be signing copies of her book Perfetti o felici [Perfect or happy] (published by Rizzoli), while Paolo Borzacchiello will be presenting La chimica segreta delle interazioni umane [The secret chemistry of human interactions] (published by ROI Edizioni).
On 7th April, Quentin Tarantino will be in the Mondadori Duomo bookstore (at 18.00): the great American film producer will greet the public and sign copies of his new book, Cinema speculation, published by La nave di Teseo and available from 21st March. The event is the result of the collaboration of La Milanesiana, created and directed by Elisabetta Sgarbi, La nave di Teseo and Mondadori Store.
On 14th April, Federico Bertolucci will be presenting and signing copies of his book published by Panini Comics, while, on 15th April, Comics will present the latest issue of Demon Slayer with special guests. Moving on to 17th April, Gaspare Grammatico and Andrea Zalone will present Una questione di equilibrio [A matter of balance] (published by Mondadori).
Younger readers are welcome on 22nd April, when they can meet Dario Moccia and the first Initial D – J Pop Manga volume, and on 9th May, when the new volume by Pera Toons, Tunué, will be presented.
For more details, please go to:

Apre domani la nuova libreria Mondadori Duomo a Milano

The communication campaign

The creative strategy, managed by Absoluta, aimed at choosing an innovative and disruptive language. The claim created to support this initiative is: Mondadori Duomo, The new bookstore where emotions have no limits, where children are free to dream, where comics come to life, where music meets all genres. Mondadori Duomo, emotions without limits.
The planning of the communication campaign included using the 12 large shop windows of the new store to set up posters, station-domination advertising in the Duomo underground station, advertising posters put up in the city areas with the most traffic, a complex strategy on social media, two videos (60” and 20”) released on various media and many analog and digital materials for points of sale.
The opening of the Mondadori Duomo bookstore is supported by the  Municipality of Milan and the Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio per la città metropolitana di Milano [Office for Superintendence, Fine Arts and Landscape of the metropolitan city of Milan], ALI (Italian Booksellers Association) and AIE (Italian Publishers Association).

Partners and sponsors

Other partners of the project include: Absoluta (communication agency), Altavia (shop window concept), Blimp (store tracking), Disi (arena facilities), Guglielmo (Wi-Fi network), Etiqube (Trovalibro book finder), Fandango (Immersive room WAJ), Il Prisma (interior design and experience design), Kobo (e-readers, audiobook listening stations, literary staircase), PWC (coordination of the Mondadori Duomo project), Sailing and Ditronetwork (automatic tills), Sice Previt (general contractor), Tecnovision (for the design and architecture of the digital signage system).
Media partners: IGPDecaux (station-domination advertising in Piazza Duomo underground station); Mediamond (digital screens at the entrance and in the underground stations of Milan).

Apre domani la nuova libreria Mondadori Duomo a Milano
Apre domani la nuova libreria Mondadori Duomo a Milano
Apre domani la nuova libreria Mondadori Duomo a Milano
Apre domani la nuova libreria Mondadori Duomo a Milano
Apre domani la nuova libreria Mondadori Duomo a Milano

A new Mondadori Bookstore soon to open in the Casilino mall of Rome

A new Mondadori Bookstore soon to open in the Alessandrino district of Rome.

With an exhibition surface of 140 square meters, the bookstore – found on the second floor of the mall located in via Casilina 1011 – offers the public a shelf assortment of over 15.000 volumes ranging from fiction, non-fiction, miscellaneous categories and great classics.

The offer is enriched with the new Just Comics section, dedicated to comics, and the We are Junior area, devoted to young readers and including educational games and illustrated books aimed at stimulating the imagination of the smallest ones with the most amazing stories. The best stationary products, gift boxes, gift cards, gadgets, school supplies, CDs, records, DVDs and record players will also be available to visitors.

The Mondadori Bookstore located in via Casilina will also serve readers online: customers will be able to contact the store and keep up with the initiatives and events through its Facebook and Instagram pages and make use of the digital services of to check the availability of a book from a catalogue of more than 1 million titles, order it and pick it up in the store. The bookstore will also offer customers the opportunity to place orders via telephone or WhatsApp.

«I’m delighted to announce the opening of a new Mondadori Bookstore in a location where social life, sports and culture come together in a unique and evocative atmosphere» stated Fabio Antonini, the entrepreneur affiliated to the Mondadori Bookstore network with over 30 years of experience as a sales agent in the publishing and toy industries.

Mondadori Store is the largest network of bookstores in Italy: a cultural organisation active nationwide with more than 500 stores, across large cities and small towns alike, and online through the e-commerce website and the book club formula. In addition to books, its core offer, it organises fun experiences, events and multi-channel services, reaching more than 20 million customers each year.


Casilino Mall, via Casilina 1011 – 00169 (RM)

Opening hours: 9:00 – 20:30 Mon – Sat; 10:00 – 20:00 Sun


Phone: +39 06 23260205

Facebook | Instagram


An all-new Mondadori BookStore in Vimercate

A completely refurbished store for book-lovers,
with special areas for younger readers and comic aficionados

From tomorrow, Wednesday 14 September, the Mondadori Bookstore in Vimercate (Monza and Brianza) will present a completely restyled look to the public.

A new range of merchandise focused on books – the heart of the store – will be available in premises that have undergone a full restyling, thanks to a layout and furnishings that enhance the important offer that distinguishes the Mondadori Store.

Located in the Torri Bianche shopping mall, the new bookstore, which occupies 650 square metres, will continue to be a cultural point of reference for the local community and book-lovers. On the shelves, the public will find more than 20,000 books from best-sellers to the great classics in fiction and non-fiction – as well as an assortment of CDs and vinylswith the latest music entries, including K-POP, stationery, gift boxes, gift cards and the recommendations of the Mondolibri bookclub.

The new Mondadori Bookstore in Vimercate will pay special attention to young readers: in the We are Junior area designed for children and adolescents, visitors will have access to a wide range of educational games and illustrated books. The store will also house an extensive selection of comics in the Just Comics section, with manga, superheroes and graphic novels.

The Mondadori Bookstore in Vimercate also serves readers online: customers will be able to contact the store and keep up with initiatives and events through its Facebook and Instagram pages and make use of the digital services of to check the availability of a book from a catalogue of more than 1 million titles, order it and pick it up in the store.

The new Mondadori Bookshop in Vimercate is part of the on-going renewal and development program of Mondadori Store, the largest network of bookstores in Italy, with over 500 stores located between cities and smaller centers. A cultural network active throughout the country, online with the e-commerce site and the bookclub formula, which in addition to books – the core of the offer – provides entertainment, events and multichannel services, to reach more than 20 million customers every year.



Centro commerciale Torri Bianche

Via Torri Bianche, 16, 20871 Vimercate (MB)

Ooening times: mon-sat 09-20; sun 10-20


Tel 039 635041

Facebook I Instagram

Mondadori Store launches the new edition of “Libri da indossare”: an exclusive limited-edition tote bag for all book lovers inspired by “Jonathan Livingstone Seagull”

A gift for readers who buy two books from publishers Einaudi, Fabbri Editori, Frassinelli, Mondadori, Mondadori Electa, Piemme, Rizzoli, Sperling & Kupfer in Mondadori bookstores taking part in the initiative and from between 29 July and 17 August 2022

For the summer holiday season, Mondadori Store, Italy’s largest bookstore network, is launching the new edition of “Libri da indossare”, the special initiative dedicated to the pleasure of reading and people who want to lose themselves in the emotions of the books they love.

For people for whom reading is a passion, Mondadori Store has produced a new collection of cotton Tote Bags in a limited edition inspired by Richard Bach’s best-seller “Jonathan Livingston Seagull, to offer a pleasurable opportunity for relaxation immersed in the pages of a good book, with an authentic and distinctive style.

The Mondadori Store exclusive Tote Bag is enhanced with an elegant illustration by Francesca Gastone, making it an indispensable accessory for people who love the story and characters in one of the great literary classics.

The bag will be a gift for everyone who buys at least 2 books from the rich catalogue published by the Mondadori Group publishing houses Einaudi, Fabbri Editori, Frassinelli, Mondadori, Mondadori Electa, Piemme, Rizzoli, Sperling & Kupfer at Mondadori Store bookstores taking part in the initiative or on, from 29 July to 17 August.

 For the new edition of the initiative, Mondadori Store has renewed its collaboration with the Italian training school MiMaster, the leading player in the illustration and publishing sector, entrusting personalisation of the bags to its students.

The regulation and information on how to obtain a Tote Bag are available on

Mondadori Store is the largest network of bookstores in Italy: a cultural organisation active across the country through more than 500 stores in large cities and small towns alike, and online through the e-commerce website and the bookclub formula. In addition to books, its core offer, it organises entertainment experiences, events and multi-channel services, reaching more than 20 million customers every year.




Mondadori retail: 13 new opening by the end of 2022

The bookstores focus on future readers with the "We are Junior" and "Just Comics formats"

Mondadori Retail, the company that runs the largest network of bookstores in Italy, continues to develop with an expansion plan for the opening of new Mondadori Stores, an enhanced offer and an increasingly distinctive positioning embracing physical stores, e-commerce and social media.

“The ongoing work to renew and enhance the network and to focus on the book core business has enabled our network to consolidate its leadership still further,” said Mondadori Retail CEO Carmine Perna. “We are moving ahead with the opening of 13 new stores planned by the end of 2022, for an overall total of 25 openings during the whole year. Our bookstores are designed to inspire future readers and as meeting places where local communities can make new discoveries: so we are paying ever greater attention to the new generations, with dedicated formats in the stores and on the social channels, and the organisation of initiatives involving the local area,” Perna added.



On the bookstore front, three new Mondadori Bookstores under direct management will be opened in the second half of the year, in the regions of Lazio, Lombardy and Umbria. They follow the two openings in Genoa and Montenero di Bisaccia (Campobasso) in April and May.

The expansion of the franchising network is also moving ahead, with 10 new bookstores due to open by the end of the year in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Sicily and Marche, after the start-up of 10 affiliated outlets in the first half of 2022. A nationwide presence across Italy, from North to South, with medium-size locations where books are the real protagonists.

The Mondadori Store development plan is also supported by the continuous renewal of directly managed stores: by the end of September, the Mondadori Bookstore in Padua will open in its new location in Piazza Garibaldi, and in Vimercate the outlet in the Torri Bianche shopping mall will undergo a restyling; during the winter, the new Mondadori flagship will open in Milan, on the corner between Piazza Duomo and Via Mazzini.


The Mondadori bookstore offer for children and adolescents is enhanced with the new “We are junior” section, an area designed to welcome even the smallest children, with books and educational games to stimulate the imagination for the 0-13 age group. With its yellow and green colour scheme and origami decorations inspired by nature and the world of animals, which have great appeal for children, the section has an immediately recognisable visual identity.

The process of continuous innovation has also led to the development of the “Just Comics” format, for manga, graphic novels, superheroes and the great Italian authors. Planned as a comic store in the bookstore, “Just Comics is a flexible space that adapts easily to the specific dimensions of the individual outlet. The project began in Milan with an entire floor in the Rizzoli bookstore in the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery and the Mondadori Megastore in Piazza Duomo, and has since been extended to all the bookstores under direct management and to a growing number of stores managed on a franchising basis, establishing itself in just under a year as a point of reference for lovers of the genre.



The events calendar has been enhanced with meetings with writers and figures from the world of entertainment and initiatives with schools and libraries. Bookstores play a vital role in promoting reading, thanks in part to the passion of local booksellers, who are able to build productive ties of cooperation with local institutions. Events include the literary festivals “Ad alta voce” in Mestre, “Come un libro all’aperto” in Fano, “Velletri Libris” in Velletri. For information about all the events:



From the physical to the digital, relations with readers are also consolidated on social media, with initiatives and content to support purchasing on all channels: from today Mondadori Store will also be on TikTok , as well as Instagram and Facebook, to talk about books, local events and meetings.

A journey to explore the Mondadori bookstores in Italy, through the testimonials of people with close connections to bookstores: from booksellers, who organise content on the TikTok profiles of local Mondadori bookstores, attracting numerous followers, to booktokers, young men and women who love reading and have built up huge followings. A communication format that valorises books and bookstores, making them a point of reference for people who want to follow the latest literary trends on social media.

Wrap up a book, gift a future

Oxfam Italia and Mondadori Store join forces at Christmas to guarantee an inclusive education for everyone

Donations may be made at Mondadori bookstores throughout Italy

Guarantee an inclusive education for everyone: this is the goal Oxfam is setting out to achieve together with Mondadori Store through the new Christmas project “Wrap up a book, gift a future”.

The initiative marks the start of a partnership that will continue over the coming years, with Mondadori Store and Oxfam joining up for the first time on activities intended to help the most vulnerable members of society.

A concrete commitment from Italy’s leading bookstore network to contribute to the education of children and adolescents living in difficult social environments. Oxfam has been engaged in programs to combat education poverty for more than 20 years in Italy and around the world.

This Christmas, Oxfam’s work to help the weaker members of society can be supported with the “Wrap up a book, gift a future” project: until 24 December it will be possible to have Christmas presents wrapped by one of the more than 100 Oxfam volunteers at the 73 Mondadori bookstores taking part in the initiative in the main Italian cities.

With a small donation, a contribution can be made to the Oxfam and Mondadori Store program to guarantee equality and equal opportunities for scholastic success for students in difficulties, so helping children and adolescents currently at risk of exclusion from education in Italy.

Donations to the project may also be made online, through the special Oxfam page on

Since the pandemic began, Oxfam has intensified its work in favour of thousands of students and teachers, to fight scholastic dispersion and poor education by improving access to socio-educational services for families in financial difficulties. An inclusive intervention – implemented together with junior and senior high schools, local authorities, universities, foundations and organisations in the voluntary sector – which has generated training initiatives and support for teachers and parents; laboratories and remedial courses to help students who have fallen behind in the last very difficult academic year; educational and play activities in parks in Italian suburbs hardest hit by the social unease generated by the pandemic.

The pandemic has affected everyone, but in different ways. Kids who were already experiencing difficulties have suffered the most, falling behind and lacking the means to react to the severe impact of the emergency. We’re thinking about children who don’t have the tools to follow online lessons, above all about a generation we don’t want to lose and need to put back on an equal footing as soon as possible,” said Roberto Barbieri, general manager of Oxfam Italia. “In Italy, even before the pandemic, 10 million people lacked the resources to resist the emergency. So we need to make every possible effort, starting with schools and students, to prevent kids from leaving school early, which is the first step towards definitive social exclusion. Thanks to the work of the Community Centres we have already reached thousands of people since the pandemic began, but there is still a great deal to do and we have to do it together. With Mondadori Store we shall be even more effective in helping kids not to give up on their future.

Every day through our bookstores across the country we work to promote and spread cultural values, which are the bedrock for the growth of the individual and community cohesion,” said Mondadori Retail CEO Carmine Perna. “With the launch of this important cooperation agreement with Oxfam, we shall be at the side of people who risk exclusion, bringing our commitment to support education: thanks to the work of the volunteers and the awareness of our customers, we can certainly make a difference in creating new prospects and a more inclusive future for children and adolescents.”


About Oxfam
Oxfam is a global movement of people who fight inequality to overcome poverty in more than 60 countries. It saves and rebuilds lives in emergencies, promotes sustainable development and works to build a future without inequality where essential rights are guaranteed for everyone, everywhere, and no one is left behind.

About Mondadori Store
Mondadori Store is the largest network of bookstores in Italy: a cultural organisation active across the country through more than 500 stores in large cities and small towns alike, and online through the e-commerce website and the bookclub formula. In addition to books, its core offer, it organises entertainment experiences, events and multi-channel services, reaching more than 20 million customers every year.




Mondadori Bookstore opens in the Fiordaliso shopping mall in Rozzano

Mondadori Store, Italy’s largest network of bookstores, tomorrow opens a new bookstore in the new gallery of the Fiordaliso Shopping Centre in Rozzano, just outside Milan.

With an extensive offer, the new Mondadori Bookstore will be a point of reference for book lovers, thanks to an offer of the best of culture and entertainment curated by Mondadori Store.

Coveringan area of 350 square metres, the store will offer visitors to the shopping mall a catalogue of over 16,000 titles, including fiction, non-fiction, miscellaneous books, classics and comics including the new Just Comics format. An assortment enriched by a section of books and toys aimed at children and teenagers.
Customers will also be able to choose from a selection of the best stationery products, with many gift ideas, gift boxes, gift cards and the proposals of the Mondolibri club.

Readers can also take advantage of all the free multichannel services of Mondadori Store, such as Pick Up Point, which allows you to collect a book purchased on for free from the point of sale, choosing from a catalogue of over 1 million titles; Order and collect, which offers the possibility of ordering books online and then collecting and paying in the store; Home delivery, to receive products ordered in the store directly at home.

With the opening of the new Mondadori Bookstore inside the Fiordaliso shopping mall in Rozzano, continues the development plan of the Mondadori Store chain, which now has over 500 bookstores across Italy.

c/o Centro Commerciale Fiordaliso
(Ingresso 1 lato Humanitas)
Via Eugenio Curiel 25, 20089 Rozzano (MI)
Open: Mon-Sun 9.00-22.00
Instagram: @mondadorifiordaliso